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Lady Gaga Skincare Routine And Top Makeup Tips - 2022

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  16 Jan 22

Want to know about the Lady Gaga skincare routine and tips? Or perhaps the Lady Gaga makeup secrets? You have come to the right place, then. Keep reading as we reveal them all.

The world has come to know Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga, the Mother of monsters, for her strong and powerful voice as well as her extravagant makeup looks. Another thing that no one could miss was her glowing skin. Her skin bore a radiance that all of us have always collectively dreamed about. But, worry not. Now, you too can achieve skin as glowing as Lady Gaga’s. How? We will tell you everything right here in this article.

We have covered:

  • 10 Best Lady Gaga Skincare Routine And Tips
  • Lady Gaga Makeup Tips
  • Lady Gaga No Makeup Looks
  • Her Favorite Beauty Products
  • FAQs

Let’s begin!

1 Lady Gaga skincare


Lady Gaga Skincare

She loves being called Lady (because Tony Bennet calls her so) and all her friends call her LG. The Poker Face hitmaker is not just a great singer but a great performer as well. Her busy and colorful life puts a lot of stress on her skin. So, it becomes essential for her to take its proper care Here is the famous Lady Gaga skincare routine that is responsible for her glowing and radiant complexion:

  • Lady Gaga starts her day with a workout session and a nice warm shower. She sometimes changes it to a long hot bath. While she is in the shower, she also massages her face to destress her skin.
  • She also takes 5 minutes out of her morning to think compassionate thoughts about herself. She believes that being positive towards oneself not only has an impact on your mental health but it also shows on your skin.
  • Her diet plays a significant role in giving her skin a natural and healthy glow. She is a big fan of keeping herself hydrated and is often seen drinking coconut water.
  • She has a pretty ordinary skincare routine and credits her good skin to her wonderful genes. She is big on moisturizing, masking, and massaging.
  • She depends on three things and uses them religiously: a vitamin C serum, good moisturizer, and an anti-aging face mask.
  • Her routine and tips are pretty chill. They can be easily followed by anyone.

2 Lady Gaga skincare tips


Following are some of the Lady Gaga skincare tips she follows herself and also advises:


10 Best SKincare Tips From Lady Gaga



1. Find Out What Your Skin Needs

Lady Gaga’s skin has to be under a lot of stress as she is a performer. From heavy makeup to bright lights, her skin has to go through a lot. So, she has considered her skin’s specific needs and found out the three main things that work for her—cooling, hydration, and masking.


2. Vitamin C Serum For Bright Skin

Lady loves using Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum. It is a vitamin C serum that is her secret behind a bright flawless complexion. Vitamin C not only repairs damaged skin but also protects against further damage. It is full of antioxidants and boosts collagen production to give supple, plump, and bouncy skin.


3. Keep It Simple

Her makeup looks might be extravagant and dramatic. But, when it comes to skincare, Lady Gaga likes to keep it simple. She is faithful to a few beauty products that work well for her skin. Her advice is to find the products that suit your skin and to stick with them. Don’t go crazy over multiple products just because they are available in the market.


4. Costly Not Always Means Good

Lady Gaga can afford the most luxurious beauty products but that’s not what she always uses. The price tag or brand label doesn’t matter for her. She does not shy away from buying and using drugstore beauty products.


5. Facials Are The Best

Lady Gaga is a big fan of facials. She goes for regular facials and gets them done from Los Angeles based Facialist Joomee Song. She calls Song her favorite too. She usually gets a Kaika facial which uses facial massage with Japanese micro currents to give her a radiant complexion. Facials help Gaga get tight, bright, and lifted skin.


6. Massage Is The Key

As revealed by her facialist, Lady Gaga is also big on massaging her face. It helps her reduce the puffiness and inflammation while also improving the blood circulation. It also helps with good oxygen flow. Joomee Song goes on to reveal as to why facial massages are important. She says that our face contains some of the strongest muscles and very important nerves. Thus, good circulation becomes even more essential. She suggests a massage for five to minutes daily around sinuses, eyes, and jaw.


7. Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an important step and tip from the Lady Gaga skincare routine. She not only exfoliates her face regularly but also exfoliates her lips to keep them soft and pink especially before any red carpet event.


8. Masking Makes The Difference

Gaga is also a big fan of masking. You can also say that she is obsessed with it.  She uses three different masks, one for detoxification, one for deep hydration, and one for its anti-aging benefits.


9. What Goes In, Comes Out

It is the age-old notion that our skin shows what we feed it and Lady Gaga is a firm believer of this philosophy. She not only feeds her body healthy food but also feeds her mind healthy thoughts. Staying healthy mentally as well as physically plays a significant role in marinating great skin.


10. Sweat It Out

Lady Gaga is regular to the gym. She sweats it out for 5 days a week for at least 25 minutes per day. She also does Power Yoga to keep in shape. Apart from giving her a fit and toned body, her workouts help her have a glow that comes from within.

3 Lady gaga makeup tips


Lady Gaga Makeup Tips

Lady Gaga is a big fan of makeup. She does not just depend on her makeup artists but knows her way around the brushes too. She loves wearing makeup as well as doing it herself. She loves it so much that without makeup, she feels that something is missing. In an interview, she revealed:


At one point in my career, for every event that I would go to, I would have my makeup done, and I was feeling sort of empty inside like I was losing my identity and I didn’t know really what it was. Then one day I just said, ‘Guys, do you mind if I do it myself?’ And I sat down, and I did my own makeup, and I did my hair. It was so liberating to return to that because that’s how I really invented Lady Gaga. That’s how I found who I was.”


This is how much she loves makeup. It is her way of expressing her identity. She feels complete when she gets to express her individuality. It was her love and passion for makeup that gave birth to the Lady Gaga makeup line, Haus Laboratories.

Following are some of the makeup tips from the Born This Way singer:


  • Prep Skin for Better Application

Prepping skin before applying makeup is an important first step. Lady Gaga’s friend and longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno has revealed how she preps the singer’s skin. She says that she uses a hydrating face cream, facial oil, and a nourishing lip balm to create a well-hydrated canvas for makeup application.


  • Masks For Makeup

Did we not tell you how much obsessed is Lady Gaga with masking? She takes her love for masks a step further and incorporates them with her makeup routine. She prefers to use a mask before her famous Lady Gaga makeup routine. She uses an anti-aging face tightening mask before makeup. This helps with the smooth application of makeup products by minimizing pores. She also uses a detoxifying face mask after heavy makeup use to destress her skin.


  • Foundation Tricks

Lady Gaga loves mixing her Dior foundation with Glam Attack in Aphrodite from Haus Laboratories. It gives her a beautiful pearly radiance all over her face.


  • 5-Minute Lady Gaga Makeup Routine

Lady Gaga’s go-to 5-minute makeup routine includes concealer, contour, mascara, lip liner, and her favorite Haus Laboratories Glam Attack as a highlight. She also carries a lip gloss in her purse in case she needs to look fancier.



Lady Gaga No Makeup Looks

Lady Gaga loves David Bowie and her makeup looks often drew inspiration from him. She loves makeup. She has a penchant for creating dramatic and extravagant looks and dare we say that Lady pulls it off like nobody else can. However, with her big Hollywood venture, A Star Is Born, we saw her become the bare-faced Ally, a waitress, and a talented singer-songwriter. And that was when the world went crazy for her. She won millions of hearts again with her voice, her acting, and her beautiful face.

Following are some of our favorite Lady Gaga no makeup looks:

4 Lady Gaga No makeup1


Lady Gaga Makeup looks are famous. But another thing that is famous about her is her association with many causes. Recently, she donated for many Black Lives Matter Organizations. She also let those organizations take over her Instagram account to help them amplify their very important voices.

5 Lady gaga no makeup2


Do you know that after Audrey Hepburn, it was Lady Gaga who wore the original and iconic 141-year-old Tiffany diamond? It was an unforgettable moment for her as well as her fans. And BTW she won the Oscar for Shallow that night.

6 Lady Gaga no makeup3


Lady Gaga released her sixth album Chromatica in April and collaborated with Ariana Grande for the first time ever for Rain On Me.

7 Lady gaga no makeup4


She is spending her quarantine by playing video games and cards. She is also focusing on self-care. She reminds her fans to keep their mind free of stress and to keep moving. She always asks them to practice self-love, self-care, and kindness that not only extend to them but to others as well.



Lady Gaga Favorite Beauty Products

Following are some of Lady Gag’s favorite beauty products:

8 Anastasia Dip brow gel


  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Gel

This is Lady Gaga’s favorite go-to brow gel ever. It is long-lasting, waterproof, and comes in a travel-sized container. It is highly pigmented to give you the best brows and a sculpted finish.

Buy Here

10 Plasma 27


  • Cosmetic 27 Plasma 27 Mask

Gaga uses this wonderful mask to prep her skin before award shows. This mask moisturizes, soothes, lifts, and brightens the skin.

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9 Talika Purifying Mask


  • Talika Bio Enzymes Purifying Mask

This is yet another mask that Lady Gaga loves to use. She uses it to purify and detoxify her skin after wearing heavy makeup and sweating excessively. It deeply cleanses the pores and minimizes their appearance.

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11 Marc Jacobs Volumizing Mascara


  • Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

This is Gaga’s go-to mascara for getting the blackest and fuller lashes. It gives lashes an instant lift to give you those dreamy eyes.

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Some of her other favorite products include Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre, Talika Eye Patch Therapy, Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, and Supergoop Sunscreen.

12 FAQs




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Which are the favorite makeup tips of Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga loves mixing products like she mixes her foundation with Haus Labs Glam Attack Aphrodite for a pearly glow. She is also a big fan of masking as a skin prep before makeup application.


Q. Which are the favorite beauty products of Lady Gaga?

Some of the favorite beauty products of Lady Gaga include Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre, Cosmetic 27 Plasma 27 Mask, Sisley Paris Confort Extreme Nutritive Lip Balm, Ole Henriksen Truth Serum, and Supergoop Sunscreen.


Q. Which are the skincare tips Lady Gaga swears by?

The Lady Gaga skincare tips that she swears by are the ones involving 3 M’s—always use a mask and moisturize before applying makeup.