Scarlett Johansson No Makeup Photos

25 Stunning Scarlett Johansson No Makeup Photos

Siddiqui Shumaila

Updated At  23 Jan 24

Scarlett's natural photos showcase her amazing beauty and we can just adore her. Check her best no makeup selfies and photos below.


Trendsetting Beauty: Scarlett Johansson Top Natural Photos



1. No Makeup Look 

Scarlett has nailed this no-makeup look. She just doesn't need any makeup here. She looks stunning with those greenish eyeballs and natural pink lips. No wonder Scarlett is not afraid of sharing without makeup photos. She knows that she looks gorgeous naturally. 




2. Adorable Face

Scarlett's no makeup look is absolutely amazing as it showcases her bare face with almost zero makeup.


Scarlett Ingrid Johansson 

3. Pink Look 

This simple yet attractive look of Scarlett without makeup is so beautiful. Her natural lip shade of pink shines matching with her tee. Scarlett's radiant smile steals the show here. 


images (25)

4. No Makeup Selfie

The green eyeballs of Scarlett are enough to steal the limelight of any expensive makeup product. This selfie without makeup is very pretty and Scarlett is just nailing the look with minimal jewellery. 



5. Black Beauty

Looks like Scarlett went to an event wearing a gorgeous black outfit. Her face is free from makeup but her hair and jewelry are just complementary to her look perfectly. Her facial features look so good and sharp here without the use of any makeup.


no make up scarlett johansson


6. No makeup Makeup Look

Her business meet with no makeup look is seen in this gorgeous photo and we can just adore her beauty.



7. Casual Look

Casual yet cool is what defines this selfie of Scarlett Johansson. She looks utterly cute here even wearing casual clothes. What surprises here is she is not wearing any makeup yet her face is shining and glowing.



8. Church Look 

There is no debate about Scarlett being the superstar with or without makeup. But there is a more endearing thing about her, she has the most beautiful smile in the world. She can attract millions of fans with a wide smile.


scarlett_33 _ via kate's tiktok _ 25_12_2022

9. Candid Photo 

Haven't we seen more beautiful candid photos than ever? No Right! Scarlett is just casually looking at the camera and damn she looks flawless without even a pose or makeup. Her surprising smile and widened eyes make her look cute yet beautiful at the same time.


no make up scarlett johansson 3


10. Bare Face Without Makeup

Scarlett Johansson radiates natural beauty without makeup, embracing a fresh and effortless charm. Sporting specs, her look exudes sophistication, blending style and authenticity with a touch of intellectual allure.



11. After Shower Look 

We wonder what skin care Scarlett is following to get those glowy and smooth skin. We can't get enough of Scarlett's looks without makeup. Right after the shower, she looks flawless, radiant, and attractive.


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12. Selfie With Mother

Beauty is in the genes. Here Scarlett and her mother are donning no makeup look flawlessly. Scarlett is seen glowing with a pinkish natural tint on her face. We can't deny that we can't take our eyes off her.



13. Random Click

However, Scarlett Johansson is not so ready for this photo. Yet her skin without any foundation or creams looks smooth and clear. The outfit, jewelry, and simple face are just complimenting each other for her effortlessly chic look. 


no make up scarlett johansson 4


14. With Glasses

Scarlett Johansson effortlessly embraces a natural allure without makeup, showcasing her timeless beauty in a simple and radiant light. Adding a chic touch with glasses, her off-screen elegance reflects a perfect blend of sophistication and casual charm.


mom scarlett

15. On Set 

Scarlett has always been very passionate about her skincare line Outset. She is seen here shooting for the outset and we are guessing she is not happy about something. Amidst all, she is looking great with the messy face and look. 



16. Pout Queen

This pout is supremely endearing because of the natural shade of the lips. Scarlett has cracked the pout and she is no doubt a pout queen here. She is looking gorgeous without any foundation or lipsticks. 



17. Golden Glow 

Just like the outfit's shade of golden, Scarlett's face is glowing. Her hair is tied backside. The face with no cream looks simple yet attractive. Her cheeks and skin are shining and looking very smooth.



18. CloseUp Photo 

We can watch, that this close-up photo of Scarlett is free from any makeup product. Her natural beauty is shining and her clear skin makes her even more beautiful. The blonde hair and the eyes are just perfect with her innocent face with little uplifted brows. 



19. Fashionista

Scarlett Johansson is donning her fashionista look just like her movies. However, what differentiates this picture from her movie look is the makeup. She is not wearing any sort of makeup here. Yet her hairstyle, outfit, and natural skin are making her look like a total fashionista. 



20. Perfect Photo

This is kind of a portfolio-perfect picture of Scarlett Johansson. The grey t-shirt, the back hair tie, and her wide smile make her look very naturally beautiful. With this simple photo, Scarlett can attract millions of fans with her beauty. 


scarlett johansson - the outset

21. Checkered Shirt

Scarlett is looking super dashing in this checkered blue shirt. Her face is radiating freshness and glow. The minimal jewelry is just a perfect fit for her naturally beautiful photo. 


Scarlett Johansson is busy and looks super hot at LAX_Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update

22. Airpot Look

Scarlett was seen at the airport tired and casual. However, what amazes her is she is still looking so fresh and pretty. We can see her face free from any sort of makeup. Her pink lips and smooth skin always rescue Scarlett from looking tired and ugly without makeup.


🎶those days, the two of us found grace, got shit face'd_ We drank, c… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

23. Gym Look 

Nobody wears makeup to the gym. Right! But Scarlett can still manage to look stunning while sweating in the gym. She is seen lifting heavy weights with her hair tied in a ponytail. Scarlett has the power of natural beauty that she has carried with typical gym clothes.


Scarlett Johansson deixando a academia em Santa FE, New Mexico - 10_06_2011

24. Outing Day

Scarlett Johansson is caught behind the camera on one of her outing days. She is wearing those glasses which she is rarely seen with. Nonetheless, Scarlett is looking very nice on her casual outing. She is giving a vibe as always that she doesn't require makeup to look pretty.



25. Caugt On Camera

Looks like Scarlett Johansson is caught on the camera by media. She is looking a bit surprised but can we focus on her cool look? The leather jacket, short hair, blue sling, and specs make Scarlett look very classy and cool. 



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