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Bipasha Basu Spills Her Beauty And Fitness Secrets!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  12 Sep 22

Bipasha Basu, the dusky beauty of Bollywood has always been in fame for her beautiful looks and perfect body! At the age of 39, we bet time has stopped as she looks gorgeous as ever!

The beau of Karan Singh Grover recently celebrated her birthday with her family and friends!

Do we see anyone aging? Not even a percent!


bipasha basu 1


The ravishing Bengali beauty looks the same and we cannot wait to dig into her beauty and fitness secrets!


bipasha basu 2


Beauty Secrets

The dimpled beauty sticks to the traditional methods of beauty grooming!

  • She is loyal to her everyday Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine. She never leaves her home without sunscreen on!
  • She massages almond oil around her eyes every night and avoids wearing heavy makeup when not working.
  • Bipasha indulges into constant hair oil massages and makes sure to invest in good hair conditioners and frequent spas to reverse the hair damages!
  • Her makeup routine is fairly simple, she sticks to MAC foundation and lipgloss along with her signature cat eyeliner!

Her mantra is to love yourself in every form! We have also witnessed plenty of her without makeup photos and no doubt she is a true beauty!


bipasha basu fitness


Fitness Routine

Talking about her splendid figure, Bipasha has always been considered to be the #BODYGOALS in the industry! She has also realized her own videos of cardio and Zumba which spills her fitness routine!

Bipasha Basu believes in healthy lifestyle unlike being a gym freak!

Her routine consists of mostly cardio exercises, Zumba routine, and swimming! She also does Yoga that consists of 108 SuryaNamskaras every day! Such passion!

Her usual workout which lasts for 2 hours is a mix of cardio and yoga that keeps her muscles toned and her internals fresh and detoxed! We are sure that is the reason behind her fit body and gleaming skin!

To accompany such a rigorous routine, of course, the diet plan has to be set accordingly! Which means, no binge eating, no rice, and no fats! Here is the Diet Plan of the gorgeous Bengali Beauty!


bipasha basu diet


Diet Plan


Pre-Breakfast: A glass of warm water with lime juice along with soaked almonds and tea.

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, mushrooms, toast, fruits along with some porridge.

Lunch: Dal, Vegetables, salad, fish or chicken along with soy chapattis.

Dinner: Vegetables sauteed in olive oil, green salad, fish or chicken along with a bit of dessert.


Apart from these, Bipasha constantly keeps herself hydrated with multiple glasses of water. This is one of the most effective tips which accelerated Alia Bhatt weight loss

She strictly avoids taking body weight supplements and sticks to natural care! Her mantra is to keep changing the fitness routine and exercise frequently as per the desired fitness goals!


Now that is what we talk about when it comes to a healthy lifestyle! Bipasha Basu has been always goals!

What do you think about her beauty and fitness routine??

Are you up for a healthy lifestyle like her? Let us know down below!