Jeffree Star Criticizes Kylie Jenner's $360 Makeup Brushes!

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  18 Dec 17

As speculated and declared, Kylie Cosmetics branched out to a newer and wider segment of makeup on 13th December and the world went berserk! Introducing her new set of Silver Brush series, Lipstick range in 20 shades and a new concealer line, Kylie set game standards!

2017 already has witnessed some really unexpected and phenomenal makeup launches like GIGI X MAYBELLINE, Rihanna’s FENTY and HUDA’s Faux Foundation line; we did not expect Kylie to hold back either!

Starting her makeup line with her blazing lip kit that got popular like anything, Kylie has set some incredible records of going SOLD OUT within seconds on her website!

But something that stunned the internet this time was the shocking price of $360 for the kit!

As usual, her new launches were pounced upon by leading Beauty Bloggers and makeup artists globally who reviewed the products intensely, but there is someone who instead of reviewing, ended up ripping the new launches with his sassy shades!

Popular makeup artist, blogger and YouTube star, Jeffree Star who also has his own line of cosmetics got his hands on the Kylie Cosmetic launches, and boy he didn’t keep it polite.

Not only him, most of the beauty bloggers including James Charles, to die-hard Kylie fans are upset over the exorbitant price tag.

Here are the things that Jeffree Star had to say about the new Silver Series!

The First impression of Silver Series


“I'm looking at this like tin foil. Am I wowed by the packaging? UMM… No.” 


Remark On Cost


"For £360 this does feel very cheap. This feels like it's from The Dollar Tree"


Jeffree read some backlashes regarding the price on Twitter and chose Kylie’s reply explaining the high costing!

Kylie defended the pricing saying, "I always fight for the lowest price on all my products.”

To which Jeffree had something to say indeed, What is there to fight about? If it's your brand you choose the price that they're sold at. I don't think that these brushes cost that much to make. “

The Foundation Brush


“The foundation is laid, definitely took a lot longer than normal. My wrist is like 'oh Jesus'".


The brushes being made of real hair did soak up more of product and Jeffree was not impressed. He also added, As the brushes are coarse for being real hair, it is meant to shed too.

The Concealer Brush


“Let's go in with this for a second... We're already hating it, no I'm just kidding. But I would never apply my concealer with this brush and as you see this is not blending."

The Powder Brush


"This brush is nice, it's fluffy, it applied the powder great. But I also have one that is literally a tenth of the cost that could do the exact same thing."


Eye Brushes


"Sorry, they are sticking together from that weird glue shit in the package. I'm over it, I hate it."

No Lip Brushes In The Kit


"But if you are like the 'Queen of Lips' and your pumped up lips have gotten you this far, girl where's the damn lip brush."


Kylie Using Real Hair Instead Of synthetic Ones

Remember, Kylie said that real v/s synthetic is drastically different, but at the end of the day baby you forgot to mention that some synthetics can be VERY high quality."

Jeffree did not stop right there as he continued to add on some more critic points.


“This brush set with this cheap old vegan, aluminium silver, is just not worth the price point. I definitely think you're paying for an over-hyped celebrity name."


Final Review Of The Brush Set


"Overall for $360 plus tax and plus shipping. There is no way in hell I am going to recommend to my audience that you guys buy basically a $400 brush set."


He did like the powder brush, contour and some of the eyeshadow brushes, but this is what he had to add on,” I do not recommend a $400 brush set at the risk of being a just E-commerce site and something that you cannot touch and feel before hand”

Advice To Kylie


“Tone down the prices a little bit and please give us the real tea on the animal hair because we all want to know for what it is.”


While the review comments from Jeffree Star and others seem HONEST, Let’s see what the queen of cosmetics and youngest of the Kardashians, Kylie has to say to this!