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51 Stunning Easy Henna Designs For All Occasions (With Images)

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  06 Aug 22


Looking for easy henna designs?

For centuries, henna has been known to bring love, prosperity, fortune, and protection against evil. Apart from these beliefs, henna also has scientifically proven benefits. Mehndi has a very soothing effect. It cools down and calms the minds of brides & grooms of all the wedding stress and anxiety. Its healing powers also protect them against any viral infections or minor ailments like stress & headaches. Impressive, isn’t it?


51 Stunning Easy Henna Designs




1. Full Hand Easy Henna Design

This spacious and attractive henna design is love at first sight for anyone looking to paint their half hands with henna!

It has easy elements and motifs anyone with slight experience in mehndi design can nail down.




2. Heart Shaped Henna Design

An easy henna design is perfect for our newly married ladies. Flaunt your young love while keeping it appealing with this mehndi design.




3. Henna With Open Spaces

A clear outline image does make even the most daunting mehndi design look easy! Of course, one can choose one's filling after the outline is done. 

Check out our guide to find the best Arabic mehndi design as we cover 60+ trending and most stylish mehndi designs.





4. Traditional Henna Design

With an exquisite mandala design in the middle surrounded by easy filling, this sure is an easy henna design to rock on traditional festivals just after your marriage.




5. Bold & Beautiful Easy Henna Design

An intricate easy henna design with a half-heart drawn on the palm of hands with easy classic designs done all over is surely bewitching!



6. Effortless

Have your beautiful hands been adorned with this appealing mandala dominated bharwa design? Look how adorable it looks after the henna is stained.


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7. Easy Henna With Strokes

A good style henna design with prominent leaf and swirl patterns with an intriguing design in the middle is so eye catching! Look at those little hearts though.





8. Lotus Henna Design

If there’s one element that has taken over the henna designs in the past few years, it has been lotuses. Tucked with the 3-D pattern is the best way to enhance their allure and that’s what the maximum of henna artists do when they include lotuses in their henna. For anyone well-equipped to draw lotuses in henna, this pattern will be so much easy to create. This henna design will look amazing after staining as well. 





9. Intricate Henna

This easy henna design might look complicated but it isn’t. You can replace the lotus motif with a simple flower one if you want. It will still look great. Although this design will require patience and tidiness but once its completed, it will look amazing.




10. Contemporary Henna

We are extremely impressed by this chic and contemporary design. This henna design with flower netted patterns will steal everyone's attention.



11. One Hand Henna

This henna is so intricate. It smartly fils the lower part of the hand and keeps the palm minimal to give the aura of a simple Mehendi pattern. If you find it a bit incomplete, you can add a small design on the finger right next to the thumb. It will give an illusion of a complete simple Mehendi design without compromising the minimal attribute of the design.



12. Minimal Henna 

Minimalist henna design lovers – here’s something for one to fall in love with! When one calls out for an easy henna design for weddings, there are judgemental eyes on us. But these spacious & half-hand designs will be ideal for your & those critical aunties too!


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13. Karvachauth Special Henna Design

Well, the personalised lady motif in the middle takes work but those who possess mediocre levels of drawing skills can easily sketch it. Once that’s done, the design becomes pretty simple to replicate.



14. Uniquely Patterned

Shift your circular mandala to a little left & create an exclusive design that’s modish and elegant. The creative filling in this henna design is also what’s making it so captivating.



15. Jhumka Henna Design

Jhumka motifs in mehndi are the latest rage in henna designs. And they are so easy to map out. Look at this extraordinary henna design spreading charm only using these new-age motifs.



16. Arresting One

With bold outlines and catchy fillings, we adore this easy henna design decorated on just the palm!



17. Floral Henna

This one might just be our favourite. Perfect for brides, wedding guests and kids alike. One needs to have the knack of drawing outlines though before trying this one. Once that’s pinned down, just fill in the gaps and it is done!



18. Riveting Mehndi Design

Keeping the charm of bharwa and minimalism alive, this gorgeous and Easy Henna Design adorned with lotus flowers, symmetry, and evident bare space is worth drooling over!



19. Pretty Design

This might look like the exact opposite of an easy henna design, but look closely! The patterns drawn on both hands & fingers are similar and spacious. Such facile designs are worth crushing over!



20. Statement Design

With jhumka motifs & new age floral art – this is such a refreshing and easy henna design! It will be a tedious job to draw those small half-circles in the fillings but just wait for the result.



21. A Treat To The Eyes

This easy henna design requires intricacy & tidiness. We suggest someone who is above the beginner level to try this one.



22. Effortless Mehndi Design

This backhand mehndi design is so simple, that it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to draw. It’s spacious and the filling is minimal as well. This should be your pick if the festival is tomorrow & you have got no time!



23. Stylish Easy Henna Design

This henna will look even prettier when it will dry. For a trained mehendi artist, this will take no longer than 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If the person is a beginner though, ensure their hands are infused with the creative skills to draw before you try this pattern. Even though it looks easy, there’s certainly a lot of subtle creativity in this henna design.



24. Multi Patterned Henna

The repetitive filling in this mehndi design along with an easy outline is one of the best easy henna designs. The complementary nature makes it extra appealing to the eyes.



25. Simply Amazing Design

The strokes in this easy henna design are an amazing combination of thick and thin. That’s what makes it so appealing though.



26. Henna Design With Peacock

Paisley in the form of peacock has been used as an element in mehndi design forever. All the beginners in mehndi start by drawing these traditional elements at first – which is all that comprises this gorgeous yet simple henna design.



27. Sophisticated & Modern!

This ultra voguish easy peasy mehndi design is already keeping the person staring at their screens, isn’t it? Well, they are not the only ones. We did it too, so had to include it in the list!



28. Edgy, Chic And Minimal Henna Design

Concentric swirls, leafy pattern and ideal positioning – this easy henna design looks trendy and attractive.



29. Traditional Henna Design

Nothing new here! Just a very traditional Arabic design that most of our mothers already are well aware of. Anyone trying to go basic, this simple henna design is one of the best options!



30. Classic Henna

This easy henna design comprising of chequered boxes adjoined elements and innovative patterns left us stunned! We think it’s an easy design that anyone with basic skills in the henna application can nail down.



31. Take It Up A Notch!

Sometimes all it takes to create a chic pattern is to go the unusual way. Instead of drawing the bel-art diagonal style, keep it horizontal and sass it up with a quirky pattern like this. Don’t forget to take it up a notch with those chequered fingertips!



32. Another Mesmerizing Henna Design

Drawing an easy henna design step by step is sometimes all about creatively putting the traditional elements. This is such a beautiful design that even beginners can nail down!



33. Elegant Mehndi

Want to paint your half-hands with henna while keeping it easy? These effortless circular strokes placed perfectly are a great option to try out!



34. An Incredible Pattern

A coordinated mehndi design always soothes the eyes. This henna mehndi art is a perfect balance for any bride who doesn’t want a minimalistic design but wouldn’t want a full-blown design either.



35. Playing With The New Age Elements

A modern age easy henna design decorated with new-age mehendi elements like dropping pinjaras, designed fingertips etc. The notable spaces in the middle further add to how modish this design is.



36. Conventional Floral Arabic Trail

A gorgeous Arabic bel-art mehndi design just never goes out of style. We love how neatly it’s drawn with petite strokes for the boundary and filling. Incorporating traditional elements, this indeed is an easy henna design!



37. Cascading Flower Power

Starting on the base with a full floral pattern and carrying it to the top with mid-sized florals is giving this Mehendi design a jaw-dropping look! Look at that simple floral bel art drawn at the side, giving the already stunning design perfection it needs!



38. One-Of-A-Kind Mandala Henna Design

Mandalas always look traditional and elegant. And when it is a unique one drawn in the middle like this one, it surely catches attention.



39. Intricacy At Its Best

Move on from the traditional mehndi trails because we have got something impressive for you to try instead. Just as easy as a bel-art, this easy henna design is for anyone who wants to try something new for their henna application.



40. Effortless Yet Enchanting!

An easy henna design with florals, chequered patterns and leaves is love at first sight! Bridesmaids, take note. This design is screaming for you. And while you are at it, don’t forget to take a stunning selfie like this one.



41. Neatly Done

This concentric circle design neatly done with alluring fingers is probably one of the simplest henna designs of all time!



42. Mandala Love!

Why stop at just one mandala when they look super pretty on an easy henna design? Take inspiration from this henna & take the magic of mandalas up a notch.



43. Simple Henna Design

It’s alluring and it’s simple. Look closely and one will realize that this design is probably the easiest back henna designs to draw on this list.



44. Jaal Pattern With A Twist!

A half hand jaal pattern enhanced with flowers in the middle and swan motifs outside is easy to make and looks super cute at the same time. If the motif seems a little complex to draw, leave it. The design will still look as good.



45. Easy Henna Design With An Accessory

We love how basic this henna design is – with just two short floral trails drawn on the sides and glamming it all up with a statement hand accessory.



46. A Beautiful Jaal Pattern

This jaal pattern with leafy outlines and checkered designs on the border makes for a stunning full-coverage easy henna design.



47. Florals & Jaals

A stunning culmination of florals and jaals mixed in with so much intricacy to give you a charming henna design. The bold lines and outlines make the motifs stand out better and make the entire pattern eye catching.



48. Easiest Henna Design Ever

We are not kidding. Aptly placed floral circles accentuated with a bold outline make this one of our absolute favourite easy henna designs.



49. Jaal Mehendi Design For The Win!

Jaal patterns haven’t been around for long. But their popularity has never dimmed down since they made an appearance. Considering how fabulous they look, no wonder they have become such a rage whenever one is looking for an easy henna design.



50. Spacious & Easy

We love how the mehendi artist here has left ample negative spaces in the design without really compromising on the allure of the design. Infused with modernistic elements, this pattern is ideal for the brides/ bridesmaids who want a contemporary approach to their henna.



51. Step-By-Step Easy Henna Design

Now, if one is good with just simple lines and easy florals, this spacious easy backhand henna pattern is just what one needs to save! This is the easy henna design which gives a treat to the eyes.