Stylish Heavy Mehndi Designs For The Perfect Bride

Heavy Mehndi Designs For The Gorgeous Bride

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  28 Mar 24

Bridal mehndi designs, with their multitude of complex and sophisticated patterns on the bride's hand, are always exquisite and significant in every manner. The bride's mehndi creates a charming creative expression and a celebratory atmosphere. There are many different styles of mehndi patterns with lucky motifs like lotuses, paisley flowers, mandalas, peacocks, and elephants. The trend right now is to decorate the bride and groom's names, their photos, and their memories. So let's look at 55 stylish heavy mehndi designs for the perfect bride.


55 Stylish Heavy Mehndi Designs For Brides


Heavy mehndi design 5


1. Gorgeous Full Hand Bridal Mehndi

This heavy mehndi design is meant for the ideal bride who wants to cover practically her whole hand. Apply this time-honored masterpiece!

Heavy mehndi design 3


2. Peacock and Elephants

Due to the design's artistic representation of peacocks and elephants, this is a popular heavy mehndi design for weddings of all types.

Heavy mehndi design 4


3. Intricate Design For Backhand

This is the ideal heavy mehndi design for brides when they want the designs to be modest, detailed, and ornate.

Heavy mehndi design-1


4. Lotus and Peacock

Peacocks are symbolic of self-expression, beauty, and fresh beginnings. This heavy mehndi design, with lotus and peacock together, serves as a powerful symbol of strength.

Heavy mehndi design 7


5. Bride and Groom Picture

With its perfectly symmetrical depiction of a bride and groom gazing at one another, this is one of the most inventive heavy mehndi designs for a bride.

Heavy mehndi design 2


6. Wedding Elements

Given that it features all the auspicious components for a Maharastrian wedding, this is one of the auspicious heavy mehndi designs for brides.

Heavy mehndi design-8


7. Wedding Vines

Charming vines adorn the palms of this heavy mehndi pattern in an elegant manner, while the final circle adds an appealing final flourish. 

Heavy mehndi design 9


8. Traditional Mehndi Design

This heavy mehndi design is ideal for a wedding since it features several embellishments such as circles, leaves, flowers, net patterns, and many more. 

Heavy mehnid design 10


9. Bold Mehndi design

The crimson bangles offer an additional touch of elegance to this heavy mehndi design, while the leaves and semicircles suitably merge with the decorations.

Heavy mehndi design 6


10. The Auspicious Day

The bride and groom seem lifelike in this heavy mehndi design. Sanctified elements include drums, a Swatstik sign, and a god.

Heavy mehndi design 19


11. Groom's Initial

This heavy mehndi design is exquisite since it has the groom's initials in one hand and an image of his joined hands inscribed in the other!

Heavy mehndi design 24


12. The Lovely Rings

With rings and their initials, this heavy mehndi design for the bride fosters a heartfelt and pleasurable bond between the couple.

Heavy mehndi design 20


13. The Special Day

Save the date of this significant occasion with this heavy mehndi design, since wedding days are among the most memorable events of our lives.

Heavy mehndi design


14. Floral for Bride

Since the flowers are etched loudly while the other motifs are engraved more subtly, this heavy mehndi design has exclusive and distinctive patterns. 

Heavy mehnfi design 21


15. The Net Pattern

The bride and groom have a lovely and sacred connection with this heavy mehndi design, which connects the net pattern and flowers.

Heavy mehndi design 25


16. Chic Mehndi Design

This heavy mehndi design has been created for those unique brides who like to add style to conventional components.

Heavy mehndi design 18


17. Pretty Peacocks

This heavy mehndi design will be the bride's preference since it has a symmetrical peacock pattern, symbolizing the bride and groom's marvelous love.

Heavy mehndi design 26


18. Exquisite Roses

Typically, a rose represents God's love for action in the universe. Then, with heavenly love, carve this heavy mehndi design for your wedding. 

Heavy mehndi design 15


19. Groom's Name

The groom's name adds a lovely touch to this heavy mehndi design, despite the fact that there are various components, including elephants.

Heavy mehndi design 27


20. Fantasic Florals

Although flowers are an essential component of heavy mehndi designs, their striking and light shading gives them a distinctive look.

Heavy mehndi design16


21. Heavy Arabic Mehndi Design

Beginning with bold fingertips, this heavy mehndi design culminates in an impeccable and exquisite flower design in an Arabic pattern.

Heavy-mehndi -design


22. The Portrait of the Couple

For the most creative brides who like to have meaningful portraits drawn on their hands, this heavy mehndi design is impeccable.

Heavy mehndi design 12


23. Stylish Mehndi Design

With its intricate Arabic pattern and black henna, this heavy mehndi design is fashionable. There's amazing symmetry to this elaborate bride mehndi design! 

Heavy mehndi design 30


24. Florals and Nets

The lotus is the predominant flower in this heavy mehndi design, which has been artfully adorned with a net pattern.

Heavy mehndi design 14


25. The Fantasy Garden

In your personalized heavy mehndi design, etch your ideal garden of dreams, and don't forget to include your initials in between. 

Heavy mehndi design 29


26. Net Pattern For Backhand

The major work of art in this heavy mehndi design is the lace pattern, and the additional embellishments elegantly complement the bride's attire.

Heavy mehndi design 13


27. Mandala Mehndi Design

Mandalas are important in heavy mehndi designs. If she's a fan of mandala art, she should definitely choose this design for her wedding.



28. The Auspicious Day

Use these fortunate and lovely wedding components to announce the big day in your choice of mehndi design.

.Heavy mehndi design 17


29. Bride's Favourite

On your wedding day, adorn your hands with this gorgeous heavy mehndi design. Let's use this design to spread some pleasant vibes!

Heavy mehndi design 30


30. Classic Wedding

This heavy mehndi design has a pot, elephant, swan, couple portrait, and Lord Ganesha, symbolizing an idealized classical wedding.

Heavy mehndi design 31


31. Lovely Elephants

Elephants are associated with fertility, strength, luck, and wisdom, whereas peacocks are associated with beauty and fresh starts. Go ahead and choose this blessed, heavy mehndi design for your nuptials.

Heavy mehndi design 34


32. The Blooming Couple

It's evident that the exotic flowers in this elaborate mehndi design are the main attraction of the design.

Heavy mehndi design 22


33. Simple And Heavy Mehndi Design

This heavy mehndi design satisfies the arts of traditionalism and modernism by modernly adorning traditional features.

Heavy mehndi design 35


34. Geometric Mehndi Design

This heavy mehndi design has several motifs that are adorned in a geometric, compact way that is perfect and elegant.

Heavy mehndi design 37


35. The Perfect One 

The patterns in this heavy mehndi design are influenced by flowers since they offer your hand a natural feel and enhance its beauty.

Heavy mehndi design 36


36. Cute Couple

The key to this heavy mehndi design is inventiveness. The primary focal points of this elaborate mehndi pattern are the pair.

Heavy mehndi design 38


37. Royal Wedding

Your loved ones will like this creative, heavy mehndi design that beautifully captures Indian culture and heritage.

Heavy mehndi design 39


38. Heavy Mandala

The patterns in this heavy mehndi design will catch everyone's eye. It is heavily inspired by Mandala traditionalism.

Heavy mehndi design 41


39. Modern Mehndi Design

Desire a complex, modern-looking mehndi design with plenty of spaces? then one will select this heavy mehndi design.

Heavy mehndi design 42


40. The Lotus

Engrave a lotus in your heavy mehndi design to symbolize your undying love. One may also personalize it by adding their favorite flowers.

Heavy mehndi design 43


41. Moroccan Mehndi Design

This Moroccan mehndi design has flowers, foliage, and other detailed patterns that give the impression of a heavy mehndi design.

Heavy mehndi design 44


42. Pakistani Mehndi Design

When it comes to heavy mehndi designs for brides, the Pakishtani style is among the most lovely and appealing options.

Heavy mehndi design 40


43. Mehndi For Modern Bride

Want to look more stylish for your wedding? Then save this heavy mehndi design for your upcoming nuptials.

Heavy mehndi design 47


44. The Names

Incorporate the name of that special person with your most favorite ornament in the mehndi design. What an extraordinarily heavy mehndi design!

Heavy mehndi design 45


45. Intricate Pakistani Design

Although the designs in this heavy mehndi design appear complex, upon closer inspection, they are actually rather simple to enhance.

Heavy mehndi design-46


46. The Lovely Moment

Weary of mehndi's endless array of flowers and leaves? Consequently, this heavy mehndi design symbolizes a fresh start for your life's journey. 

Heavy mehndi design 48


47. Easy and Heavy Mehndi Design

Searching for a simple but sophisticated mehndi design? Your quest is over since it appears that the intricate patterns in this heavy mehndi design could be easily etched.

Heavy mehndi design 49


48. Floral Blast

When the bride is an avid enthusiast of flowers, she can select this exquisite and heavy mehndi design to be adorned on her wedding day.

Heavy mehndi design 52


49. Adorable Black Henna

Is it getting old to write your loved one's name on your hands? Then, this heavy mehndi design demonstrates how to perfectly adorn your partner's name on your fingertips.

Heavy mehndi design 50


50. Charming Mehndi Design

We're in awe of the heavy mehndi design and how the peacock was adorned in between the patterns.

Heavy mehndi design 51


51. The Most Intricate One

This heavy mehndi design, which adheres to the graceful and lovely Pakistani style, is among the most comprehensive of the rest.

Heavy mehndi design 53


52. Fabulous Mehndi Design

This type of heavy mehndi design creates an impeccable, symmetrical design by using a similar pattern on both hands.

Heavy mehndi design 55


53. Attractive Mehndi Design

To accentuate the beauty of your hands on your wedding day, replicate this lovely artwork on your hand.

Heavy mehndi design 54


54. Symmetric Circles

In recent years, symmetrical mehndi patterns have become ever more popular. On your big day, recreate this exquisite and heavy mehndi design.

Heavy mehndi design 55


55. Amazing Mehndi Design

Allow this heavy mehndi design to speak about your dream wedding, complete with all the magical components and an aura of beauty.