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31 Animal Tattoos For Men And Women

Ashneet Kaur

Updated At  12 Nov 23

Want to get inked and in love with animals? How about combining both these affections?  Below are some of the best and carefully curated animal tattoos with meaning, that one can get inked with.




31 Animal Tattoos For Men and Women


Animal tattoos are a popular way of expressing oneself through an ink in the skin. Let’s dive into the world of wildlife-based skin artistry right below.




1. Lion Tattoo

Lion signifies bravery, strength, courage, leadership, dominance, and power. A lion tattoo can be made combined with geometrical shapes, mandala art and even ancient themes. Bits and pieces of sparkly colours can be added to enhance certain parts. This tattoo is more common as an animal tattoo for men. It can also turn into a good animal tattoo for couples if the female partner engraves a lioness on herself. Power couple it shall be!

One can also get a geometric tattoo of Lion as it looks stunning.




2. Tiger Tattoo

Tigers are athletic and have leadership qualities in them. They also symbolize strength, courage, ferocity, passion, royalty, and spirituality. Tattoo designs with tigers can be made by showing forest in the background with a black and white tiger in the front, just the stripes of the tiger forming the shape of a tiger’s body, using actual colors of tiger, adding a flower to show its protective side, and making a roaring face to show its strength through its sharp canines. 




3. Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are symbols of wildness, loyalty, leadership, independence, protection, communication, and resilience. It will be a good idea to get inked such animal tattoos on forearm. A howling wolf tattoo accompanied by the beautiful moon in the backdrop, or a ferocious wolf face are usually tattoo designs preferred by men of all ages. 




4. Horse Tattoo 

Horses denote strength, power, and freedom. They also are naturally beautiful. Horses are also athletic and courageous. Focus can be given on their eyes and back hair to make the tattoo come out looking perfect.




5. Bear Tattoo

Bears have a dual effect. They might look fluffy on the outside, but they are totally opposite on the inside. They are ferocious and full of strength and power. A roaring bear, a full sized one or just partial, both look good. They are one of the most popular animal tattoos for guys.




6. Eagle Tattoo

Eagles have a sharp vision and are viewed as free, powerful, and courageous. A focus on the eagle’s eye will render a powerful effect to the tattoo art. A flying eagle will also look good on the back or the chest. A small eagle head on the hand looks enticing as well.




7. Seahorse Tattoo 

Animal tattoos for females possess a good variety. This one is a good example of an animal tattoo on forearm. Seahorses are symbolic of connection to dreams, imagination and the unknown. A person attracted to such animal tattoos can be said to have a vibrant, imaginative, and heavenly-dreamy personality, who dares to explore the unknown and fantastical. Colourful seahorses look more captivating than black and white ones, since sea horses are naturally more inclined towards artistic element.




8. Phoenix Tattoo

There is nothing braver than rising from the ashes. A phoenix is a perfect example of bravery, strength, rebirth and elegance. A phoenix tattoo can be combined with fire, ashes and a lot of phoenix feathers scattered. It will look even more attractive if made with a combination of black, brown, orange, red and yellow.




9. Crocodile Tattoo

Crocodiles are often associated with being of dual nature and they symbolize patience and stealth, ancient wisdom, fearlessness, strength, rebirth, and regeneration. A variety of crocodile-based tattoos can be made and usually, men are attracted towards these animal tattoos. Besides the basic greenish crocodile colour, this tattoo can be painted in earthy colours and even in black and white.




10. Bull Tattoo

Bulls symbolize strength, aggression, sacrifice, wealth, stubbornness (like the Taureans), and ferocity. Men usually are attracted to such types of animal tattoos. Mostly, such tattoos are made in black and white color, and are often shown in angry and ferocious way. A creative way to design a bull tattoo can be to add color to the background and keep it black and white on the front.




11. Cat Tattoo

Cats are symbolic of independence, femininity, witchcraft, superstition, mystery, and curiosity. In some cultures, cats are also associated with supernatural powers. One can have a cat tattoo as coloured or black and white, lined or filled, and even singular or multiple. A background of the moon, green leaves or even a garden can be added.




12. Snake Tattoo 

Snakes symbolize transformation, dualism, healing, danger, cunningness, and rebirth. Snakes’ tattoos can be made in black line art to signify their dangerous body. A snake shedding its skin can also be transformed into a tattoo design. A snake can also be shown around a tree, ready to attack its prey with an open mouth.




13. Duck Tattoo

Women are usually attracted towards playful and silly sides of people. Ducks are known for their silly and cutesy nature. Ducklings are even cuter. And well, when a duck flies, it’s just cuteness to another level. Plus, there are so many species of ducks that can be easily inked as tattoos. Ducks are also symbols of adaptability, fertility, communication, and grace.




14. Shark Tattoo

Sharks are described to be fearless, dominant, powerful, adaptable, and instinctive. Shark tattoos look better when drawn in black because of the theme they are associated with. They mostly are attractive for men.




15. Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpions personify transformation, protection, dangerous nature, resilience, and balance. Creatively, scorpion tattoos can be made to look as a combination of their dangerous as well as protective traits. Colors and lines can be used in the perfect blend.




16. Gorilla Tattoo

Gorillas are independent wild creatures who symbolize strength, ferocity, and solitude. A small gorilla tattoo can be drawn on the back of the ear, or a wild-looking gorilla face can be made in black and white or color on the forearm, upper arm, behind the elbow, thighs, or the chest.




17. Rhinoceros Tattoo

Rhinoceroses are known for their strength, solitude, and endurance. A shaded rhinoceros will look powerful and elegant in muscular places that themselves are symbols of strength and endurance.




18. Peacock Tattoo

Peacocks are known to be filled with pride. Their beauty is a well-established fact. A 3d looking peacock can be made. Generally a full-body one looks elegant and graceful. Some feathers and a peacock face will also look pretty.




19. Owl Tattoo

Owls are emblems of wisdom, mystery, silence, intuition, and knowledge. Their eyes can be highlighted with color while the rest can be made with black lines. Snowy owls can be made in white as it will exponentialize their beauty.




20. Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbits are known to be playful, cute, and naturally fluffy, particularly enticing everyone’s feminine side. Colorful or white, rabbit-based tattoos look absolutely adorable. Flowers and leaves can be used in the background and some on the front side as well. Rabbit tattoos are also one of the most popular small animal tattoos for females.




21. Octopus Tattoo

Octopuses characterize intelligence, mystery, complexity, camouflage, and adaptability. Black octopuses can be made on arms, back and chest. They will look particularly well-inked in areas where they can show off their tentacles.




22. Swan Tattoos

Looking for animal thigh tattoos for females? Swans are perfect! Swans are elegant and emit grace. Two swans can be shown forming a heart with their beaks connected. Roses and lotuses will also multiply their glamour.



23. Fox Tattoos

Foxes are cunning, sharp, and clever. Maybe one isn’t cunning but wants to remind himself of not being a pushover and remaining bold.  A combination of line art on one side and 3d art on the other looks amazing. An adorable looking fox can also be made.




24. Dragonfly Tattoos

Dragonflies are symbolic of adaptability, change, freedom, lightness, joy, resilience, creativity, and grace. Dragonflies are more symbolic to femininity and are often inked on women with or without color. Trails of leaves and flowers can accompany the dragonfly to enhance the attractiveness of the tattoo design. Further, making half part with color and half part in black line can also be an idea worth trying out.




25. Dragon Tattoos

Dragons hold different meanings in different culture. They might be good for one and terrible for another part of the world. Nevertheless, they look full of power. A fire-based background can be given, more than one dragon can be made, or only one dragon can be shown emitting fire.




26. Deer Tattoos

Deer is a symbol of elegance, grace, strength, endurance, alertness, and intuition. This tattoo can look more alluring when done without colour and with additions like the forest or general greenery. They also symbolize solitude and so, people who like such tattoos can be viewed as independent and strong.




27. Elephant Tattoo

The biggest terrestial animal should also be fearless and powerful, right? Getting it inked might transfer some of its powers to us. Ok, it might not. But really, atleast we can get reminded of our inner strength through its splendid art.




28. Falcon Tattoo

Falcons are known to be full of focus and precision. Their tattoo should be made precisely perfect too. Black lined tattoo of a falcon will look good on the upper arm, hand, above the ankle, on the shoulder, and the forearm.



29. Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphins symbolize playfulness, joy, intelligence, wisdom, friendships, social harmony and even Environmental Protection. Having a dolphin-based tattoo can mean that you value intelligence and wisdom. To show the playfulness of dolphins, a colourful tattoo should be preferred. Mostly blue is used in abundance. They can also be used as a cute animal tattoo for couples, by inking one dolphin on one partner and the other on the other partner. It should be on the same body part for both.




30. Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbirds indicate joy, resilience, agility, beauty, and independence. It’s a fact that hummingbirds can even fly backwards. To depict their independence, freedom, and strength, women can use these inked art pieces. Colorful hummingbirds can be used to depict beauty and femininity.




31. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are symbols of freedom, happiness, beauty, grace, and even spirituality. Many a times, it is believed that if a certain butterfly is seen by an individual, then his Guardian Angel is trying to communicate to him that whatever he wants to manifest is on its way. Having this beautiful butterfly tattoo will make the inked area look pretty and charismatic, even making one’s personality seem free and independent. The tattoo may be colourful or just black and white. A 3d effect can also be rendered. Adding flowers and vines will further enhance the beauty.



Animal Tattoos Infographic 

For a quick summary of animal tattoos, we have listed the infographic which will help you chekout the tattoo designs quickly.




Hope we were successful in making you choose the exact one you are looking to get inked with. We trust your choice!