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65 Most Popular Tattoos For Men In 2024

Jiya Giri

Updated At  07 Feb 24


Tattoos are an ever popular form of self-expression for men. Whether you’re looking for something bold and eye-catching or something subtle and meaningful, there are plenty of options to choose from. From classic black-and-gray designs to vibrant-colored pieces, tattoos will make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Here, we’ve rounded up the 65 best tattoos for men, ranging from classic designs to modern trends. From arm tattoos to chest tattoos, hand tattoos to neck tattoos –From classic designs like anchors and skulls to modern takes on traditional motifs, these tattoos will help you find the perfect design that suits your style, there’s something here for everyone! So, take a look at our top picks and find the perfect design for you! So, let’s get started!


65 Best Tattoos For Men




1) Lion Tattoo

All men are kings in their way, the amount of hardship they go through to grow their family can only be understood by a man himself. Offering you the Lion King Tattoo treat is a great choice. One of the cool tattoos for men, this looks stylish and elegant. Arm tattoos are popular with celebs as well. If you check Chris Evans tattoos, he has got the Avengers tattoo inked on his right arm and it looks stunning.




2) Koi Fish Tattoo 

This vibrant koi fish tattoo signifies the wearer's journey through challenges and the ability to overcome obstacles with strength. It showcases determination and perseverance in the face of adversity.




3) Arm Tattoo

This symbol tattoo signifies the relentless drive to overcome challenges and achieve success. One can get it on the arm, hand or even fingers. If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo, then this is an amazing option.




4) Celtic Symbols Tattoo

Embrace the strength of the Celtic symbols on your arm by going for this amazing tattoo. It stands for resilience and creation of eternal bonds.





5) Ambition Tattoo

This looks amazingly cool on the hand and has a positive meaning. It represents a person who is chasing his dreams or has a specific goal in mind.




6) Dumbbell Heartbeat Tattoo

Dumbbells are the heartbeat of all the fitness freak men, it is a thing of great importance and can be very great if you get inked on your bicep. It will be your forever motivation for your gym passion and fitness. The tattoo signifies strength, dedication, power, and determination for your passion. The heartbeat impression relates your dumbbells with your life and how meaningful they are for you. One of the best small tattoos for men, this one is stunning and has been growing in popularity consistently.



7) Angel Wings Tattoo

One of the stunning new tattoo's, this one allows you to feel the power of angel wings and koi fish on your hands. This symbolises protection, perseverance and guidance in every step.





8) Ouroboros Tattoo

Embrace the power of the ouroboros on your skin as it depicts the eternal cycle of life, renewal, and self-discovery. This meaningful tattoo acts as a timeless symbol of continuous growth and transformation.




9) Memento Mori Tattoo

Carve a Memento Mori tattoo on your leg as it acts as a reminder to seize every moment. The leaf tattoo symbolizes growth and the 1991 tattoo marks the date of birth. Add a quote and eye, and the overall combination becomes eye-catching.




10) Take The Risk Tattoo

This one-liner is more than enough than any lengthy motivational quote. When you’ll see it on your ankles while you’re resting, you’ll instantly be motivated to chase your ambition and complete undone work.




11) Multiple Symbols on Knuckles

This is a minimal yet cool tattoo that’s not very painful and can be inked easily. Different symbols like snake, flame, lighting bolt and the moon are great symbols of life’s ambition, energy, dreams, and power.




12) Collar Bone Snake Tattoo

This collarbone tattoo is pretty slaying to show off your chiseled collarbones. A snake is symbolic of the phenomenon of rebirth, creative life force, fertility, and wisdom. It’s amazing meaningful and aesthetic. If looked around the other way, a serpent wrapped around one of your collarbones looks kind of cool and illuminates your venomous persona.




13) Arm Tattoo

Opt for a powerful circular tattoo on your arm which features triangles and chevrons that signify continuous growth, strength, and the journey of life.




14) Mountain Tattoo Range

If you are looking for an inspirational tattoo, then the mountain range tattoo is an excellent option. It stands for resilience and represents the power to conquer obstacles.




15) Family Tattoo 

This family tattoo symbolizes love, unity, and the enduring connection that started in the year 2000.




16) Cat Tattoo

Celebrate your feline companion with a cat tattoo as this works nicely for both men and women. This pet tattoo signifies loyalty and the importance of having someone always by your side.




17) Bird Tattoo

If you are looking for motivation in life, opt for this bird tattoo. The soaring birds in this tattoo represent breaking barriers and embracing endless opportunities in life. It inspires us to become more positive in our life and grab every opportunity to become successful.




18) Cosplay Anime Multiple Eyes

This looks so cool and uncommon at the same time. For Anime Fans, it straight gives Noragami vibes. Eyes are beautiful in themselves but there is something not okay about these eyes that makes them unique and catchy. These abnormally drunken and sunk eyes derive your craziness and unique art taste. This is very different from the cliché tattoo arts that are famous all over the world. Go Different Boy!




19) Japanese Ghost Tattoo

This tattoo looks like Yurei Ghost in Japanese Mythology. Yurei is a Japanese ghost who dies an untimely death and symbolizes emotions such as the afterlife love, hate, and jealousy. Ghost tattoos don’t mean anything unholy, it’s just a great choice of aesthetics and exciting to get inked on. If you find excitement in supernatural subjects, this one is for you.




20) Father and Son or Daughter Handprint Tattoo

If you are a new dad hunting for a perfect tattoo art then nothing could be more than your little son/daughter’s little hand print inked on your skin. The lovely memories of your infant will stay with you forever and tighten up your bond.




21) Abstract Lines Faces Tattoo

This abstract thin lined tattoo has two faces in it that directly symbolizes your relationship with creativity. This tattoo looks more like a piece of art in itself and makes your bare back look artistic and mysterious. People will love how the two faces look immensely calm and yet yearning for someone precious. The faces are facing opposite each other and also show their separation.




22) Ma  Mother Tattoo

What’s better than dedicating your tattoo to the one who bought you into this world and took care of you to make big decisions like getting a tattoo? Having your mother’s name inked on your wrist is very meaningful and it will make you very happy for life, even when she is not there.



23) Little Puppy Tattoo

If you’re a dog lover, you know how precious your little pet dog is to you and how much you love it. How much importance it has in your love. This works even if you are randomly just craving to be inked or even powerfully when you just lost your precious dog and are missing it. Go for it and get inked in the name of your happy furry companion.




24) Praying Hands Tattoo Behind The Ear

Praying Hands are symbolic of your faith, belief, gratitude, love, hope, and prayer. This is a great way to showcase your belief in the life order, god, or anything that you have faith in. There are uncountable reasons to get a praying hands tattoo and it also looks neat, positive, and peaceful. One of the cool neck tattoos for men, this looks elegant and amazing.




25) Heart And Brain Tattoo

This unique tattoo can have a unique meaning for each one of you. It can be taken as intellectual freedom, heart calls over brain calls, or vice versa, whatever you believe in and whatever works for you. We all are different and a single thing can have a thousand ways of interpreting itself. The heart and Brain are the most precious organ in the human body and this tattoo is going to be as precious as them.



26) Copyright Birth Year Tattoo

The little C is the copyright symbol and when inked beside your birth year derives your love for your birth year. You can even have your partner’s or anyone special’s birth year copyrighted on your ankle to show your lovable healthy possessiveness relation.




27) What goes around, comes around Tattoo

This is the most creative one and sits just right on your index finger and thumb. The message is an all-time classic and means that your actions will treat you back like they did to someone else. You can understand that if you do good, you’ll receive good from other people in return. The Law of Karma.




28) Couple Thumb Impression Tattoo

Wedding anniversary around the corner and no clue about what different you can do this year that will be significant to both of you, for the rest of your lives? Check out this lovely tattoo that will carry your partner’s thumb impression on you, siding up with your age, and showing your long-lasting bond.




29) Identity Tattoo

This tattoo is a great optimistic affirmation that makes you believe in yourself, that makes you love yourself more than you do now. It portrays your growth, hard work, and perseverance in achieving what you have today. Showcase how you have transformed yourself into a more powerful-minded person.




30) Human Barcode Tattoo

In the current time, where humanity is losing its existence and everyone is busy doing inhumane activities ignoring that lives matter and how their activities of ignorance are hurting mankind. Be different and ink this human barcode tattoo on your wrist to portray that you are a human first if the look inside your heart.




31) Thread Wrapped Arm Tattoo

It’s a minimal yet attractive tattoo depicting your emotions like sorrow, liability, inability to perform, or something else. It can also be looked at positively if you wish. The sleek thread-like inking wraps your whole arm and makes it look stylish and modern.




32) Veins On Arm Tattoo

These intricate veins all over your hand and arms depict the blood flowing in your veins and hence portray the piece of life, liveliness, energy, power, and hard work. These black intricate and twisted veins running all over your skin look so superb.




33) Fire Knuckles with Birth Year Tattoo

The flame represents the circle of life just like the sun. The flame beneath your birth year portrays your liveliness and the energy you put to make your life meaningful and worthy. Your passion for achieving success and fighting hardships.




34) Date on Collarbone Tattoo

We all have specific and special days of meaning in our life. A date that changed your life or a date when you found the meaning of your life. So, tattooing a special date is quite popular everywhere and looks fantastic too when inked in Roman Numerical.




35) Hand Impression Tattoo

Handprints are the best symbolism if you don’t want to think much about which tattoo to go for, your close one’s or special person’s hand impression on your body would be the best language to express your hand-in-hand companionship.



36) God Tattoo 

For a god devotee  the lord is the only supreme entity. Adiyogi is a Shiva incarnation who is known as the supreme master of yoga, the union of the soul and the universe. Adiyogi’s powerful aura will bless you with spiritual peace, property, and happiness. Adiyogi’s features are known to make one find their lost peace and connect with their inner self.




37) Shiva Trishul Tattoo

Trishul portrays the victory of good over evil. A Trishul tattoo provides you protection from evil eyes and it’s very meaningful for the followers of Shaivism. Apart from being a symbol of protection, on it can also be interpreted as your control over yourself and your deeds.




38) Wings on the Back Tattoo

Wings are the ultimate symbol of freedom and liberation. Wings hold special importance in mythological and religious texts, as angels, birds and fairies fly freely through their wings. This symbolizes your ability or aspiration of liberating your inner self from the shackles of whatever holds you down.




39) Eagle on the Back Tattoo

Eagle is a powerful and free bird so it expresses your aspiration to achieve freedom and not to be held back. A bald eagle soars high portraying zero limits and infinite opportunities. It symbolizes being free from oppression and finding your true value and achieving what you want.



40) Veins on Neck

Getting your veins traced with ink is a very challenging tattoo but if you feel like you belong to the world of challenges then it’s all yours. This looks eye-catching and cool and even famous BTS member Taehyung got this tattoo impression and his fans went crazy over this of his.




41) Spiritual Symbols on Back Tattoo

This tattoo lies on the skin above your spinal cord and the spinal cord is the main functionary bone of your body that connects all the nerves. Having spiritual symbols inked there shows your spiritual aura’s energy, discipline, devotion, and interest.



42) God Tattoo On Arm

Nataraj is the god the rhythm and time. His upper left hand is the symbol of fire, which is the power of creation and destruction. Nataraj is a fantastic image of Shiva which symbolizes the creator, preserver, and destructor all of them at a single time. If your tattoo motivation is to get some positive affirmation and energy then it’s a great choice.




43) Flame on Ankle

Even if it means something or not, who cares, it looks so cool! The black and grey ink-shaded flame goes well with your leg’s skin and gives an illusion of a unique anklet. It’s not important to find meaning in every single thing, sometimes we should just go for it because we want to.




44) Dad and Son or Daughter Abstract Line Tattoo

This tattoo shows a man holding his kid’s hand, it’s an abstract thin lined art and looks so beautiful and full of emotions. The quote “Dad not easily broken “ expresses your father’s hardships and love for you. Dedicating a tattoo to your even hard-working dad is a great choice.




45) Ancient Roman Man Lifting Your Bicep

If you’re passionate about fitness and have flaunt full arms then what’s stopping you from flexing them through this tattoo where an ancient Roman man is lifting your heavy biceps? Hot isn’t it?




46) Infant’s Feet Print

Kids grow so fast and we all know that as a father you surely miss holding your little angel in your arms, teaching her/him to take their first step. So a feet print of them is an amazingly cute choice for a tattoo.




47) I am with you Couple Tattoo

Having a couple tattoo of this kind with your partner strengthens your bond and looks so cute too.




48) Flying Birds On Arm

The hand is a very appealing part of men’s bodies and these beautiful birds are placed there to make it even more attractive and hot.



49) Funny Simpson Tattoo 

Life needs a boost of humor too. This funny Simpson Tattoo will make you smile if you look at it at the end of a tiring day.




50) Pokemon Tattoo

If you were a die-hard fan of Pokemon in your childhood, this tattoo is surely going to interest you. This fierce Pikachu tattoo brings back your childhood nostalgia and you end up smiling.




51) Pokemon Tattoo

Any good quote that you like in a foreign language script looks attractive and draws other people’s attention too. Japanese, Hindi, and Arabic are some beautiful-looking scripts.




52) Cat Tattoo

If you are a cat owner, getting yourself inked with a picture of your fuzzy creature is going to look too cute.




53) Renaissance Art Tattoo

Renaissance arts are a true beauty and are a lovely option to get inked with. It looks pretty and the renaissance signifies the end of darkness and the beginning of enlightenment.




54) Broken Glass Tattoo

It has a multidimensional shape and looks stylish and cool above your wrist.




55) Powerful Bird Tattoo

Birds are free creatures and are known for their carefree flight, getting inked with a bird tattoo on your shoulder or arm expresses your love for free spirits.




56) Skull Tattoo

Skulls are a cool depiction of the dark world of aesthetics, it makes you look at someone with deep and mysterious feelings.



57) Wolf on Middle Finger Tattoo

Wolves are wild spirits and amazing in their way, if you can relate to it, getting this small yet stylish-looking tattoo is a great choice. If you are looking for a new and different tattoo, a wolf tattoo can be a very good option.




58) Poems all Over the Arms Tattoo

If you are looking for a tat to cover all your arms, filling them with meaningful and aesthetic poetry in a stylish yet minimal font looks great.




59) Half Head Half Eye Tattoo

An eye is known for being the observer or the ideal and supreme watch of life, and the half-head of a lady shows how they both are connected. It looks amazing and will look good if you get it inked.




60) Half Lady Half Tiger Tattoo

How can men forget the importance of ladies in their lives? Getting this inked symbolizes the lady who can be as strong as a tiger whenever needed. It talks about love, loyalty, and lady strength.




61) Anime Tattoo

Anime is crazily interesting, aren’t they? Getting inked the anime character of your choice is a fantastic choice as they look so good.




62) Saturn Tattoo

This represents the solar system and the universe. The fact that we are not alone and are surrounded by infinite celestial bodies with the possibility of lives existing somewhere that we don’t even know of.




63) Abstract Black Hole Tattoo

This tattoo depicts darkness and sorrow. It relates to the fear of abandonment, emptiness, and vacuum. If you feel that you want something like this then you should go for it.




64) Lotus Tattoo

The Lotus flower is known for its representation of rising above worldly temptations and becoming a better person. It also symbolizes beauty, purity, and unity.




65) Venom Body Tattoo

This massive body tattoo is amazingly stunning and the snakes represent the cycle of rebirth and creation. It can also be interpreted as immense power and determination.




66) Eye Tattoo

The eye tattoo represents your spiritual eye and the ability to understand intuitions and tell fortune. Clouds and the sun companioning the eye mean good luck.


We hope that till now you have chosen a tattoo from our article that resembles your energy. So, go and rock your next tattoo!