51 Best Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs In India – 2023

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Are you looking for the best Pongal Kolam rangoli designs?

India is home to many different and vibrant cultures. Each such culture has its own traditions and festivals to celebrate. Yet, there is one festival which is celebrated with equal enthusiasm. It is the harvest festival, a festival where farmers come together to celebrate their good harvest and show their gratitude to the Mother Nature.

What is celebrated in a major part of North India as Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Uttarayan in Gujarat, Lohri in Punjab and as Pongal in Tamil Nadu. Pongal is a 4-day long harvest festival. Each of these four days has a specific significance. Pongal also marks the beginning of the Tamil month of Thai. This month is also called the month of weddings.

Pongal is incomplete without a Pongal kolam. A Kolam is a form of rangoli which is made by using rice flour, chalk, rock powder and colored powders. It is considered an auspicious practice to draw beautiful kolams as part of Pongal festivities. Gear up for the next pongal with the 51 best rangoli designs that we have shortlisted for you.


51 Best Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs


Floral Pink Pongal kolam Rangoli Design


1. Floral Pink Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design

The floral design in pink and the mesh network in white is this Pongal kolam’s USP. The lit earthen diyas add another dimension to the overall beauty of this Pongal kolam rangoli design.


Pretty In Blue


2. Pretty In Blue

We can’t get enough of the meshed Pongal kolam designs. This is yet another one with multiple colors and the usual mesh design in white. Add diyas and see an instant beautification of your Pongal kolam.


The Peacock Pongal Kolam


3. The Peacock Pongal Kolam

If you check out Indian traditional rangoli images, you will find that peacocks have been a common design for rangoli making. So, why not in a Pongal kolam? This Pongal kolam rangoli design is an excellent example of symmetry and beauty. The use of colors is impeccable. The white design made with chalk powder complements the vibrant colors.


Fire Pongal Kolam Rangoli


4. Fire Pongal Kolam Rangoli

The first day of Pongal is called Boghi. As a part of first day festivities, useless household articles are thrown in fire. That is why, you will see a lot of Pongal kolam designs with the fire element. In this particular Pongal kolam rangoli design, the element of fire has been depicted. This is a simple and easy design with direct relevance to the rituals.


Rice To The Sun


5. Rice To The Sun

The second day of Pongal begins with the cooking of rice in milk in an earthen pot to be offered to the Sun god. Turmeric plant is tied around the pot. Other offerings include two sugarcanes, and bananas and coconuts kept in a dish. From cooking rice to making the offering, this ceremony takes place in an outdoor setting.

This Pongal kolam rangoli design contains the image of rice being cooked in an earthen pot. The two sugarcane offering has also been depicted. Everything surrounded by big beautiful flowers and leaves. What caught our attention was the sun half hidden in a cloud.


Sun Pongal Kolam Rangoli


6. The Sun God Rangoli Design

This is a very simple and easy to do Pongal kolam rangoli design. It merely consists of an outline of the sun which is later filled with colorful powder and also some facial details. Instead of a bright yellow, ochre is used which gives this Pongal kolam its unique muted looks. The addition of flowers and coconut just adds to its beauty.


Fun With Sun Pongal Kolam Rangoli


7. Fun With Sun And Colors

This south Indian rangoli kolam is once again a depiction of the second day of Pongal. The use of blue color is eye catchy. This Pongal kolam rangoli design very beautifully shows the rice pot laid over the sun along with the two sugarcanes.


Pongal Rangoli Design With Festival Details


8. Pongal Rangoli Design With Festival Details

The third day marks the day of the cows and the bulls. They are decorated with beads, bells and flower garlands. They are fed with the Pongal rice and are taken trace other cattle. This Pongal kolam rangoli design is very colorful and is a beautiful depiction of all the Pongal festivities from the cooking of rice to the decorated cow. The use of vibrant colors makes this Pongal kolam stand out.




9. Decorated Cattle

This Pongal kolam only shows a cow decorated with a flower garland. The flowers add a dose of color to this Pongal kolam rangoli design. However, it is the wheat which caught our fancy.


Pongal Rangoli Design Which Summarizes All Days


10. Pongal Rangoli Design Which Summarizes All Days

Here is a Pongal kolam design with which you can go all in. With the fire from day 1, the sun god and his offerings from day 2, a cow’s head to mark day3, and the traditionally dressed people, this is truly a beautiful Pongal kolam. This Indian rangoli kolam would definitely require time and skills.


Pongal Rangoli Design With Dots


11. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Designs With Dots

This is one of the most elegant examples of a Pongal rangoli design with dots. Such designs are made with the help of dots. They range from simple to the most intricate. This one here looks tricky. The sun in the center is an ode to the Pongal rituals. The use of red and yellow throughout makes this Pongal kolam look attractive.


Rangoli Kolam Design - Mesh With Colors


12. Rangoli Kolam Design - Mesh With Colors

This is a south Indian rangoli kolam design—the perfect blend of white with other colors. The floral motif in the center, the symmetrical paisley design and the mesh design made in white looks very aesthetical. The shade of pink used is pleasing to the eye.


Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design – For Beginners


13. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design – For Beginners

We liked this Pongal kolam rangoli design made from chalk because of its simplicity. This can be a beginner’s guide to Pongal rangoli designs with dots. It does not have a clean finish and that is what necessary to show that you don’t have to be an artist to make a pongal kolam. Anybody can make it based on the level of their skills. The use of red makes this kolam pop out.


Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design With Peacock Feathers


14. Pongal Kolam Rangoli Design With Peacock Feathers

This Pongal kolam rangoli design has used muted shades of purple, green, pink and red. The sun in the center is surrounded by rice earthen pots and a cow’s head. The details made in white makes this Pongal kolam stand out. Another impressive feature is the peacock feathers.


Rice On a Flower Bed


15. Rice On A Flower Bed

The beauty of this Pongal kolam is in the use of different colors. The earthen pot with rice is an ode to the festival’s rituals. The white detailing adds definition to this Pongal kolam rangoli design.


Spirit Of The People


16. Spirit Of The People

This Pongal kolam rangoli design depicts the spirit of the people celebrating Pongal. This is a Pongal kolam which shows a woman making a Pongal kolam. How crazy is that! This design is so far the best depiction of Pongal celebrations.


The Big Doodle


17. The Big Doodle

Pongal kolam rangoli designs with dots are usually simple like this Pongal kolam rangoli design. It is by far the easiest and simplest Pongal kolam design with dots. Its beauty is in its simplicity. The pink and yellow flowers add a pop of color to this Pongal kolam.


The Color Blast


18. The Color Blast

Different shades of the same colors are used to make this Pongal kolam rangoli design which makes it a visual treat. Everything looks perfectly beautiful. The red and yellow sun on the top (not in picture. gives a contrasting effect to the blue rice pot.


The Dot Design Of The Next Level


19. The Dot Design Of The Next Level

This is one of the Pongal rangoli designs with dots in color. The various elements including the rice in earthen pots, cow’s head, kites, and sugarcanes are put together in a symmetrical design. Once you get the hang of it, you too can make such a Pongal kolam rangoli design with dots.


Floral Pongal Kolam


20. Floral Pongal Kolam

This Pongal kolam rangoli design is made with the help of floral petals as well as colored powders. If you look carefully, the center of this Pongal kolam can be taken to depict the sun god. We absolutely love this floral take on the sun god and the offerings made to him.


Simple Beauty


21. Simple Beauty

Another one of the simplest Pongal rangoli designs with dots. This all white design is made even more beautiful by adding colorful flowers in the mix. Though it is the water lily which is an attention-grabber.




22. White Beauty Rangoli Design

Enough with the pop of colors. This is a plain, white and simple Pongal kolam rangoli design made with dots. It looks easy and believe is actually easy to make.




23. Dots On The Top

This is colorful take on the Pongal kolam rangoli designs made with dots. The outlines with white add definition to this Pongal kolam. The white is so effortlessly complementing the colors


The Subtle Dots Rangoli Design


24. The Subtle Dots Rangoli Design

It is yet another one of the Pongal kolam rangoli designs with dots. The trio of brown, yellow and white goes hand in hand in this beautiful Pongal kolam.


Dotted Flowers



25. Dotted Flowers

For last, we have kept this dotted marvel. Did you know you can make flowers using dots? Well, now you do. This very symmetrical Pongal kolam rangoli design is made with dots. Look at the decorations on the earthen pots. Aren’t they just so perfect? What we like here is the clever use of the brown floor so as to give a shaded effect to the earthen pots.   




26. Pongal Rangoli With Dots

If you're looking for a simple Pongal rangoli with dots, then this is a masterpiece! This beautiful and easy rangoli design is created with rangoli dots and overall has an impressive look. The element of Kalash used is a symbol of positivity and auspicious festivity. 




27. Pongal Rangoli With Flowers

This Pongal Rangoli design with flowers can be created with multiple beautiful and colourful flowers. This Rangoli design is a contemporary art design. It's easy to make and will be the highlight of your traditional event.




28. Mattu Pongal Rangoli

Pongal is a season of harvest festivity and at this time the entire country is decked up in huge decorations. One of the major rituals during this festive season is the Mattu Pongal rangoli. This festival is majorly celebrated towards Southern India, and it is observed for four days, the third day is called Mattu Pongal. This is one of the classic mattu Pongal designs which create good vibes during this festival.




29. Pongal Kolam Design

This kolam design is one of the best rangoli designs. The artist has very nicely created a perfect look for this rangoli design with the pink big lotus. This Rangoli design can be made on auspicious events, at your home bringing in prosperity.





30. Simple Kolam Rangoli

Kolam Rangoli designs are always beautiful and simple too, though this rangoli design may look huge, hear it out, it's an easy rangoli design which you can make and we are sure, you will have fun making this kolam rangoli design.




31.  New Pongal Rangoli

We all need the good luck possible at a wedding or festive season, and this is exactly what drawing Pongal rangoli is. Try this new and vibrant Pongal Rangoli, which is so charming. The combination of light pink and green colour flowers, to the sunset colours, are amazing. This is a pure art of blessings and happiness.




32. White Kolam Design

While the Kolam Design tradition started with pure white designs, this kolam design gives a classic touch. You can make these lines drafted by Kolam Design at your doorstep and we know it will look amazing.




33. Kundan Kolam Design

This design is a  Kundan kolam design which is made of Kundan stones. One has to create this look with the Kundan blocks of different shapes and it looks stunning. This Kundan kolam design is well accompanied by tea light candles, which give a brighter look. 




34. Potratit Pongal Design

There are various elements which are symbolic of the Pongal festivity and in an excellent way created through rangoli designs. The portrait of the lady is so admirable to the eyes and the kites, Diya and other traditional elements look perfect!




35. Floral Kolam Rangoli Design

Add charm to your kolam rangoli design by getting inspired by this floral kolam rangoli design that will look amazing. This design can be made easily with white florals and a pinch of yellow and orange colour, to give it a colourful touch.




36. Colourful Kolam Rangoli Design

Try this different kolam Rangoli design which is filled with multiple colours and has a vibrant feel. Fill bright colours with this kolam rangoli and the effect will always be soothing.




37. Designer Kolam Rangoli 

This Kolam Rangoli is the best Rangoli design which you will like, as it has beautiful colour codes and is a designer piece. This is the latest and easy rangoli design which will suit all your occasions.




38. Simple Kolam Rangoli Design

An easy and medium size Kolam Rangoli design will look beautiful on your doorstep. The use of white colour looks pure and the pop of yellow and orange colour looks amazing. 




39. Easy Pongal Rangoli 

Try this easy, colourful and simple Pongal rangoli design at your home. The rangoli design with floral drawings looks impressive. This design can be made for Pongal as it is easy and quick creation.




40. Leaf Rangoli Kolam Design

Pick this leaf rangoli kolam design for the upcoming festivities. make this leaf rangoli kolam design a part of the tradition for your festive time and you will love it. Decorate the design with oil lamps for a brighter effect.




41. Beautiful Kolam Designs 

Bordered with florals, this beautiful Kolam design is a perfect art piece, which can be used for any of your festive times. A part of beautiful Kolam designs, it is a beauty for the eyes with such contrast and mesmerising colours.




42. Festive Rangoli Kolam Design

This rangoli kolam design is a festive and traditional design with dots. It can be made easily by joining white dots and vibrant colours. 




43. Sunflower Kolam Design

Kolam's designs are colourful too. Nowadays kolam designs are beautifully drawn with modern elements. The sunflower at the centre of the kolam design is interesting. The colours filled in the florals set them apart from the basics.




44. Petals Kolam Rangoli Design

If you want to have a simple and quick kolam rangoli design then take a cue from this elegant kolam rangoli design that will be perfect for all the festivities and can also be drawn on regular days. The Pink petals look attractive and also the outer leaves filled with green colour are completing this rangoli design. 




45. Geometric Kolam Rangoli Design

This kolam rangoli design is a step above the basic kolam designs. This intricate kolam design which traditionally signifies a bunch of mango leaves is amazing. This geometric design is considered a traditional kolam rangoli design which can be made during festivals or occasions.




46. Simple White Chalk Rangoli Design

The rangoli design with two peacocks on either side and the feathers joined up in the middle together is a different and stunning kolam rangoli pattern. The centre flower and the white dots on the outer part are nice. A pop of yellow colour is adding charm to this simple rangoli which is created with white chalk powder.




47. Circular Kolam Design 

Circular kolam designs are trending and this impressive kolam rangoli design is proof of it. A basic yet beautiful kolam rangoli design is made in a circular form. This kolam design is easy to make by following the line pattern.




48. Freehand Kolam Rangoli Design

This colourful and modern kolam rangoli design can be used to make designs and patterns of floral art. Such kolam images are very much in style and prominent. The floral outline given to this design is smashing. The final look of this rangoli design is beautiful. 




49. Small Kolam Rangoli Design

The easiest of all, this kolam rangoli design can be created at your home for regular use. This small kolam rangoli design is ideal for drawing in front of your home mandir, as it will require very less space. Quick kolam rangoli design with single white colour is beautiful. 




50. Parellel Lines Kolam Rangoli 

This is a simple and unique kolam rangoli design with parallel lines. The rangoli design is created around four dots. The entire rangoli design is made of single white colour, like a tradional kolam rangoli. You can try this easy rangoli design for any of your occasions.





51. Infinity Kolam Design 

The infinity artwork is an important design in the kolam rangoli. It's created with help of the dots. The entire kolam design looks beautiful and traditional. The design is made with plain white colour outlines. The infinity loop pattern is a choice, for you to try variations with kolam designs. 



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