This Is How Sonam Kapoor Maintains Her Beautiful Look

Nikita Chakravorty

Updated At  14 Dec 22

Whenever we think of the words bubbly, beautiful and fashionista in Bollywood, there is only one name that comes to mind – Sonam Kapoor! The diva of the industry is quite known for her high beauty standards. Team Fabbon realized it was about time to dig deeper and share her beauty secrets with all. So here we go:


1. Be beautifully you

Swearing by this, Sonam strictly believes that every single beauty routine starts with considering oneself beautiful. Right thinking, healthy diet and feeling beautiful on the inside is what reflects on your face. So, without further ado, start your mornings by telling yourself ‘I am beautiful’, just like Sonam Kapoor and experience the change for yourself!


2. Three steps to beauty

One routine that Sonam religiously follows is cleansing-toning-moisturizing. Going for a bi-weekly facial is an essential element of this routine.


3. The travel trick!

For those girls who love travelling, Sonam Kapoor has a beauty trick up her sleeves to look fresh even after hours of travel. Dab a bit of concealer on your face for a fresh look. Add a swift mascara swipe over your eyes and get set go girl!


4. Fit your schedule

Whenever time permits, Sonam Kapoor hits the gym (at least thrice a week). She loves trying out different workouts, Pilates being her personal favourite.


5. Diet files

Along with exercising, having a proper diet is extremely necessary. And so, Sonam plans it accordingly. For breakfast, she prefers three egg whites and bowl of porridge. At lunch, she eats brown rice, chicken, dal, vegetable and dahi. Dinner can consist of either chicken, eggs or fish along with vegetables and one chapatti. She firmly believes that one shouldn’t starve herself and hence, keeps munching on crackers and fruits in-between meals.


Well, with this chart, we at FABBON, truly believe that you can achieve your celeb like beauty goals like a pro!