25 Simple And Easy Thumb Mehndi Designs - 2023

Pooja Angurasu

Updated At  01 Feb 23


We always focus on palm mehndi design, thumb mehndi designs are always missed out. Thumb mehndi design can be minimal or elaborate depending upon our opinion. These simple mehndi designs and their beauty is just impeccable and cannot be ignored. Thumbs up! To show your gorgeous thumb henna design. A thumb signal, usually described as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down, is a common hand gesture achieved by a closed fist held with the thumb extended upward or downward in approval or disapproval, respectively. Just show your approval for those alluring thumb henna designs. Here are 25 stunning thumb mehndi designs that it is essential to save it right away.


25 Thumb Mehndi Designs 


Thumb Henna Design With Heart


1. Thumb Mehndi Design With Hearts 

An outstanding thumb henna design for a special occasion. The swirls at the bottom of the thumb add a complete look to this pretty thumb henna design. This elaborate thumb henna design will have all our attention. Select your favorite nail color to glam up this thumb mehndi design.


Netted Pattern


2. Netted Pattern 

This thumb henna design looks like a decorated rocket. The netted pattern and the following creative patterns, extending to fingers, are absolute stunners! It is a simple yet attractive thumb henna design. Zero haters for this amazing thumb mehndi design.


Striped Thumb Mehndi Design


3. Striped Thumb Henna Design 

Cover the thumb finger with a splendid line pattern like this and add a simple leaf design at the bottom, that’s all it takes to create this crisp and chic thumb mehndi design. This thumb henna design will be suitable for salwars. Don't wait for an occasion to try this thumb mehndi design.

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Netted Thumb Henna Design


4. Netted Thumb Henna Design 

Net patterns are gaining momentum in thumb henna design and for all good reasons. Etching them on the fingers can help in utilizing the charm of this design. Netted patterns always look pretty and attractive. Whether it’s done on the hands or as a thumb mehndi design, their allure can work anywhere. 


Rose Thumb Henna Design


5. Rose Thumb Henna Design 

A breathable rose pattern that exudes modish vibes. It’s also easy to make for a beginner. Pair it up with bright nail paint and add a few dots to enrich its glamour. This thumb mehndi design would look great on traditional wear as well as Indo-western outfits.


Feathery Thumb Henna Design


6. Feathery Thumb Henna Design 

Feathers and dots may be easy to draw but if they are drawn in order with neatness they will reach their elegance at their peak. This thumb henna design looks simple and at the same time, it has ultra-modern elements. This thumb mehndi design will be suitable for western outfits.


Dotted Pillars


7. Dotted Pillars 

Crafted using usual henna elements, this thumb mehndi design is traditional and grabs attention. It also makes the thumb look longer. Painting just the tips with henna – like this one – is a superb idea. The dotted pillars create an enchanting effect on this thumb henna design.


Floral Thumb Mehndi Design


8. Floral Thumb Mehndi Design 

This is a completely different take on the floral-leaf motifs. This thumb mehndi design uses dark shading on the fingers. The pairing of the leaves with florals, adds an aesthetic touch to the whole design. Patience is necessary to get this awe-inspiring thumb henna design.


Easy Thumb Henna Design


9. Easy Thumb Henna Design 

This is an easy thumb henna design perfect for beginners. It not only can be drawn with ease but looks marvelous. This thumb mehndi design begins with a criss-cross pattern and expands using leaf patterns. The dots in this thumb mehndi design make them look vibrant. 


Bale Thumb Mehndi Design


10. Bale Thumb Mehndi Design 

This thumb henna design might look easy but more concentration is necessary to apply this thumb mehndi design. The whole elaborate thumb mehndi design has been decorated compactly. Such an eye-catching thumb henna design.


Thumb henna design for beginners


11. Thumb Henna Design for Beginners 

Beginner in henna? This thumb mehndi design is specially made for beginners. Just draw vertical and horizontal lines and place dots at the end and this simple and chic thumb henna design is done and dusted. This technique saves your time and at the same time, it is easy to recreate.


Creative Floral Branches


12. Creative Floral Branches 

Floral designs are usual in henna designs but embellishing it creatively will be exotic. This thumb mehndi designs traditional elements like flowers and tendrils yet it creates a modern impact. One of the unique and creative thumb henna designs.


Threads And Dots


13. Threads And Dots 

Threads and dots in this thumb mehndi design make a graceful impact. The threads and dots at the upper side and the flower motif on the lower side combine to give an innovative thumb henna design. The black nail color makes this thumb mehndi design look vibrant.


Geometric Thumb Henna Design


14. Geometric Thumb Henna Design 

This thumb mehndi design has a variety of shapes like triangles, hearts, and circular dots. The dotted chain gives a complete look to this thumb mehndi design. It is a simple yet impactful thumb henna design.


Decorated Kite


15. Decorated Kite

This thumb henna design has wonderful symmetry which is extremely astounding. Add to this the power of shading and we will get a stunning thumb mehndi design like this. This inspiring thumb henna design has both light and dark striped shading.


Attractive Thumb Henna Design


16. Attractive Thumb Henna Design 

Mix up lines, circles, and dots to find a thumb henna design as stunning as this one. And also something different as well as unique. This can be a good choice for a thumb mehndi design if we are looking for something easy and attractive.


Nets and Florals


17. Nets And Florals 

This is a gorgeous thumb mehndi design. Floral designs are combined with small net patterns to achieve this thumb henna design. The tip should be darkly shaded to make the design look vibrant. This is a type of both modern and traditional design that will make the hands look uniquely out of the box.


Flourishing Florals


18. Flourishing Florals

Such a majestic and marvelous thumb henna design. The light and dark shadings glam up this thumb mehndi design. Even brides can try this thumb henna design for their weddings. To achieve this structure one should be good at shading.


Intricate Thumb Mehndi Design


19. Intricate Thumb Mehndi Design 

This thumb henna design might seem a bit complicated to some because of the intricate patterns, but it is quite a nice design with beautiful patterns that would look great. This thumb mehndi design makes the whole thumb look more embellished.


Flower Motif


20. Flower Motif 

There are no designs without the use of flowers. Flowers are necessary and they play a vital role in mehndi designs. Here is proof that even one flower is enough to decorate your thumb mehndi design. Have a love for minimalism? Then try this thumb henna design.


Cute Thumb Henna Design


21. Cute Thumb Henna Design 

The bold-shaded area adds some prettiness to this thumb mehndi design. The usage of black henna gives a tattoo-like effect to this thumb mehndi design. Curious to try this unique thumb henna design? Just do it right away.


Beginner Friendly


22. Beginner Friendly 

Don't wait for any special occasion to try this thumb mehndi design. One can decorate this thumb henna design to their thumb for routine events. This thumb mehndi design will be perfect for modern outfits. Beginners can try this thumb mehndi design irrespective of their skill.


Simple Net Pattern


23. Simple Net Pattern 

Don't have any ideas to draw your thumb mehndi design?  Net patterns are enough to make your pleasant thumb henna design. Just draw the nets and draw some thick swirls at the bottom to get a top-notch finishing touch.


Minimal Thumb Henna Design


24. Minimal Thumb Henna Design 

Having a long thumb? Then try this minimal thumb mehndi design. Just draw the plant creeper around the thumb to get an artistic look. Even though the leaf is considered a traditional element yet it looks like a modern thumb mehndi design.


Decorated Diamond


25. Decorated Diamond 

Just draw a diamond on your thumb and decorate it in your way. It is very easy to recreate this thumb mehndi design. This thumb henna design is charming and attractive. This thumb mehndi design can go well with both traditional and modern outfits.