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25 Stunning Indian Rangoli Patterns And Designs

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Jan 22


Rangoli is a type of art that has its origins in India. It is made using colors, rice flour, colorful sand, and flowers among other things. It is usually drawn on the floor on the occasion of a festival as it is considered auspicious. It is also a tradition in many Indian households to draw beautiful rangoli designs before the arrival of a guest.

Keeping our rich tradition and culture in mind, we bring to you a list of 25 stunning Indian rangoli patterns and designs so that you are fully prepared for the next festival. You will be able to stun everyone with your artistic talent with the help of the latest rangoli designs images. Don’t worry these designs are simple and easy to follow as can be seen from the simple rangoli designs images.

Keep scrolling to find more about these beautiful Indian rangoli patterns.


25 Stunning Indian Rangoli Patterns And Designs 



1. The Colorful Diwali Rangoli

This is one of the most beautiful Indian rangoli patterns which caught our eye. The use of all the bright colors including red, yellow, and green among others makes it a very attractive design. This color combination is very eye catchy and is something that will never grow old as these colors are considered auspicious. Also, this rangoli design uses circles which depict the circle of life. This rangoli design is perfect for decorating your house during Diwali.




2. Flower Rangoli Design

This is one of the simple Rangoli designs which uses a combination of colors and flower petals. The color of the flower petals is carefully chosen to complement the rest of the rangoli design. It is easy to do design which can be drawn by anybody. The little flower-shaped candles placed in the center will further add to this rangoli design’s beauty once lit. This rangoli design is apt for a variety of festivals and not just for Diwali. You can also draw it as an everyday rangoli in your pujaghar.




3. Beautiful Festive Rangoli Design

This is truly a festive rangoli design with its vastness and variety in color use. This design depicts the goddess Durga and is perfect for Vijayadashmi and Durga puja celebrations. This rangoli design uses a lot of different motifs that have been traditionally used and have cultural significance. It is an amalgamation of the old but given an entirely new vision. From the paisleys and floral designs to the lotus and diyas, this rangoli design has it all.




4. Indian Rangoli Design With Peacock

Apart from paisleys and floral motifs, traditional Indian rangoli patterns also use peacocks. Lord Krishna loved peacocks as is evident from the peacock feather that adorns his crown. So it is only apt that you celebrate Janmashtami with this colorful Radha-Krishna rangoli design which is accompanied by a beautiful peacock. This is an ornamental rangoli design that might look complex but in reality, it is very easy to do.




5. Beautiful Symmetrical Rangoli Pattern

This rangoli design is one of the new rangoli designs. It has a floral geometric pattern. The color play of light and dark gives this pattern a 3D effect. This rangoli design is perfect to add vibrant color to your festivals.




6. Rangoli Design With Mirrors

This dancing girl rangoli design is another one of the new rangoli designs which is beautiful and unique. It is perfect for Navratri and Diwali celebrations or any other festival which makes you go in your dancing mode. The use of mirrors to decorate the dancing girl’s clothes is adding to its beauty and is creativity at its best.




7. Indian Rangoli Design With Peacocks

Peacocks being the common feature of most of the ornamental Indian rangoli patterns, this rangoli pattern becomes yet another fine example. The bright and vibrant colors make this rangoli design very attractive and certainly very eye-catchy. Though this rangoli might be time-consuming, the results will be worth it.




8. White Rangoli Pattern

To give a break to the colorful Indian rangoli patterns, we have brought this rangoli design in white. This design is simply graceful and is made by using rice flour. In this design, a big paisley motif is drawn which is then surrounded by smaller paisley motifs and other small designs to fill in space. The intricate detailing just blew our mind.




9. Wooden Indian Rangoli

This is one of the types of Indian rangoli patterns. This is a new and unique rangoli design made of wood. These kinds of rangoli designs are available as readymade products in the market. All you have to do is to get a wooden rangoli of your choice and place it in your home at your desired spot. This is apt for people who are too busy to draw out a rangoli design but still don’t want to give up on the colorful tradition.




10. Lotus Rangoli Design

Lotus holds a special place in Hindu rituals. It is believed to be a favorite amongst our gods and goddesses and thus, is considered auspicious. This beautiful lotus rangoli is enough to bring auspiciousness to your home this festival season. Since lotus holds a special value for Goddess Lakshmi, this rangoli design is perfect for your dhanteras as well as Diwali celebrations.




11. Stunning Indian Rangoli Design For Festivals

Indian rangoli patterns which are made with a combination of colors and rice flour are big this year. This rangoli design is one such example. The blue and green of this rangoli is popping out due to the white-colored detailing made using rice flour. You can also add diyas to this pattern if you so desire.




12. Peacock Rangoli Design

With each year, the creativity and uniqueness of rangoli designs are reaching the next level. This rangoli design doesn’t beat around the bushes with a suggestive peacock design. Instead, it uses the bird’s entire figurine. We love how the pattern of peacock’s feathers has taken form. The colorful flowers are added to complete the circular design. This design uses multiple bright colors making this peacock rangoli pattern even more vibrant. Don't forget to add this one to your collection of the latest rangoli designs images.




13. Rangoli Design With Flowers

Flowers never get old when it comes to making the various Indian rangoli patterns. What makes this floral rangoli interesting is the use of flower petals as well as the whole flowers and leaves. This rangoli design is very natural and earthly. Thus design will not only look beautiful but will also add fragrance to your home.




14. Traditional Indian Rangoli Patterns

This is a colorful example of traditional Indian rangoli patterns. Peacocks and their beautiful feathers have been a constant part of Indian rangoli designs. This one pictured here is just a modern take on the traditional patterns. The feet of Goddess Lakshmi are considered auspicious and often made on the floor as part of Diwali decorations. Combined with the vivid peacock feathers, this rangoli takes beauty and auspiciousness to another level.



15. Beautiful Pongal Kolam

This beautiful and eye-catchy Pongal kolam is made using yellow and green colors. The crisscross pattern made with rice flour adds uniqueness to this rangoli apart from adding more definition to the whole design. You can also draw such a design on Diwali and add diyas to it to enhance its beauty.




16. Corner Rangoli Design For Diwali

Every year you clean every nook and corner of your house as part of Diwali preparations. This time not just clean the corners but add some colorful rangoli design to them. The Indian rangoli patterns made within a corner are called corner rangoli designs and can range from simple to complex just like the regular rangoli designs. This particular rangoli pattern is simply graceful. Its beauty lies in its simplicity without being too obvious. We also liked how a different shade of blue and red is used which is giving this design its uniqueness.




17. Simple And Colorful Festive Rangoli Design

This rangoli design uses floral and paisley motifs. It is a colorful design which is very easy to make. This rangoli design comes with a floral motif in the center and a paisley motif drawn around it to form another circle. The combination of pink and green makes this rangoli design very attractive. The placement of earthen lamps is complementing this design very well.




18. New Rangoli Designs 2022

This is a very beautiful and bright-hued rangoli pattern. Don't get intimidated by its design. It is pretty easy to make if you know the little tricks behind getting a particular style or pattern. The use of various bright colors including blue and yellow makes this Indian rangoli design very alluring.




19. Border Rangoli Design With Flowers

If you have a busy schedule with barely any time to sit for making a rangoli, then this particular rangoli design is for you. This rangoli is a combination of many different elements. It is a border wooden rangoli with flowers. It is simple and beautiful at the same time. This is also very easy to do and will not take much time to be completed. All you have to do is arrange the different pieces of your wooden rangoli in a fashion you like. Then use colorful flower petals to outline the wooden rangoli. You can also add earthen lamps to this mix if you so desire.




20. Ganpati Rangoli With Flowers

In the Hindu religion, it is customary to start every new venture with the incantation of the name of Lord Ganesh. So it is only obvious that his figure will find its way into Indian rangoli patterns. This is one of the simple rangoli designs with flowers and can be easily drawn. In this design, lord Ganesh is shown sitting with a modak in his left palm while showering blessings on his devotees with the right palm.




21. Colorful Ganpati Rangoli

This rangoli design is one of the new rangoli designs of this year. It is a new take on the traditional Ganpati rangoli design. You can draw this rangoli for dhanteras, Diwali, or the week-long Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. We are sure that this colorful Ganpati rangoli design will bring health and prosperity to your home.




22. Unique Multi Color Rangoli Design

This is one of the new rangoli designs which is unique in its way. This is one of the most colorful Indian rangoli patterns we have seen. It uses a myriad of colors along with rice flour that makes this design very attractive. 




23. Rangoli Design With Dots

This is a Pongal kolam rangoli design with dots. To create such a rangoli, first, multiple dots are plotted on the floor in straight lines both vertically and horizontally or as per the requirement of the design. Then, with the help of these dots, the design is further drawn. In this particular kolam with dots, the use of bright colors including pink, purple, and red is complementing the white lines and adding to this design’s beauty.




24. Easy Rangoli Design With Dots

This is yet another one of the Pongal Kolam rangoli designs with dots. Don’t get scared by the looks of it. This design is pretty simple to make. The use of brown and yellow colors is making this rangoli design pop. You can either use chalk or rice flour for creating this rangoli design.




25. Evergreen Flower Rangoli Design For Homes

This is one of the simplest rangoli designs with flowers. It is so easy that anybody can make it. This rangoli uses different kinds of flower petals to form its circular pattern. What makes this rangoli design interesting is its universality. In other words, this is one of those Indian rangoli patterns which can be used as an everyday decoration in your home, or as preparation for your guest’s arrival, or even during various festivals. Due to its simple yet beautiful look, this rangoli is often seen during lamp lightning functions held in schools, offices, and other organizations.




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