Black Celebrity Hair Transplants

Best Black Celebrity Hair Transplants: Before and After

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  25 Dec 23

The reason for baldness can be genetic, environmental, any medical condition, or just age. And even celebrities are affected by it. Some do not get any treatment and support their natural look with confidence like The Rock, Vin Diesel, and many more. But, some celebrities get hair transplants. So, get ready to look at the real pictures of black celebrities' hair transplants before and after that showcase which ones have gone through the procedure of hair regeneration.


Best Black Celebrity Hair Transplants




1. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx’s hair has been a popular point of discussion on the black celebrity hair transplants list, as even though the popular Hollywood actor hasn't accepted or commented on whether he got a transplant, professionals think that he has gone through both FUE and FUT surgery throughout his career. 




2. Lebron James 

Lebron James, the first billionaire American basketballer, did a hair transplant to cover his hairline. He suffered from male pattern baldness (MPB). It started in 2009 when he was playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After some time, he came in with a rather fuller head of hair while playing for the Miami Heat in 2014. He even confirmed the same on the ESPN TV program “The Jump”. 


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3. Tyga

Tyga is upfront about his hair transplant. He had to be when his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj spilled the beans on social media while having an argument. Experts think he got a FUE transplant and now he has a nice hairline and denser hair.



4. Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez is one of the few rappers who admitted to getting a hair transplant around the corners of his head. When asked why the famous rapper needed to do a hair transplant? He has said that:-

“If you look back at my old pictures, my only issue was [that] my corners were back here. I fixed my corners and I let the rest of my hair grow in.”

Tory even told the media that he used his friend, Tyga’s help to get information about the hair transplantation. He asked about Tyga’s surgeon’s details and how the process actually goes. The rapper got knowledge of where to get the best hair transplant and commented on the same:-

“I met Tyga and I was like ‘I will give you unlimited features for the rest of your life.’ I’m too young to be looking like this dog. I can’t do it.” 



5. Akon

Akon has accepted that he has gone through a transplant and that makes him one of the few black celebrities with hair transplants to do so! He had a $7,500 worth of transplant in Turkey, not in the USA!

Akon comments::-

‘Turks Are Very Good at Two Subjects: Hair Transplantation and Dental Treatment’



6. Naomi Campbell

The world-famous top model’s story of a black female hair transplant is quite popular. She suffers from alopecia. She has been clicked many times masking the condition with different hairstyles like bangs that cover the parts without hair. Many believe the reason for this condition can be from the heavy-strain hairstyles the model has gone through throughout her career.

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7. Idris Elba

Idris Elba is one of those celebrities who did not have a hair transplant for the receding hairline but rather for increasing the density of the hair, making it look thicker. The hair grafts can be seen to be added around the main hairline and temples.



8. Tyra Banks 

A popular American personality known as the host of America's Next Top Model, Tyra Banks, is quite brave and decided to tell the world about her hair loss, the reason behind it, and the fact that she indeed got a hair transplant. She has Alopecia Areata, which results in the balding of the hair. She also suffered from stress which added more effect to the condition. This made her get a hair transplant.

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9. Safaree Samuels

Safaree Samuels has accepted getting a hair transplant to the media. The Jamaican-American rapper went onto the social media platform to clear up rumors about whether he had the same doctor as Tyga for the hair transplant.

He added on X:-

“1st off Me and Tyga didn’t go to the same doctor. We did it the same day. Diff doctors.”



10. Oprah Winfrey 

Though there are rumors of Oprah getting a hair transplant, no pictures of a receding hairline have been seen. Aside from the transplant, she has also been said to have had a forehead reduction surgery. 



11. Will Smith

Since he has kept his hair short for a lot of years, whether Will Smith got a hair transplant is rather hard to tell. But, the rumors of Will having denser hair have jumped a lot in recent months and that leads people to believe that he got a hair transplant.




12. Tiger Woods

The famous golfer surprised fans when at one of the events he was seen supporting denser hair after years of having a thin hair head. If we look at the photos before and after, we can see that the black male hair transplant story does seem to be true. 




13. Marlo Hampton

Among the few black female hair transplant stories to come forward that came straight from the mouth of the celebrity is the journey of Marlo Hampton. She did a side hair transplant around her ears and it didn't turn out that nice, since it gave the actress swelling under her eyes after the procedure was complete! The actress shared this on her own Instagram profile but now, she does have hair around the ears.


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14. Kanye West

When we look at Kanye’s pictures from his 20s to his 30s, we can see that the famous rapper and personality known for being the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian, had thin hair but as time progressed, he got a hair transplant for hairline correction to increase density. 



15. Chris Brown

Chris Brown has seen an advanced hairline after the possible treatment of thin hair. Specifically, the hairline around the forehead has seen growth. His habit of dying the hair into different vibrant dyes can turn out to be the reason for the thinning hair. 



16. Timbaland

Timbaland has been quite upfront about his procedure for a hair transplant, showing fans the photos of the transplant on social media. He needed a hair transplant for his hairline like many other celebrities on the list. He shows that he got the hair transplant from “Natural Transplants”.



17. Andros Townsend

The strong footballer got a dashing hair transplant to regenerate hair as his hair was getting thinner, and the hairline was receding, especially around the front of the head. It is said that on the Norwood-Hamilton scale, he must be between 3-4. After the transplant, the density of the hair increases as well and fans can notice an increased hairline.




18. Don Lemon

The famous anchorman for CNN TV must have had a hair transplant to restore his hairline, as we can see a fuller head of hair and increased hair on the front that covers the bald patch.




19. I Go Save Nigerian Comedian 

The afro hair transplants are done especially well and the best example of that is Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke’s ( I Go Save) $20,000 hair transplant which he himself liked and posted pictures of on Instagram.




20. Sadio Mane

Sadie must've gone with a black male hair transplant to have those sharp hair corners. At least, the professionals seem to think so for his head to be regenerated with new hair, especially around the hairline and crown area. He hasn't commented on the question of whether he got a transplant, though. 



21. Lewis Hamilton

The sportsperson has seen a very fast change from almost a bald head to making different hairstyles. From the previous transplant photos, experts guess that he was at level 4 on the Norwood scale of baldness.




22. Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd Mayweather has been frank about his hair transplant situation in the media. He not only got treatment for the receding hairline through the popular FUE procedure but also had a beard transplant around his cheeks!




23. Caron Butler

The NBA veteran and now the assistant coach of the Miami Heat went with a hair transplant, as the same can be seen when we compare the before and after pictures. He has gotten transplants around the crown and temple areas.


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24. Aubameyang

The professional footballer Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang surprised his fans when he came up with a thick head of hair one day. His fans were used to seeing the player with almost a bald head and the dramatic change can be because of a hair piece or a hair transplant.




25. Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial was in the talks when the pictures of a sharp hairline came from an event. After that, he has been seen with an increased hairline on the forehead when compared to the pictures of the previous years.

After going through these pictures it can be said that Black hair transplantations and afro hair transplants can be done as successfully as any other hair regeneration procedure, as we can see from these celebrities' hair transplants before and after pictures.



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