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25 Stunning Good Luck Tattoo Designs - 2024

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Updated At  02 Jan 24

Tattoos are ink designs that are carved on the skin. Tattoos are symbols of expressions of love, happiness, melancholy, and many more humane emotions. Why do people wear tattoos?

Tattoos are worn for various reasons, which vary from individual to person. Some people may wear them to express their feelings for their significant other or for fun. And some to bring them good fortune. Speaking of good luck tattoos, some of them can help you manifest good luck in your life.

Looking for the best good luck tattoo designs then stay tuned as we cover all of them in detail.


25 Best Good Luck Tattoo Designs



1. Dreamcatcher Tattoos

According to Native American folklore, Dreamcatchers filter out bad dreams and protect you from evil eyes and envy.

This lovely dreamcatcher, complete with blooms and butterflies, will clear the way for good fortune to find you.

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2. Felix Felicis Tattoo Designs

Potterhead? Is this a potion you've seen before?

Sure enough, it's the Felix Felicis, or the lucky elixir that Harry concocted to help him win the war. The person who wears this triumphant magical potion tattoo is sure to get whatever they desire.

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3. Lavender Tattoo

Lavender is an auspicious plant representing good fortune, happiness, and success. This plant is also known for its natural mood-lifting effects, and it delivers a slew of benefits.

Lavender is also a symbol of purity, love, and dedication to one's significant other. Elegant lavender is the greatest choice for folks looking for elegant and modest love.




4. Wishbone Tattoos

The wishbone, according to folklore, is a symbol of good fortune. However, as time has passed, it is believed that those who have the more significant portion of the wishbone will have their wishes granted. Whether you obtain the larger piece or not, having a wishbone around promotes riches and positivity. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to get a wishbone tattoo!

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5. Honey Bee Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Honeybees have long been regarded as prosperity, luxury, and abundance symbols in all ancient mythological cultures.

When a honey bee lands on your hand or head, it is thought to signify that good fortune is on the way. Because we can't risk being stung by bees, we'll carve the tattoo as a symbol of riches instead.


6. Butterfly Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Butterflies are frequently used as symbols of transition, rebirth, and change. Some believe they are good luck omens who send messages of light heralding new beginnings.

Colorful butterflies fluttering around cheerfully are a symbol of good fortune and will instantly bring a smile to your face whenever you come across them.

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7. Four-Leaf Clover Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Even children are aware that a four-leaf clover represents good luck.

According to Celtic religion, four-leaf clovers confer clairvoyance, allowing you to see fairies and bestowing positivity and good luck on the originator. So here's a charming four-leaf clover to let the good luck fairies sprinkle you with their happy dust.



8. Zodiac Goddesses Tattoo Designs

Do you believe in the zodiac sign ?

If so, you're in luck since you can get your zodiac sign as a back tattoo to bring good luck. Though each zodiac sign has its symbol, many creative artworks represent the same zodiac signs in a more artistic and ethereal way.

A Sagittarius holds her bow and arrow securely, ready to shoot good luck to the owner.



9. Sword and Crown Tattoo Designs

The combination of a sword and a crown is majestic, but is it truly a good luck tattoo? You won't believe it, but it's true.

The queen's heroism and might are symbolized by a sword and a gorgeous crown, which screams good luck and strength.




10. Rainbow Tattoo

The rainbow's vibrant colors represent a flourishing life. Have you ever heard the tale about the riches at the end of the rainbow?

So maybe now is the time to get a rainbow tattoo and wait for the appropriate time to come along with the treasure.



11. Deer Good Luck Tattoo Designs

The deer symbolizes purity, gentleness, grace, and good fortune. Seeing a deer is usually a sign that your spirit guides are keeping an eye on you.



12. Buddha Good Luck Tattoo Designs

You'll probably understand what we're trying to say after seeing this sweet and serene tattoo. The buddha tattoo emanates tranquillity and serenity. A smiling Buddha is also said to bring good fortune and possibilities to the home. So wear this serene tattoo to bring prosperity into your home.


13. Evil Eye Tattoo

Evil eye tattoos ward off evil.

You might wonder why the evil eye tattoo has made its place on the list of good luck tattoos. 

Well, let us tell you. If you want to bring good luck, you first have to ward off the evil stopping it. With this tattoo, you are clear from the eyes of jealousy and envy, and happiness automatically finds its place in you.



14. Daisy Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Daisies are said to symbolize new beginnings and good luck, according to mythology. A daisy tattoo will be a terrific alternative for those eager to start a new chapter in their lives.



15. Maneki Neko Good Luck Tattoo Designs

According to Japanese culture, Maneki Neko, or the beckoning cat, is a symbol of good fortune.

As the cat extends its right paw, it brings good fortune to its owner. Needless to say, getting an adorable yet auspicious cat tattoo is a good luck charm.



16. Dreamcatcher Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Another dream catcher to add to our collection.

There are many different types of dreamcatchers, and this is one of the most distinctive. Though their responsibilities are distinct, they serve the same purpose: keep negative dreams at bay and allow prophetic dreams to come to you.




17. Bird Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Birds are love and peace symbols. Certain bird kinds, including magpies, bring good luck in feng shui. Because birds thrive when they are free, you can use a magpie tattoo to wish everlasting love, peace, and prosperity.


18. Cherry blossoms Good Luck Tattoo Designs

The spring season is drawing close, so let's say our goodbyes by getting a cherry blossom tattoo, which symbolises that good fortune will follow us long after the season has passed.



19. Moon Tattoo Designs

 The moon is a symbol of good fortune. It is stated in every religion and folklore. When you look up at the night sky and see the lovely moon, all you see is a beam of hope telling you that everything will be OK no matter how sad you are. So, as a token of thanks and hope, here's a pretty moon tattoo.




20. Wings Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Wings are metaphors for spirituality and freedom. Many of you may be attempting to leave your current location to pursue fresh possibilities and independence. This tattoo can be a good luck and dedication symbol that inspires you to pursue your dreams and passion.


21. Fairy Tattoo Designs

Fairies are mythical spirits known in folklore for bestowing wishes and good fortune on people. Even if they are now dismissed as mere fairytales, the symbol of fairies does radiate some mystical emotions. So go ahead and get this magical ethereal fairy tattoo and wait for her to grant you your wishes.



22. Sword Tattoo

This sword sign represents the breaking of a curse in particular. Whatever was causing you to hold back has now been destroyed, and this sign means that. Now that the curse has been lifted, you're ready to reveal who you really are to the world.




23. Lucky Stars Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Whatever star you are born under, your star is a lucky star. Why? Because now you are reading this article healthily and you have so far come across many obstacles, and you are still thriving towards success so why not draw the luck star tattoo so that you can convey to your star that you are grateful to it and will be forever fo granting your wishes and letting you live a fulfilling life.



24. World Tree Tattoo

You've probably heard of the world tree if you're a mythology enthusiast. All human fates are intertwined in this tree. So you can see where we're going with this: decorating the world tree tattoo with the sun and star in alignment depicts a settled and fortunate existence for the individual. Guess who will live the blessed life since you will be sporting such a lucky omen? YOU!




25. Lucky Clover with Flower Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Clovers with four leaves are considered lucky and prosperous. If the leaves represent prosperity, it goes without saying that the plant, combined with the bloom, represents even more good fortune.

This tattoo features a lovely clover plant with a beautiful blossom on top.

So, which one is your favorite? Please share your favorites in the comments section below.



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