Memento Mori Tattoos With Meanings

25 Best Memento Mori Tattoos With Meanings

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  07 Nov 23

When people want to get inked on the skin, they either have a clear vision or go through different designs to get ideas and inspiration. Memento Mori tattoos are one of the most popular designs that people get. These tattoo designs are more of a reminder. They are seen as a symbol of life. 

Coming from a Latin saying, Memento Mori means "remember to live". This tattoo, alongside other symbol tattoos, is seen as a mystic and beautiful concept of living your life to the fullest.


25 Best Memento Mori Tattoo Designs





1. Classic Memento Mori Tattoo

For a classic Memento Mori tattoo, you don't need to get another ink symbol. Just the saying that means "Remember you must die". This is the easiest memento mori tattoo, but it is also very subtle and goes nicely on any body part. If you are looking for cute tattoos then this is a very good option.


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2. Memento Mori Cross Tattoo

One of the most popular choices that people get for this choice of ink is a memento mori cross tattoo. They include a symbol of their faith alongside the eternal saying. People are also fond of adding skulls and bones to this memento mori hand tattoo while showcasing their devotion.


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3. Memento Mori Bird Tattoo 

This is another memento mori wrist tattoo that people are most likely to get inked on their bodies. The birds are a very big part of the environment and mean a lot to bird lovers. Combine your love for these creatures with the saying of Memento Mori. If you are looking for side neck tattoos which look elegant, then the Memento mori bird tattoos can be an excellent option.



4. Memento Mori Skull Tattoo

A memento mori skull tattoo is at first quite dark to look at, but if we see the meaning behind it, then we will see that the meaning of the saying goes perfectly with the skull. The skull is the representation of death, and every mortal will someday leave Earth and turn into bones.



5. Memento Mori Tattoo with Hands

Memento Mori's tattoo with hands drawn is another beautiful tattoo. The hand illustrations can be drawn either in a skull or human form. Or both, if you'd like. The hands can mean how one life ends and the other one starts after one is reborn.

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6. Memento Mori Memento Vivere Tattoo

Why get only one Latin saying when you can get two? Memento vivere means "remember to live" literally in Latin. It's a very subtle memento mori wrist tattoo that combines two everlasting sayings.



7. Memento Mori Tattoos with a Snake

The snake sheds its skin and is reborn. Just like how people believe humans are reborn. This circle snake with the classic Latin quote will go hand in hand nicely. Similar to memento mori tattoo, a valknut tattoo is also a very good option.



8. Memento Mori Coin Tattoo

A memento mori coin tattoo image is quite beautiful, especially when it's written on a beautiful slope. The coin helps us remember that life is not all about money and that living life is important, not just going after things.


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9. Memento Mori Hourglass Tattoo

The hourglass represents that you should live the moment of life, as time doesn't stop for anything or anyone. The concept, along with this beautiful yet true saying, is a perfect mixture.



10. Memento Mori Chest Tattoo with Skeletons

If you want to go big, you can have a large memento mori saying with lots of skeletons, roses, and other popular quote symbols. This sets the whole scene, gives a lot of meaning to memento mori, and covers the whole chest area.



11. Memento Mori Rose Tattoo

The rose is seen as the image of love and passion. They are beautiful flowers but have sharp thorns that can break blood from the skin. It shows different equal sides of life, and with memento mori, but makes an interesting tattoo design.




12. Memento Mori Skull and Hourglass Combination Tattoo

These combinations are the best memento mori hand tattoos for different body parts that people like to get. Skulls and hourglasses individually are common tattoos, so why not get both of these black inks for a big memento mori symbol?



13. Memento Mori Butterfly Tattoo 

The butterfly is one of those rare species that changes its form during a whole cycle. From a caterpillar to a butterfly, the transformation can be equal to the way humans are born, and reborn. The journey continues. A memento mori staple, a skull, can be added inside the butterfly for extra depth.



14. Memento Mori Heart Tattoo 

Each day is a gift that should be taken as such. What can be more pretty than adding a heart, the very part that makes us human in the first place, alongside the sensitive quote?


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15. Memento Mori Tattoo on the back of the Neck

The back of the neck is a very daring place to get a tattoo since you don't get as many chances of covering the tattoo. So, if you believe in the message of Memento Mori and want other people to know that this is the ideal place for it.


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16. Memento Mori Watch Tattoo 

The shattered pocket watch in this memento mori tattoo brings out the definition of the Latin concept perfectly. Time is something that just goes on without caring for anything or anyone. The memento mori tattoos also share this same concept.



17. Memento Mori Pictures Tattoo 

Get Polaroid picture illustrations as your memento mori tattoo. The popular designs of these pictures show that each moment is memorable. This particular tattoo looks nice on the leg. Especially the calves.



18. Memento Mori Skeleton Grim Reaper Tattoo

A memento mori tattoo that can be seen as dark or scary at first is a direct reminder of death around us. But it's not all morbid if you think about it. The Grim Reaper is not death itself but rather an entity that passes the dead's soul to the other side of this world.



19. Memento Mori Stomach Tattoo 

The stomach area is quite a popular place to get a tattoo. It lets you show off your tattoo daringly and beautifully. Just a simple lettering of memento mori under the heart means the message is close to you. There is no need for more work. 


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20. Colored Memento Mori Tattoo

Though memento mori tattoos are generally done in black ink, you can add color to your tattoo if you want to go with a more fun and colorful approach. This is ideal for those who are looking for more of an eye-catching look. So, choose from your favorite colors and simply get the saying in your preferred font. 



21. Memento Mori Neck Tattoo 

Get a tattoo under the ear or around the neck area to have your memento mori close to your pulse point. Particularly, the quote can be written vertically for a beautiful structure. 



22. Memento Mori Small Back Tattoo

Memento mori back tattoos can be inspirational to those who want a big gesture on their bodies. This easy memento mori back tattoo is simple yet profound. The meaning of this saying on the back can mean that though you may not see or showcase your tattoo every day, the message is always in your mind. For a bigger memento mori back tattoo inspiration, look below!


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23. Memento Mori Big Back tattoo

If you don't want to go with a smaller lettering of the memento mori, then you can get the same saying as well as a rose and heart on your back. You can choose other popular symbols, like the skull, heart, etc. that go along with the quote on your back.



24. Memento Mori Circle Tattoo 

The lettering of this moment to memento mori is its main feature. The circle's momentum is simple but very powerful. It can mean many things, including how the earth revolves around and around while the process of life and death continues. So, these revolving letters are one of the most elegant tattoos to get!



25. Memento Mori Scythe Tattoo

The scythe, or Orcus, is the grim reaper's blade that it carries while wearing a black cape. The design provides a perfect match with the memento mori saying that revolves around death. This helps us to remember to leave each day without full spirit because death is unseen and can be just around the corner.

There are many reasons why people get memento mori tattoos, including keeping a reminder on their body to live in the present, in memory of a loved one who has passed away, or just finding it mystic and beautiful at the tattoo shop. So, take inspiration from these popular interpretations of the classic Latin saying.