What Is A Primer And How To Apply It: A Step By Step Tutorial

Ruchika Teltumbade

Updated At  08 Dec 22

Many of us have always wondered – How do professional Makeup artists ensure that the Makeup lasts long? Many of us have heard about Primers, but most of us also believe that one doesnt really need it.

Team Fabbon will help clarify all the doubts regarding Primers. By the time you finish reading this article, you will also believe that you are missing out on something if you havent been using Primer till now. Its a Godsend afterall!

Lets begin!


Why do you need a Primer?


- Acts as a base for foundation and makeup, giving a smooth and long lasting effect

- Prepares skin for your choice of moisturiser or foundation, acting as an agent to hold onto, for the effect to stay throughout the day

- Smoothens the fine lines, wrinkles and largely visible pores

- Primer helps to keep your makeup in place, however hot or humid weather conditions bang on.

In short, whether we go for a full face makeup or whether we apply minimal products like BB cream and eye liner, we should always use a makeup Primer.


How do I select a perfect Primer?


Primers are available in gel, cream and powder form. Its upto you to select the best one as per your requirement. You may keep the following things in mind while selecting your primer:-

- If you have dry skin, select a primer that has characteristics such as – hydrating, soothing or replenishing

- If you are looking for oil free formulas, select a mattifying primer to reduce skin’s oil production

- If you are born with sensitive skin, go for a primer that has a short ingredients list. In this case, a simple primer indeed should be your choice

- If your face reflects fine lines, get a nourishing primer to hold your young spirit and charm

A primer for dry skin is likely to be different from a primer for oily skin as both will have different ingredients and are made keeping the skin type in mind.


What is the right way of applying primer?

- Make sure you always cleanse your skin first. Makeup looks better when the skin is hydrated

- If you have dry skin, moisturize the skin before applying primer. However, skip this step in case of oily skin, primer does provide the required hydration.

- It is advisable to use hands rather than a brush or sponge while applying your primer

- Squeeze pea-sized amount of primer on your hand before application


How do you apply it on the face?

primer applicationLIZ MCCAMAN / PINTEREST

1. Dot the primer present on your fingertip over the forehead, nose and cheeks as represented by the dots

2. Now gently Rub the primer onto your skin with your fingertips in the direction as shown by the arrows. Using the fingertips ensures that the product really goes deep into the skin and application is perfect.

Tip - Keep in mind that a gentle application holds key here. Take care that you do not disturb the fine hair on your face, all you need to do is create a smooth surface.

3. Patience! Let the primer stand for 3-5 minutes to set well.

Wonderful, now you have created a perfect base for foundation. Finish off your Makeup and the Primer will ensure that it lasts all aay long even in extreme weather conditions.

The good thing about Primer is that it can also be used on its own without using a foundation. So if you need a minimal makeup or need a no-makeup look then Primer is your best friend indeed.

Primer is really a godsend indeed!! We hope you are now convinced. :)

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