Did Simon Cowell Have Plastic Surgery

Revealed : 8 Cosmetic Procedures Simon Cowell Has Undergone As Per Doctors

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  20 Mar 24

As per Dr. Gary Linkov, a double board-certified New York-based plastic surgeon, Simon Cowell has had multiple cosmetic and plastic procedures done.  According to him, Simon’s surgeries include Botox, brow lifts, upper and lower blepharoplasty, canthoplasty, and face fillers for the cheek, under eyes, and lip.



We'll go over all of the surgeries Simon has publicly accepted, as well as those that are still speculation. We'll examine several Simon Cowell before and after images that demonstrate how the "Got Talent" TV franchise producer and judge has evolved.





All The Surgeries Simon Cowell Undergo (As Per Doctors)

The list of cosmetic procedures that the ‘X Factor” judge has been suspected to have is a long one. To be particular, he has had Botox, face fillers, blepharoplasty, canthoplasty, facelift, and brow lift. Simon Cowell now accepts getting some of these procedures, stays silent on others, and denies getting any extensive ones.     

On his changing appearance due to different beauty procedures, he quotes-

“There was a stage where I might have gone a bit too far. I saw a picture of me from ‘before’ the other day and didn’t recognize it as me first of all. Eric (Simon’s son) was in hysterics.”

As per Dr. Gary, Simon has changed a lot over the years, he quotes:-

“Simon Cowell's recent facial changes went viral. Men rarely get smaller surgical tweaks along the way so when they get a major overhaul it's a lot more obvious to us.”

Yes, the successful TV mogul has had help from different cosmetic advancements, and following, you'll see each one:



1. Botox

One of the first cosmetic procedures that Simon went through was getting Botox. Unlike other celebrities who do not answer any questions about their beauty procedures rumors, Simon accepted getting Botox to the public but not any other big cosmetic surgery.

He said:-

"I have had a bit of Botox or whatever but kind of nothing drastic. So when I hear about this stuff honestly, it does make me laugh. Over the years people have said that I’ve had everything done”

Botox injections help in relaxing the muscle activity. These injections are mostly used to get rid of wrinkles. They typically last for 2-4 months and according to Dr. Linkov, Simon started Botox in 2005 and has continued to use them.  He quotes:-

“There are some obvious signs of continued Botox use with limited lateral frontalis injection.”

The botox alone has cost Simon close to $100,000.  



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2. Facelift

Simon accepted getting a facelift worth $2500. In particular, the AGT judge got a Silhouette Soft Lift, also known as the Thread Lift. This procedure is done to get rid of the sagging skin that we get as we get older. The sagging facial tissue got lifted and he got a tight appearance on his jawline and neck.

Simon wasn't shy about getting this surgery and in 2018, quoted:-

“There’s lots of things you can do now. You don’t just have to stuff your face with filler and Botox. It hurts like hell but it gets rid of sun damage and unplugs all the crap.”




3. Lateral Brow Lift

The lateral or temporal brow lift is done to uplift the forehead and the eyebrows together.  As per Dr. Gary, Simon seems to have undergone the lateral brow lift a few years back which would've cost him $20K. Simon must've gotten this brow lift to correct the position of his eyebrow. This procedure also decreases the wrinkles around the face. 




4. Blepharoplasty

Done to remove eyebags and increase the volume around the eyes, Blepharoplasty is one of popular procedures that many celebs prefer.

If you check Simon's before and after photos, the eyes alongwith change in eyebags is completely noticeable. However, Simon has denied undergoing this procedure.

As per Dr Linkov, the Blepharoplasty is of two types, lower and upper blepharoplasty, and the AGT judge is suspected of having done both.

Dr Linkov comments:-

“He already had a lateral brow lift, upper blepharoplasty, maybe a lower blepharoplasty as well, with canthoplasty. And his upper eyelid just appears more hollow and that's due to the combination of likely brow lifting and aggressive upper eyelid skin removal.”

When we look and see Simon Cowell now, we will find that the bags under his eyes have decreased. This is due to the lower Blepharoplasty procedure. And the volume around his eyes has increased, this can be the result of an upper blepharoplasty. Both of these procedures cost Simon upwards of $30K.




5. Cheek Fillers

If we compare Simon Cowell's before and after photos from just some years ago, we'll find a lot of differences. And one thing that is quite visible in Simon’s look is the extra cheek area. 

When fans saw him after excessive fillers, they started to question and Simon, himself, didn't like his appearance. He said he looked:-

“like something out of a horror film.”

Cheek fillers make your cheeks bigger while also lifting your cheekbones. This is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure but certainly changes the face's appearance. According to Dr. Gary, Simon started to use cheek fillers in 2009 as he observes Simon and quotes-

“His cheeks look fuller and there's just an expansion of his face with likely use of filler.”




6. Undereye Fillers

Simon may have been using undereye fillers for as long as he has been cheek fillers. These fillers are done to tackle hollowness and wrinkles. Comparing Simon before and now, Dr. Linkov states:-

“He has this lower lid tear through hollowing and right heads as well which are wrinkles at the under eye area.”

One user on Instagram said-

“His eyes are so full of filler that they droop downwards now and he looks like he can barely open them” followed by a crying laughing emoji.




7. Lip Fillers

Just like other face fillers, lip fillers are a type of dermal filler that is done to increase the volume of the lips. Observing Simon's photos, Dr. Gary says that Simon has been using lip fillers for quite some time. When asked about using any facial fillers, Simon accepted getting them and said:-

“There was a phase where everyone was having their faces pumped full of this and the other.”



8. Canthoplasty

The canthoplasty or the Almond Eye surgery is a cosmetic procedure that tightens the loose and saggy eyelids. Dr. Linkov says that Simon had this surgery alongside the blepharoplasties because the area around his eyes has transitioned in recent years. 

A user on Reddit commented-

“I actually feel really sorry for him. He must know that it looks atrocious, it might be why he keeps getting it redone. His insecurity is probably off the charts.” 


The Verdict

Simon may not have accepted all the cosmetic processes he has been suspected of undergoing. But, he has accepted getting face fillers and that's something that not all celebrities do. Getting any beauty procedure is everyone’s personal choice. It's about how one can feel good about themselves. However, looking at the doctor comments and analyzing the before and after images, it looks like Simon has definitely undergone multiple cosmetic procedures.




FAQs On Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery



Q. How old is Simon Cowell?

Simon Cowell is 64 years old. He was born on October 7, 1959, in London, England.


Q. How many plastic surgeries does Simon Cowell have?

Simon Cowell has undergone 6-7 surgeries. These include blepharoplasty, canthoplasty, brow lift, Botox, and insertion of different fillers on various face areas.


Q. How much do Simon Cowell plastic surgeries cost?

Simon Cowell has undergone various cosmetic surgeries, including lower and upper blepharoplasty worth $30,000, canthoplasty worth $10,000, facelift for $2500, and different fillers for cheek, under eye, and lip worth $50-55,000. He has also been taking Botox for 15-16 years now totaling $95,000. The lateral brow lift can be done for an average of about $20,000. This all amounts to more than $200,000.   


Q. Does Simon Cowell acknowledge undergoing cosmetic enhancements?

Many celebrities get questions to clear the air about their cosmetic procedure but they either don't acknowledge or deny the rumors. But, Simon is not one of them. He does accept getting some lighter cosmetic procedures like face fillers and Botox. However, he does deny getting any extensive plastic surgeries.