51 Best Rabbit Tattoo Design Ideas  - 2023

Smriti Ahuja

Updated At  25 Aug 23

Looking for the best rabbit tattoo design ideas? 

A growing number of people choose to decorate their bodies with tattoos as a contemporary style. Images that resemble genuine works of art, motivational sayings, or letters that serve as a reminder of someone we wished to forever immortalise on our bodies can all be found on bodies.

For years, people from many different cultures and countries have used rabbit tattoos as body art. Traditional tribal patterns and symbols, such spirals, arrows, feathers, and moons, are frequently included into rabbit tattoo designs to give them a stronger symbolic meaning.

Rabbits are rodents with the nickname "Bunny." They are regarded as the most adorable, bright, intelligent, social, and loving creatures. These adorable bunnies are frequently petted because they are associated with the moon and its phases and represent purity, generosity, prosperity, masculinity, harmony, rejuvenation, virility, and fertility. The rabbit foot is seen to bring luck, positivity, charm, spiritual awakening, abundance of prosperity, and efficiency in many different cultures. These are the key explanations for why people adore getting themselves tattooed with tattoos of bunnies. There is an unending number of many varieties of rabbit tattoos, each with a distinct significance.


Rabbit Tattoo Meaning

Rabbit tattoos are rich in meaning and frequently stand for speed, fertility, and good fortune. Due to their nocturnal habits and ties to lunar cycles, rabbits have been associated with the moon for ages.

A bunny tattoo may therefore represent femininity, rebirth, metamorphosis, and intuition. A white rabbit is frequently shown as a symbol of innocence and purity as well as a messenger for the gods or goddesses. Other meanings for rabbit tattoos include wisdom, luck, safety, and prosperity. Depending on the situation, the rabbit can be a symbol for clever intelligence or even mischievous behaviour. Numerous people get rabbit tattoos as lucky charms, representations of prosperity and abundance, and tributes to their appreciation of the natural world.

One of the best tattoos with meaning, Rabbits are regarded as a spirit animal of good luck in many traditional cultures, from Native American tribes to Eastern mythology, particularly if one crosses your path. A white rabbit tattoo pays homage to the famous white rabbit from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and is another well-liked bunny motif. Others feel that getting a charming rabbit tattoo shows their sense of humour and enjoyment of life. 

Lets check out 51 top rabbit tattoo desogn ideas which have been trending this year.


51 Top Rabbit Tattoo Design Ideas 





1. Rabbit and Moon Tattoo

A rabbit next to a crescent moon would make a cool tattoo if you are looking for something different. This will make your tattoo stand out from the crowd. One of the cool tattoos for men, this looks amazing on the hand.




2. Floral Rabbit Tattoo

An original concept that may be tried is to wrap delicate, gorgeous flowers around the body of the rabbit or even to make a full bouquet of blossoms with a tiny bunny in the middle.




3. Trio of Rabbits Tattoo

Why get just one rabbit tattoo when you can get three tiny bunnies doing different things tattooed together instead? (sleeping, eating carrots, etc.). It will be like having your own little group of animal companions.



4. Cuddling Rabbits Tattoo

Bunny tattoos are a great option for couples because a common design can show two bunnies cuddling in the grass or curled up in a cosy embrace



5. Rabbit With Carrots Tattoo

What could be cuter than a bunny enjoying its favourite food, a carrot? This pairing has become even more well-known thanks to Bugs Bunny. Ask your artist to create a drawing of a cute rabbit biting into a carrot or proudly perched atop the veggie.



6. Cartoon Rabbit Tattoo 

Embrace your inner child with a cute tattoo of a cartoon rabbit. Anyone who like vibrant, playful designs and wants to carry a piece of their childhood with them constantly should try this style.



7. Dotted Rabbit Tattoo

Have your bunny's body covered in small dots all over to give it some dimension and substance. To give the design a more dramatic appearance, you may also try adding a dotted boundary around it.




8. Small Rabbit Tattoo

Choose a modest, minimalist and small rabbit tattoo that may be covered up with clothing or jewellery if you desire discretion. Anyone who wants a way to remember their love of bunnies without constantly flaunting it will appreciate this kind of rabbit tattoo.



9. 3D Rabbit Tattoo

With a rabbit tattoo in 3D, your tattoo will come to life. To make the rabbit appear to be exploding off your skin, ask your artist to highlight an incomplete outline and add some shadows or warped shapes.




10. Fantasy Rabbit Tattoo

Have your artist create a whimsical rabbit with some distinctive traits, such wings or horns, for a truly one-of-a-kind design. This type of tattoo is excellent for expressing your creativity and giving your appearance a touch of imagination. You can get ideas from the well-known Winnie the Pooh or Alice in Wonderland Rabbit.




11. Tribal Rabbit Tattoo

Numerous prehistoric tribes used to have tattoos of bunnies to express their sympathy for the defenceless animal. To give your tattoo an ethnic vibe, include popular tribal features into the design. Choose patterns and shapes that reflect the culture you want your design to reference. 




12. Rabbit with Wings Tattoo

This tattoo represents liberty, effectiveness, spirituality, and peace. It also represents the personality of the wearer, who may be caring, perceptive, and spiritually inclined.




13.  Rabbit Line Art Tattoo

Famous for their various line patterns are line art tattoos. The ink represents benevolence, charm, and fertility. This can be an interesting rabbit tattoo design.



14. Rabbit with Heart Tattoo

The rabbit with heart tattoo represents protection, balance, harmony, love, and happiness. Additionally, it conveys the character of the wearer, who may be dependable, wise, and reasonable.



15. Rabbit Couple Tattoo

This kind of rabbit tattoo stands for affection, ardour, tenderness, closeness, joy, blessings, company, union, and security. It also describes the wearer's character, who has an unwavering devotion to his or her spouse.



16.  Sleeping Rabbit Tattoo

This type of rabbit tattoo design features a sleeping rabbit, which stands for purity, peace, harmony, good fortune, and calmness.



17.  Geometric Rabbit Tattoo

Since ancient times, geometric tattoos have been popular and have been applied in a variety of shapes, including squares, rectangles, and others. Geometric tattoos typically represent harmony, stability, fertility, mystery, and puzzles. This rabbit tattoo represents peace, rejuvenation, fertility, and abundance.




18. Watercolour Rabbit Tattoo

Tattoos with watercolour images are popular right now. It appears vibrant, animated, and brimming with soft hues. The rabbit tattoo design stands for grace, positivism, self-assurance, harmony, and happiness.




19. Mandala Rabbit Tattoo

Due to their symmetrical patterns and shapes, mandala tattoos are particularly well-liked. It holds a significant place in Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions. Additionally, this rabbit tattoo stands for rebirth, harmony, balance, and spiritual growth.




20. Wizard Rabbit Tattoo

The meanings of this rabbit tattoo include magic, mystery, strength, fantasy, prophecy, intelligence, and good fortune. It also represents the characteristics of the wearer, who cherishes magic, fancies, stories, mysteries, and secrets. It denotes prosperity, growth, and good fortune.




21. Shaded Rabbit Tattoo

This is a simple rabbit tattoo that expresses the personality of the wearer, who might favour tattoos that are coloured and sketchy.




22. Japanese Rabbit Tattoo

A Japanese rabbit tattoo stands for strength, power, bravery, and protection. People who want to stay true to themselves get these kinds of tattoos.



23. Rabbit with Horse Tattoo

The tattoo stands for grace, beauty, strength, friendship, efficiency, development, and spontaneity. Additionally, it represents good fortune, an abundance of prosperity, optimism, and luck.




24. Rabbit with Skull Tattoo

This tattoo stands for protection, strength, and overcoming obstacles in life. People who have this tattoo are said to have no fear of dying and to faith in their own ability to advance.




25. Rabbit with Flowers and Butterflies Tattoo

The tattoo represents a love of the outdoors, enjoyment of life, innocence, and spiritual enlightenment. Additionally, it represents money, fortune, charms, and good luck.




26. Rabbit with Stick and Hat Tattoo

This rabbit tattoo stands for wisdom, understanding, and intelligence. Such tattoos are the finest if you want to give your tattoo a realistic dark-colored appearance.




27. Origami Rabbit Tattoo

Origami is the art of creating beautiful shapes out of colourful papers. Around the world, this form of art is widely used to enhance hand-eye coordination, mental agility, etc. In origami, the rabbit represents fertility, charm, fortune, and wisdom.




28. Rabbit Leaf Tattoo

This tattoo represents the lifecycles of birth, growth, maturity, death, and rebirth as well as fertility, growth, rejuvenation, hope, and restoration. It also expresses the rabbit's appreciation of its natural surroundings.




29. Rabbit with Instrument Tattoo

An instrument that represents the wearer's interest in that instrument is being played by a rabbit in this tattoo. People who enjoy music may consider having this tattoo.




30.Wildlife theme Rabbit Tattoo

One of the most significant aspects of nature is wildlife, and each species is essential to the ecosystem. This tattoo represents strength, fortune, peace, and harmony.




31. Rabbit with Jacket Tattoo

This rabbit tattoo stands for wisdom, modernity, activity, and masculinity. This tattoo shows passage of time, progress, and toil. 




32. Rabbit with floral tiara tattoo

The flowery tiara typically stands for monarchy, development, powers, authority, and duties. The rabbit wearing a tiara represents growth, strength, power, luck, and abundance.




33. Mom and Baby Rabbit Tattoo

 The mother carrying her child in this tattoo represents ties, emotions, motherhood, love, care, emotions, happiness, attachments, and togetherness. It also draws attention to the wearer's feelings and love.



34. Twin Rabbit Tattoo

This tattoo stands for guidance, support, companionship, togetherness, and friendship. It is an effective approach to show people that you care and are there for them. It also represents success and personal development.




35. Rabbit with Rose Tattoo

This tattoo stands for grace, thanks, appreciation, beauty, balance, and love. Additionally, it draws attention to the wearer's personality, which may be intelligent, kind, agreeable, and self-assured.



36. Rabbit with Snake Tattoo

It stands for strength, bravery, and freedom. Additionally, it represents the wearer's personality, which may be quick-witted, independent, and creative. The tattoo also expresses rekindling and overcoming one's worries throughout life.




37. Lady with Rabbit face Tattoo

The woman with the rabbit head represents femininity, motherhood, creativity, and compassion. It also stands for the inner power, restrained dominance, nurturing, abundance, and purity of women.




38. Rabbit and Cat Tattoo

The tattoo stands for wisdom, grace, harmony, purity, good fortune, and kindness. It also depicts the personality of the wearer, who may be a fan of cats and rabbits.




39. Rabbit with Boxing Gloves Tattoo

This rabbit tattoo stands for bravery, perseverance, efficiency, tenacity, and the capacity to handle challenging circumstances. It also represents intelligence, power, and strength.




40. Rabbit and Teapot Tattoo

This tattoo represents steadiness, development, tenderness, and fertility. It also represents the personality of the wearer, who may be pleasant, gentle, and wise.




41. Fox and Rabbit Tattoo

A fox and a rabbit are shown sleeping together in this tattoo, which stands for longevity, patience, overcoming obstacles, tranquilly, and fortune. It also implies that the user can be going through difficult times and desire to live a quiet life.




42. Rabbit with Mushrooms Tattoo

The rabbit and mushroom tattoo denotes harmony, growth, peace, longevity, and good fortune. People looking for a meaningful tattoo can think of getting this rabbit tattoo.




43. Realistic Rabbit Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a bunny in a realistic manner. Additionally, it represents peace, calmness, and creativity.




44. Cosmic Rabbit Tattoo

The tattoo stands for limitless potential, heavenly abilities, and spiritual enlightenment. It also describes the personality of the wearer, who may be clever, impulsive, and effective.



45. Rabbit and Squirrel Tattoo

The tattoo conveys levity, humour, innocence, purity, and fertility. Additionally, it conveys the personality of the wearer, who might enjoy squirrel and rabbit.




46. Rabbit with Tree Tattoo

The tattoo represents virtue, endurance, fresh starts, charm, and wealth. It also expresses the wearer's love of persimmons as food.




47. Human like Rabbit Tattoo

In this tattoo, the rabbit is depicted just like a human being. This rabbit tattoo can be get done by people who like realistic tattoos on themselves, having originality as well as creativity.




48. Landscape Rabbit Tattoo

This wonderful tattoo features a landscape theme that stands for purity, renewal, peace, prosperity, and tranquillity. Additionally, it represents the characteristics of the wearer, who may be vivacious and a lover of nature.




49. Angel and Devil Rabbit Tattoo

This tattoo is a representation of both good and bad traits. The devil rabbit tattoo stands for evil deeds, mystery, cunningness, and illusions, whereas the angel rabbit tattoo is symbolic of beauty, purity, wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and benevolence. In many cultures, this tattoo is supposed to shield the wearer from harm.




50. Playboy Rabbit Tattoo

Playboy, a well-known men's magazine in America, is known for its unique bunny logo. This tattoo is incredibly popular because it represents affection, fun, wants, and fantasies.



51. Rabbit with Quote Tattoo

People who like both a photo and text in their tattoo, can think of getting a rabbit with quote tattoo- that can have both photo along with any text of their choice.


It can be challenging to decide where to get a rabbit tattoo on your body. Before you even think about where to put your rabbit, you must first select how you want it to look. Would you like it to run? Perhaps you want it to be seated on its back legs. Or perhaps all you want is a rabbit's face. Only then should you choose where to position your rabbit after deciding how it will look and any photos you want to surround it.