Most Beautiful Canadian Women

25 Most Beautiful Canadian Women (With Photos)


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Known for its architectural titans, David Ewart and John M. Lyle, Canada, the icy nation from the upper north, is also well-known for its contemporary pop performers, like Bryan Adams, Justin Beiber, and Avril Lavigne. It is also well renowned for having some of the world's sexiest and hottest women living there!

These are stunning women from the Great White North who have attracted attention not just in their own country but also throughout the world. Several of the stunning women on our list are household names in Hollywood, appearing in everything from blockbusters to arthouse productions. Many of the following also feature in the list of most beautiful women in the world.



25 Most Beautiful Canadian Women 


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1. Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is one of the most attractive and desirable Canadian actresses. In the teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation, she played the character "Mia Jones," for which she is best known. She competed in gymnastics and was a sportswoman who represented the country on international stages. Additionally, she received several accolades and honours for her diverse performances. Her flawless skin, dark hair, and exceptional acting skills immediately captivate the audience. One of the most beautiful canadian women, Nina Dobrev consistently tops the popularity charts.

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2. Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp is one of the most beautiful women in Canada. She is the world's sexiest and hottest Canadian female. On May 12, 1986, Emily was born in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. "Emily Irene VanCamp" is her birth name. Emily first developed an interest in acting when she visited her sister's set of the 1999 movie "Ladies Room" when she was just 13 years old.

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3. Elisha Cuthbert

On November 30, 1982, Elisha Cuthbert was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Elisa Ann Cuthbert was her given name at birth. She rose to fame after portraying Kim Bauer in the television series 24. (2001). In the category of "Most Beautiful Woman of American TV," she was nominated and chosen. Cuthbert was frequently referred to as one of the "Most Beautiful" and "Hottest" women in the world and is regarded as the sexiest symbol. One of the most beautiful canadian women, Elisha Cuthbert was voted as the sexiest actress in the world in 2015. 


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4. Madeleine Arthur

Another young actress who will be in demand in Canada in 2022 is Madeleine Arthur. The role of Young Willa Warren in the ABC drama series The Family made this Canadian beauty, 24, most famous. In Big Eyes, she appeared on screen alongside superstar Amy Adams. The actress is proficient not only in English but also in French. She has a voice that has a honey tone and exudes warmth. She favours engaging narratives with a strong supporting cast.




5. Shay Mitchell

In Canada, beautiful women are majorly actresses and this gorgeous Canadian woman has the titles of actress, model, businesswoman, and author. She first gained notoriety for her performance as Emmy Fields in the drama series Pretty Little Liars. Her beautiful and distinctive facial features are a result of her Scottish-Irish heritage. She also worked as a cocktail server before her professional career. 


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6.  Sarah Gadon

Sarah Gadon takes the next spot on our list of the most beautiful canadian women. This Hollywood actress is most recognised for her roles in The Moth Diaries, A Dangerous Method, and Dracula Untold. Three Canadian Screen Awards are in her trophy cabinet. At the age of 10, she had her debut appearance on screen in the role of Julia dans La Femme Nikita. In her career, she has worked on both long and short films. The stunning blonde has seductive blue eyes. She has won numerous honours, including the Canadian Screen Award, ACTRA Award, and Vancouver Film Critics Circle Awards.


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7. Allissa Skovbye

This devoted Hollywood performer, who is of Canadian descent, rose to popularity for playing Grace and Paige on ABC's Once Upon a Time. She collaborated with award–winning inning actress Kathy Bates while she was a youngster on the motion picture Personal Effects. Before landing a role in the television series Smallville, she continued to appear in ads. She has made cameos on episodes like Motive, Fringe, Supernatural, and R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour. Additionally, she was Emily in Falling Skies, a recurring character.




8. Julia Voth

In, Canada beautiful women are talented as well. Canadian life-size model and performer, Julia Voth was born on May 16, 1985, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is currently advancing 36 years. After accepting a fan's impressively designed Resident Evil beret, Voth was inspired to participate in a cosplay photo shoot as Valentine. Voth played a supporting role in the satirical sitcom Package Deal, which aired for two seasons from (2013-2014). David Sonshine, a skill manager and producer, is Voth's husband.




9. Laura Vandervoort

In Canada, beautiful ladies are well-educated. Among, them another well-known Canadian performer who appears on television is Laura Dianne Vandervoort. On September 22, 1984, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she was born. She is currently 37 years old. 2019 saw Vandervoort confirmed in the Ian Somerhalder-directed Netflix adaptation of the Jonathan Maberry book V Wars. Vandervoort was associated with several video games, including baseball, soccer, karate, ball, tennis, and aerobatics. She has a sister named Sarah and is thought to be dating Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent.




10. Tiera Skovbye

Tierra, who began as a young artist, has improved as an actor thanks to her remarkable performance in a variety of roles. She works steadily and successfully in the film and television sectors. She is included as one of the sexiest Canadian actors and actresses in 2022 as well. She was chosen for the Crop of Emerging Young Talent list published by The Hollywood Reporter. She also earned a spot among the top 10 most beautiful Canadian actors in 2022 and also is considered one of the most beautiful women in Canada.






11. Rachelle Lefevre

In Canada, beautiful women like Actress Rachelle Marie Lefevre domains. Due to her extreme attractiveness and beauty, this Quebec-based woman is among the most beautiful Canadians. She participated in a lot of shows back then because of her gorgeous and slim body. She must be among the most attractive Canadian actors, without a doubt.


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12. Cobie Smulders

Actor, Cobie Smulders is also one of the most beautiful canadian women. The attractive Canadian actress has a stunning stage presence and a grin worth a million dollars. Other films starring Cobie Smulders include Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Avengers, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War, Spiderman: Far From Home, and Avengers: Endgame. She was one of the sexiest Canadian actors and actresses in 2022 and continues to top the popularity charts in 2023 too.




13. Jessica Lowndes

In the Canadian film industry, enthusiastic actresses, lyricists, producers, and singers are employed. In our list of the Top 3 Hottest Canadian Actresses, she the takes third spot. She began his career as a singer. After that, she contributed to a few movies. She quickly established himself in the profession thanks to her exceptional acting talents. She is renowned for being fit and for maintaining her figure.


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14. Marina Elswick

The model, Instagram sensation, and social media influencer are named MElswickaswick. She is renowned for her Gorgeous Appearance, Adorable Smile, Fashion, and Hot Personality. Marina is young, attractive, and seductive. She has a defamatory reputation and is quite popular with young people. For the sake of popularity, models and actresses regularly post their pictures and videos to social media; Marina is one of them. She is currently one of Canada's sexiest actresses.

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15. Stacey Farber

Actress Stacey Farber is from Canada and is one of the most beautiful women in Canada. She is best recognised for her role as Ellie Nash in Degrassi: The Next Generation's seasons two through eight. She appeared in the CBC television series 18 to Life from 2010 to 2011. She portrayed Sydney Katz on the Canadian medical programme Saving Hope from 2014 to 2017.


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16. Nora Fatehi

Hot Canadian actress and model Nora Fatehi works in the Indian film business. His dance moves have made him well-known. His well-known item songs include Kamariya, O Saki Saki, Garami, and Dilbar. She is among India's finest actors. This Canadian actress is without a doubt one of the hottest. She is a well-known and stunning Canadian actress who is renowned for both her acting and beauty.


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17. Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly was born in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta in 1979. She is both an actress and a creator all at once. Her mother and father are an English and an Irish combo. This means that Evangeline Lilly plays both an English and an Irish role in the same individual. All of the individuals on this planet are drawn to her because of her inexperienced eyelid. 




18. Erica Durance

On June 21, Erica Durance was born in Calgary, Canada. She was trained as a classical singer since she was little. She is also interested in performing. So, after completing her studies, she started performing professionally at Yale City Actors Studio for a few years with her husband's help. In the year 2002, she started working in  the film industry, appearing in "The Untold." She married him, and they have two children together. Her endearing beauty and structure, however, remain unchanged.




19. Kate Bock

Kate Bock occupies a unique position among the other top 10 popular Canadian women. On January 30, Kate Bock was born in Vancouver. Many of her followers fell in love with her because of the way she looked. She is probably one of Canada's most seductively beautiful women and a fashion mannequin. She has a novice eyelid that will be appealing to all of her fans. Despite going by Kate Bock, her real name is Kate Lynne Bock. She's probably one of Canada's sexiest women, and she or he has a great appearance.




20. Serinda Swan

Within the year 1984, Serinda Swan was born in West Vancouver, Canada. She was one of Canada's most attractive and charming women. She was 36 years old at the time, but her beauty and tenderness have not aged. She started her career in 1989 with a little role in relatives. She was only three years old when she appeared in that movie. Later, she aAvrilegan her modelling career. She favours acting in particular. She nevertheless struck a balance between her acting and modelling careers. Serinda Swan is a very beautiful lady.


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21. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian actress, singer, and songwriter. She was born in Belleville, Canada, on September 27, 1984. Her father gave her the name Avril. The French word for April is Avril. She started her career at the age of 15 by performing on, stage with Shania. She is the best Canadian vocalist, and she was nominated by her fans. She also won more honours. Avril is a successful woman because she won 6 ASCAP awards, 7 BMI awards, 9 Junhonoursds, etc. She does vocal, guitar, piano, and keyboard instruments the worst.




22. Ellen Page

Dennis Page and Martha Phillpotts welcomed Ellen Page into the world on February 21, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She started acting naturally in front of the camera in 1997 when she was 10 years old. That was part of the Pit Pony collection on CBCevision. She won numerous honours, including the Academic Award, the BAFTA Globe Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Golden Globe Award, the Empire Award, and others. She received a nomination as one of the 86 sexiest women in the world in the year 2008.




23. Tessa Virtue

Have you ever seen those women skating on the ice while wearing ballerina costumes? Don't we all enjoy twisting and turning? Tessa Virtue has always been one of the entertainers. She competes on the rink alongside Scott Moir and is well-known.


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24. Lauren Collins

Best known as the Canadian actress who played Paige Michalchuk on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Additionally, she played supporting parts in the movies Charlie Bartlett and Take the Lead (2006). (2007). She also had recurring guest roles in the fourth season of the FX series The Strain and several episodes of the sketch comedy Kroll Show in 2013.


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25. Aislinn Paul

Actress Aislinn Claire Paul is from Canada. She is most known for her role as Clare Edwards in Degrassi: The Next Generation, for which she has been nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2010 and won two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series.