New Indian Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

25 New Indian Mehndi Designs For Back Hand

Ana Campbell

Updated At  26 Mar 24

Check the best and latest back hand mehndi designs which include mandala patterns, circular designs, net patterns, finger mehndi, bridal designs and many more.


25 Best Back Hand Indian Mehndi Designs




1. Fusion of Tradition and Modern

The standard elements of Indian mehndi design are the leaves, flowers, and nets; the space between those motifs adds a contemporary twist.




2. The Bold Outlines

For creatively and flawlessly etched flower designs, the thin and thick patterns provide the greatest pairings in Indian mehndi design. Check the stunning finger mehndi wherein flowers are couples with net and leaves to form a gorgeous pattern.




3. Modern Florals for Backhand

Indian mehndi designs frequently provide a captivating impression courtesy of the flowers. The motif works appropriately with both contemporary and traditional clothing.




4. Flowers and Leaves

Our lovely palm is enhanced with a timeless elegance and charm by the paisley, flowers, and leaves in this Indian mehndi design.




5. Simple Flowers

With this elegant and concealed Indian mehndi design, beginners may start their mehndi exploration that goes well with any kind of apparel.


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6. Geometric Mehndi Design

The season of weddings is approaching! Therefore, to improve your appearance and style for the wedding, try this adorable geometric Indian mehndi design.




7. Henna Tattoo

Adding embellishments to this elegant Indian mehndi design might result in a painless tattoo. This mehndi design goes well with a contemporary ensemble.




8. Connected Mirrors

This easy mehndi design has circles that resemble a mirror embellished with flowers, giving it a fashionable appearance.



9. Arabic Design for Backhand

One of the creative Indian mehndi designs, this one has an outstanding look and goes well with traditional attire.



10. Criss-Cross Leaves

This Indian Mehndi design's crisscross leaf pattern makes one feel as though there's a fantastical garland in their hands.



11. Modern Leaves

This Indian mehndi design provides a demonstration that flowers and leaves could be used to adorn a stunning and contemporary mehndi design. 



12. Open Mandala

The lotus, which stands for development and rebirth, is allowed to bloom outside the mandala in this Indian mehndi design. 



13. Mandala Mania

Anyone here a fan of Madala? Just apply this gorgeous mandala pattern to your hands. It is possible to wear any kind of apparel with this Indian mehndi design.



14. Traditional Henna

One of the classic ways to apply mehndi is to paint bold designs on your palms and finger tips, but this Indian mehndi design has a more contemporary look.



15. Decorative Flowers

A flower represents growth, purity, love, faith, and hope. Simply use these sacred flowers to create an incredible Indian mehndi design on your hands.



16. Latest Mehndi Design

One of the latest Indian mehndi designs, it has pretty motifs. Novices could attempt this pattern for the approaching events.



17. Impressive Mehndi Design

The fact that our Indian mehndi design includes every mehndi element—flowers, leaves, shapes, and paisleys—makes our style even more striking.



18. Mehndi For Beginners

One of the most popular Indian mehndi designs for novices is this one. Simply sketch a strong border and arrange your preferred flowers over it.



19. Ornamental Florals

Based on how the pattern appears to be flowery and hand-adorned, this Indian mehndi design draws inspiration from jewelry.



20. Little Hearts

Valentine's Day mehndi application? By using this Indian mehndi pattern, one can radiate and express their feelings of love.




21. Compact Mehndi Design

The detailed component descriptions in this Indian mehndi design give our pretty hands a sense of multitude and grandeur.




22. Bold Net Pattern

The broad net design on the hands and the delicate net pattern on the fingers contrast to create a spectacular ensemble.



23. Gorgeous Mehndi Design

This Indian Mehndi design includes an enticing element where the lovely blooms are connected to adorable little dots, creating an upscale look.