Wolf Tattoos For Women

55 Best Wolf Tattoos For Women In 2024


Updated At  17 Jan 24

A tattoo of a wolf can represent protection, strength, and power. It may also stand for the ambitions and objectives of the wearer. A wolf tattoo can also represent disobedience and revolt. The symbolism of your wolf tattoo will vary depending on its style and placement on your body. For many civilizations, wolves have a special meaning; they stand for bravery, strength, loyalty, and independence. The wolf is seen as an animal representing strength, independence, family, protection, and intelligence in both modern art and mythology. Here are some of the wolf tattoos with meaning when looking for wolf tattoos for women.


55 Best Wolf Tattoos For Women




1) Lone Wolf Tattoo

A person with a strong, independent personality is represented by the lone wolf. A lone wolf is a member of the pack in the wild. These wolves are more deadly and typically stronger than group wolves. If you are looking for wolf tattoos for females and have persevered through life and used your abilities to accomplish, a lone wolf tattoo can be ideal for you.



2) Geometric Wolf Tattoo

The wolf's head in this geometric tattoo design is made entirely of triangles. The large black borders give your skin a striking contrast and add to the attention-grabbing, fashionable look.



3) Celtic Wolf Tattoo

Ireland was originally home to wolves, who are common in Celtic mythology. A few Celtic tribes even asserted that they were derived from wolves. Wolves were not viewed as a threat, but rather as a sign of change, direction, and protection. The distinctive knots and twists of Celtic art are combined with the image of a wolf in a Celtic wolf tattoo.



4) Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Animal symbols are a fantastic option for a tribal tattoo. Animal tattoos appear distinctive due to the tribal art style's strong, black ink lines. In the tribal style, a howling, running, or snarling wolf would seem especially stunning.



5) Rose Wolf Tattoo

This Rose Tattoo with a Wolf is perfect for women who are willing to portray fierceness and feminine character at the same time.



6) American Traditional Wolf Tattoo

For women who desire a typical American tattoo that is styled, classic, and features a lot of color and shading, these designs are ideal. These striking patterns will draw attention and are not for the timid. Since their purpose is to showcase your personality and seem artistic, you can also express yourself more creatively with them. If you'd like to start with a sleeve or a hand, traditional wolf tattoos look wonderful when combined with other symbols tattooed in the same manner, such as flowers, daggers, and animals.



7) Wolf Mandala Tattoo

In Buddhism, the mandala is a revered emblem. The universe and how everything and everyone in it is interconnected are represented by this symmetrical pattern. To demonstrate your connection to those around you and your loved ones, get it in addition to a wolf tattoo.



8) Japanese Wolf Tattoo 

In Japanese legend, wolves are seen as protective; in particular, they are supposed to keep an eye on visitors. Compared to wolves in Europe or the US, native Japanese wolves were considerably smaller and more akin to wild dogs. They are occasionally shown with bells, which are commonly employed in rituals to attract the attention of Shinto gods, because they were thought to be messengers of the kami spirits.



9) Wolf Paw Tattoo

Paw prints are symbolic of motion, development, alteration, and metamorphosis. It demonstrates your strength, adaptability to change, and ability to handle any challenge. When these are tiny and worn on the finger, wrist, or ankle, they look charming.



10) Wolf Pack Tattoo

Wolves in the wild nearly always reside in close-knit familial groups. They are therefore typically connected to loyalty, especially to close friends and family members. The ideal illustration of such concept is a wolf pack tattoo. It also represents the power of unity in numbers and the way families stand by one another in trying times.



11) Wolf and Raven Tattoo

Both the raven and the wolf are significant totems in Native American mythology. The wolf is revered for its strength and might, and the raven for its wisdom and understanding. With their united strength, they were thought to be able to ward off any danger and evil forces.



12) Wolf Howling Tattoo

Tattoos of wolf howling can have deeper meaning in addition to being stylish. The howl of the wolf is among the most identifiable "calls of the wild." Wolves howl primarily to mark their territory and to communicate with other members of their pack. Thus, a howling wolf tattoo conveys the message that you are a powerful individual who isn't scared to speak their mind or stand your ground, as well as having a strong bond with your "pack," or family and loved ones.You can get this as a shoulder tattoo or a back tattoo as well.



13) Wolf Eyes Tattoo

The saying "the eyes are the window to the soul" also applies to tattoos of wolves' eyes. Consider the feeling you want the eyes to portray when creating your tattoo. A good inker can provide a sense of strength, wildness, mystery, or resolve to your work. Because of this, a tattoo of wolf eyes will always be noticeable, especially when it is placed on the forearm.



14) Wolf Skull Tattoo

Tattoos of skulls convey a rebellious spirit. They don't always have to be morbid, though. They might also stand for transformation. A symbol of strength and authority is created when a wolf head and a skull tattoo are combined. This tattoo is ideal for showcasing your inner brave fighter.



15) Yin Yan Wolf Tattoo

One of the key symbols of Taoism is yin and yang. Whereas the white swirl denotes masculinity, the black swirl indicates feminine energy. They establish equilibrium and the groundwork for growth when combined.



16) Wolf Soul Tattoo

This gorgeous wolf and woman facing up with a massive wolf head made of black smoke emerging from her. The tattoo of a wolf symbolizes a woman's fierce inner wolf. The black ink used for the wolf and woman in this tattoo adds to its allure.



17) Wolf Butterfly Tattoo

Do you want something genuinely special? A tattoo of a wolf butterfly is ideal. Typically, these patterns have a wolf's head next to exquisite butterflies, frequently embellished with arrows or stars to add even more beauty. This kind of tattoo is great for women who want to express something that represents their independence and free-spiritedness; it's also a great option for those who want to make a statement. It's ideal for a tiny wolf tattoo.



18) Simple Wolf Tattoo

A plain tattoo looks good on guys who are honest and direct in their nature. A tattoo of a single-line wolf is one common choice. If you have a similar sense of style, this would be a great option because of its basic design and usage of only black ink. Even though it's a straightforward tattoo, the artwork is striking and perfectly embodies the wolf's untamed energy.



19) Watercolor Wolf Tattoo

Use the watercolor tattoo technique to add interest and visual appeal to your wolf tattoo. Your tattoo artist will apply a color wash to your skin to give the impression that the animal has been painted on, giving your inking a lifelike appearance. If you want a beautiful wolf tattoo on your shoulder that is more creative and has a lot of depth and dimension, this is the perfect option.



20) Grey Wolf Tattoo

A grey wolf tattoo created especially for a female honors bravery and perseverance, traits shared by both wolves and the women who select this lovely design. With all of its legendary qualities—like healing, protection, and even shapeshifting—it is a potent emblem of transformation! A grey wolf tattoo will always be seen, regardless of its size. It can be large and depict a lone wolf or smaller and include a paw print or howling moon. It is understandable why women all around the world have embraced these incredible animal tattoos due to their striking beauty and distinct meaning.



21) Wolf Dream Catcher Tattoo

The wolf dream catcher tattoo is an additional Native American-inspired tattoo design. Wolves and dream catchers are both symbols of safety from harm. Getting a dream catcher tattooed on your body could be a way to pay tribute to your Native American heritage. A perfect thigh tattoo for women with a flower in the mouth.



22) Wolf Head Tattoo

Some of the most common types of wolf inking for women are tattoos of wolves' heads. They look excellent in both large and little shapes, so they can be placed in a variety of ways just like this half sleeve tattoo. Wolves are also well-liked because of their expressive looks, which can convey a wide range of feelings and concepts.



23) Mountains And Lone Wolf

You get the impression that the wolf is coming at you directly because of how expertly the tattoo artist has rendered the details. Mountains and clouds can be seen beyond it; these could be the wolf's kingdom. This half sleeve tattoo looks perfect for someone who is looking for wolf tattoo ideas with meaning.



24) Wolf Hand Tattoo

Women with a rebellious and outspoken disposition should get hand tattoos because they cannot be covered up by clothing. These tattoos are now prevalent among regular people, but in the past they were typically worn by gang members or prisoners. You must be dedicated to the design you select because the hand is one of the most uncomfortable areas to have inked. This beautiful wolf tattoo for women is perfect for you if you deeply relate to what the wolf represents.



25) Wolf Rose Tattoo

This is the perfect design for any woman who wants to add a feminine touch to her wolf tattoo. Your appreciation of the natural world is symbolized by getting a tattoo of a wolf with flowers and other animals. A tattoo of a rose and a wolf together represents devotion and love to your partner. Roses are symbols of love and affection.



26) Werewolf Tattoo 

Some stories from Europe and Native America claim that werewolves can only change during a full moon. To communicate with both members of their pack and others outside of it, wolves typically howl at the moon. The howl serves as a warning to outsiders that this is their territory and also serves as a call to action for pack members to assemble for a meeting. To symbolize strength, power, and metamorphosis, get a fantastic tattoo of a howling wolf silhouette set against a gorgeous moon.



27) Golden Moon And Wolf Tattoo

Think about this tattoo of a wolf. The gold is streaming from the wolf to the moon. The static design has motion because of its fluidity. In addition, the color highlights the entire tattoo rather than just the black wolf. What a lovely tattoo of a wolf and moon!



28) Red Wolves

The red wolf represents innovation. Academics, intellectuals, and engineers—fields that frequently elevate curiosity—are among the most popular audiences for tattoos. It could also mean that you're willing to be distinctive and stand out. It could be used by close friends to remind each other to stay loyal to who they are through matching tattoos.



29) Crown Wolf Tattoo

Another piece of Native American-inspired art is the Crown Wolf tattoo, which usually depicts a woman wearing a wolf's head and hide as a kind of crown. Because crowns or battle bonnets were traditionally worn during fighting, these wolf tattoos are a symbol of strength and protection. This can be a perfect tattoo if one is looking for thigh tattoos.



30) White Wolves

The arctic wolf, sometimes referred to as the white wolf, is a hard breed. An amazing tattoo idea for someone who thinks beyond the box or who has confronted and conquered major challenges in life would be a white wolf.



31) Wolf Of Flame Tattoo



32) Blue Wolf Tattoo



33) Blackwork Wolf Tattoo



34) Minimalist Wolf Tattoo



35) Two Sides Wolf Tattoo



36) Moth And Wolf Tattoo



37) Ornamental Wolf Tattoo



38) Blue Flowers And Wolf Tattoo



39) Symbolic Wolf Tattoo



40) Floral Wolf Spine Tattoo



41) Sketch Style Wolf Tattoo


42) Metallic Wolf Mask Tattoo



43) Wolf And Arrow Spine Tattoo



44) Wolf Headdress Tattoo



45) Intricate Wolf Tattoo



46) Egyptian Wolf Tattoo



47) Banded Wolf Tattoo



48) Dire Wolf Tattoo



49) Sheep Wolf Tattoo



50) Angry Wolf Tattoo



51) Finger Wolf Tattoo



52) Arm Wolf Tattoo



53) Wolf And Moon Tattoo



54) Wolf Chest Tattoo



55) Wolf Shoulder Tattoo