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8 Easy Homemade Wax Recipes For Hair Removal - 2020

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  15 Aug 20


Name one person who likes going for their monthly waxing appointment. You cannot, can you? Because waxing hurts and nobody likes it.




How To Make Homemade Wax With Strips


Homemade wax is as effective as the conventional wax when it comes to hair removal. However, unlike the others available in the market, homemade wax is very less painful as it sticks to the hair and not to the skin. It also happens to be chemical-free, all-natural, skin-friendly, and cheaper. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions with the homemade wax. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your apron and get ready to make your own wax.




1. Chocolate Wax

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice, 1 tablespoon glycerin, 2 tablespoons water 

How to make homemade wax: Add sugar, lemon juice, water, and glycerin in a pan. Cook on a medium flame. Keep stirring it for a few minutes. Turn off the heat once this mix becomes of a light golden hue. Now add the cocoa powder and mix well. Turn on the heat again for a minute before taking down the mix. Store in a glass jar.

How it works: Chocolate waxes have gained immense popularity all over the globe and the good news is that with this recipe you can make your very own batch of chocolate homemade wax. The sugar and lemon juice will stick to unwanted hair. On the other hand, cocoa powder and glycerin would moisturize the skin at the same time.


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2. All In One

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons honey, 1 tablespoon lemon juice

How to make homemade wax: Add all the above-mentioned ingredients in a pan and put it on a medium flame. Cook it for five to seven minutes.

How it works: With the combined properties of honey and lemon, this homemade mask will have an exfoliating and brightening effect on your skin. Sugar and lemon juice work with honey to make a sticky paste that goes a long way in removing hair from body.


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3. Sugar + Lemon Juice

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup lemon juice and ¼ cup of water

How to make homemade wax: Mix all the ingredients in a pan. Cook this mixture at a medium flame for about 8 to 10 minutes. Keep stirring the mix to prevent the sugar from caramelizing. Take the pan off the heat once it has reached honey-like consistency. Pour it into a glass jar immediately and let it cool.

How it works: This sugar and lemon homemade wax not only removes the unwanted hair but also fights the bacteria which usually are the reason behind bumps left on skin post waxing. It is gentle on the skin and can also be used as a face wax at home.



4. Sugar + Vinegar

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup vinegar, ¼ cup water

How to make homemade wax: To prepare this homemade wax, add the sugar, vinegar, and water into a pan. Heat it on a medium flame. Start stirring as soon as it begins to boil. Cook the mixture until it has a golden brown color. Check for consistency.

How it works: In this DIY wax recipe, lemon juice is replaced by vinegar. You can use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of the regular vinegar to increase the benefits for your skin.




5. Honey Wax

Ingredients: 1 cup sugar, ½ cup honey, ½ cup water

How to make homemade wax: Place all the ingredients in a pan. Cook this mix on a medium flame. Keep stirring it for a few minutes till it becomes brown.

How it works: Honey is known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an excellent hydrating agent, thus, making it the perfect homemade wax for face.



How To Apply Wax With Strip


How To Apply It?

Step 1. Take out the required amount of your homemade wax in a pan and reheat it for 10 to 20 seconds. But you don’t have to reheat it if it is still warm from the cooking. Your homemade wax should be just warm enough to make it stick and lets it spread readily.

Step 2. Use a spatula or a wooden popsicle to spread the wax on the desired area of skin. Spread it in the direction of your hair growth.

Step 3. Place a cloth strip, preferably cotton, over the area where you have just applied wax. Rub it in the direction of your hair growth for a few seconds to make it stick to your skin.

Step 4.  Grab the end of the cloth strip and pull it off in the direction opposite to your hair growth in a swift motion.

Step 5. Repeat for other areas until you have removed all unwanted hair.



How To Make Wax For Hair Removal Without Strips



6. Gelatin Wax

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons gelatin, 2 tablespoons raw milk, ½ teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon cucumber juice

How to make homemade wax and apply it: Mix all the ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for a few seconds. Since this DIY wax is heated for only a few seconds, it can be used immediately while it is still warm. You can reheat it in the oven for 2 seconds if needed. Spread this using a brush on the desired area. Let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove it just like a peel-off mask.

How it works: You can make your own wax using gelatin. The gelatin on drying sticks to the skin and acts as efficient hair removal. Cucumber juice, on the other hand, soothes and rejuvenates the skin. This wax can also be used as a DIY face wax for removal of unwanted facial hair.



7. Cold Wax

Ingredients: ½ cup sugar, ½ cup water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon lemon juice

How to make homemade wax: Add all the ingredients one by one into a pan. Place it on a medium flame. Once the sugar has melted and the mix becomes frothy, start stirring it till it starts to show honey-like color. Remove from heat and place it in a glass jar. Your homemade wax is ready.

How it works: This DIY wax recipe is for a cold wax. Cold wax is a kind of wax that doesn’t have to be heated to be used. All you have to do is to take it out from the container once it has cooled down and smoothen it like dough to use it.

How to use cold wax: This wax doesn’t need to be reheated. After it has cooled down, take it out and start kneading it like dough. After this, smoothen this dough-like mix on your skin and spread it using your fingers. Make sure it sticks to your skin. Then, remove it little by little. To repeat, knead the same dough and use it again.



8. Aloe Wax

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon gelatin, 1 tablespoon raw milk, 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel

How to make homemade wax and apply it: Put all the ingredients into a microwave-safe bowl and mix them well. Once mixed, microwave it for a few seconds. This wax too can be used immediately after being prepared as it is not too hot. Spread it with a brush on the area from where you want to remove hair. Once it has dried completely, take it off gently.

How it works: This homemade wax uses gelatin as a base ingredient and combines it with the miraculous properties of aloe vera. This mask is best for hair removal from the face, hands, and feet. Though it is not effective for removing dense hair.



Waxing at home


After Care – Things To Keep In Mind After Waxing At Home


  • Wash off your skin with lukewarm water to get rid of the wax remnants. You don’t have to wait. You can wash it off as soon as you are done with hair removal. Since homemade wax is made from natural ingredients, it will come off easily just with lukewarm water
  • Use a light moisturizer on the waxed areas. Do not use a thick cream
  • Avoid the sun for a while as skin becomes sensitive after waxing
  • Avoid doing a workout and skip the gym. Too much sweating soon after waxing can aggravate your pores
  • Do not exfoliate after waxing. Waxing has already removed the dull and dead skin cells along with unwanted hair
  • Allow your pores to breathe by wearing loose clothes




Tips To Keep In Mind While Waxing At Home


  • Check the temperature of your wax before applying it to your skin. Hot wax can lead to burns and cold wax will not spread thus defeating the purpose
  • Do not wax if your skin has any cuts, bruises, burns, or infections. Wait till your skin has healed and is healthy again
  • Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth and remove in the direction opposite to hair growth
  • Try to get all the hair in one go. Waxing over the same area, again and again, can cause skin irritation
  • Use ice before waxing to numb the area. It will lessen the amount of pain you might feel during the waxing




Frequently Asked Questions On Homemade Wax



Q. Should I shower before waxing?

It is not necessary to shower before waxing. Though you would have to make sure that the area you are going to wax is clean and free of dirt and oils.


Q. What is the correct method of waxing with a DIY wax?

Reheat the homemade wax for a few seconds. Use a spatula to spread this wax in the direction of the hair. Once done, take a cloth and place it over the area where you have just applied the wax. Rub this strip in the direction of hair growth to make it stick. Next, pull it off in the direction opposite to your hair growth in a swift motion. Repeat where needed.


Q. How to remove facial hair naturally?

You can remove facial hair naturally by two methods: by sugaring and by using a turmeric hair removal face mask.


Q. What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a traditional method of hair removal which was first introduced in Persia. This wax is made from sugar, lemon juice, and water as its main ingredients. It is then smoothened into a paste with hands like dough and used to remove hair.


Q. Is sugar waxing good for facial hair?

Yes, indeed it is. Sugar waxing is gentle as compared to the traditional waxing. The homemade sugar wax is chemical free which makes it skin-friendly. Since sugar wax sticks to the hair rather than the skin, it is the perfect DIY face wax.


Q. Does honey remove facial hair permanently?

Even though honey is used as an ingredient in many DIY face wax recipes, there is nothing to prove that honey can remove facial hair permanently. Though, the process of waxing can over time help you get rid of unwanted facial hair permanently.


Q. Does turmeric remove facial hair permanently?

Yes, turmeric can help in removing facial hair permanently. It removes unwanted facial hair and also inhibits their growth. Therefore, with regular use of a turmeric hair removal mask, you can say goodbye to unwanted facial hair.


Q. How to remove facial hair naturally using turmeric?

Mix 3 teaspoons of turmeric powder with 1 teaspoon of raw milk. Apply this paste in the direction of your facial hair growth. Let it stay for about 20 minutes. Once it has dried completely, scrub it off in gentle circular motions in the direction opposite to your facial hair growth. Wash with lukewarm water.


Q. Is it safe to apply wax on face?

Yes, it is completely safe to apply wax on the face. If you are using a homemade wax for the face then there are no issues. But in case of a readymade product, make sure the label specifically says “for face only”.


Q. How to make facial wax?

All the recipes we have discussed above can be used to prepare face wax at home as they are not only made from completely natural ingredients but are also gentle on the skin.


Q. How to store homemade wax?

Homemade wax can be stored in a glass container for about 12 to 15 days.