Ariana Grande’s Diet Plan, Skin Care And Makeup Secrets

Maheroo Butt , 14 Dec 22

Want to know ariana grande beauty secrets? Did ariana grande get a nose job? Has ariana grande had plastic surgery? What is her diet plan? If you want to know the answers to all the questions, do read on!

Ariana Grande is a full fledged superstar in the list of 21st-century celebrities. Apart from her singing skills, the singer has also rocked the fashion world with her style, attitude and makeup. Ariana grande beauty tips are amazing.

Her enchanting personality, inborn talent, and dedication to follow a perfect regime has contributed to her huge success in the industry. Ariana Grande diet, skin care and makeup have been very popular.Now you cannot, unfortunately, become like Ariana Grande overnight nor have the fame that she does, but you can have the perfect physique, flawless skin and the killer make up looks like her by following these few tips and tricks that the singer follows herself.

We cover the following:-


Ariana Grande Body Stats



Ariana Grande Diet

Ariana Grande vegan diet has been gaining popularity continuously. Like her personal trainer describes, Ariana grande diet is almost like a macrobiotic Japanese diet, which is essential, balanced whole foods diet with a tinge of Japanese flair.


The whole diet regime is very healthy and comprehensive. The singer loves lotus and adzuki beans. She also likes to always have blueberries, bananas, strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, carrot and dragon food included in her food bowls.


Grande grew up surrounded by meat and cheese and other animal products. Even though turning vegan was a dramatic change to her dietary lifestyle, she believes that such changes can be made even if the cultural food traditions are inclined heavily on the other side.

One of the major reasons for Ariana to shift to a vegan diet was her unconditional love for animals and apart from that according to the singer, including a full plant-based whole food diet can increase a normal human’s lifespan, making one a happier and healthier person.

Although strictly sticking to the diet becomes too difficult when she is touring or traveling, she makes sure that she orders fresh vegetable or fruits while eating out as well, so as to maintain the balance of her diet.

To get a more specific and clear look at Ariana Grande vegan diet, here’s the snippet as to what she eats in a day:

Reportedly, Ariana Grande is also hypoglycaemic. It is a condition where the blood sugar level drops tremendously than the normal rate if the body does not receive enough amount of protein and fat in the meal or when a person intakes too much of liquid sugar in the form of coffee, wine or even orange juice. Therefore, Ariana Grande diet always includes a lot of fiber-rich snacks and she eats regularly to keep her glucose level stable.



Ariana Grande Workout Regime

As per Grande’s trainer Harley Pasternak, apart from her strict vegan diet, Ariana also follows a basic workout routine to maintain her toned physique and keep up her stamina.

1. Reverse lunges

Ariana Grande believes that lunges are the best way to tone the lower body down and boost the core strength. She does a reverse lunge, by standing with feet and shoulder-width apart. All you have to do is Step one foot back and drop the knee down, before reverting back to the original position. Repeat the same process by alternating each leg. Grande also does walking lunges, which go forward. And skater lunges, which are a more active exercise because you have to move side to side; we all know how great Ariana is in doing that now.

2. Pike plank

Pike plank is a little modification to your normal plank. You have to drop down into the plank position and look down at your shoes. As you do so, lift your hips a bit and contract your abs, then return back down to a flat position.

3. The Superman

Ariana always includes this to her workout to tighten up the thigh muscles, where she lies with face down with her arms and legs extended. Then she lifts her thighs and chest off the ground before going back down. To keep going on, get hold of the position and repeat the movement a few times.

4. Glute bridges

This exercise involves lying flat on your back with knees bent and "arms in low V by your hips. Your feet need to be about hip-distance apart with your heels a few inches away from your butt. Then, you'll have to push through your heels to lift your hips up while squeezing in your glutes, forming one diagonal line from your shoulders to your knees. Stay at the same posture for a while, before lowering your butt back down.

Along with these basic workouts, Ariana Grande follows up cardio and dancing and maintains her diet properly, as a part of her profession and her high energy level on the stage is a great proof of how to fit the singer is.



Ariana Grande Skin Care Routine

Ariana [Grande skin care is simple and easy to implement. She is blessed with a glowing as ever skin, but the singer makes sure she takes care of her skin like a baby, giving it the right treatment that it deserves.

Ariana Grande revealed that a lot of her skin care products are lancer skin care products and also that she uses the LA-based dermatologist’s products daily in the morning immediately after waking up and at night before going to the bed. She believes that the lancer products keep her skin feeling squeaky clean and fresh.


One secret product that Grande uses essentially for her body, face and even hair is coconut oil. She considers it her go-to product to keep her skin and scalp health sane.


Now coconut oil might not be everyone’s best friend because it depends upon the skin type, for oily skin it may cause breakouts; but if it suits your skin type, it is a great natural moisturizer.

Cleansing, scrubbing, exfoliating and moisturizing are the most important steps of Ariana Grande skin care routine. As per her, these steps are crucial for any skin care routine and is as important as using any skin care product.

Another imperative thing which is part of Ariana Grande skin care is to always remove your make up before going to sleep. Leaving makeup on over-night is extremely unhealthy for skin, it clutters the pores and causes immediate long-lasting breakouts.

Ariana Grande also shared in an interview that she went through acne troubles as a teenager and underwent too many breakouts growing up. But like every other teenager, she hit the puberty and got over that phase majorly by correcting her diet.

The pop singer swears by sticking to trusted products and fixed routines for keeping her skin healthy in order to prevent blemishes, uneven skin tones, and breakouts.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Ariana Grande skin is a fabulous example of perfection.



Ariana Grande Makeup Routine

Ariana grande’s iconic ponytail has laid down the style statement for millions of her fans. She is also known for doing the perfect cat eye.

On asking about her perfect cat eyes, the singer shared her childhood memory with her mother who used to make a perfect thick cat eye, and Ariana grew up wanting to have a style exactly like her mother and scary spice

Ariana cannot step out without her lash extensions, she trusts only her best friend Christina with her lashes.

She firmly believes that her lashes are the strongest element in her makeup regime and can simply skip everything else in her makeup kit but not lashes.

After her extensions, she puts a good layer of mascara to highlight her lashes. The product of her choice is MAC’s Haute and Naughty 9.


According to her makeup artist, Daniel Chinchilla; Ariana is all big for eye makeup and focuses highly on liner and mascara along with the basic highlighters.


Ariana Grande lipstick shades mostly include nude shades or light shimmery pink, but the star carries dark reds like a boss as well.

Her favorite brands for eyeliners are Smashbox Jetset Waterproof Eyeliner and Nudestix Rock N' Roller Eyeliner Ink, she simply angles the eyeliner brush to extend the wing and lifts it up towards the tail end of her eyebrows and lifts her eyes up.



FAQs On Ariana Grande Beauty Secrets



Q- Did Ariana Grande get a nose job?

There is a rumour that Ariana Grande did get a nose job done and it indeed seems to be true specifically after looking at ariana grande before and after plastic surgery images.


If you observe her nose closely, it looks much thinner and pointed now as compared to what it was earlier. Ariana grande before surgery shows she had a thicker nose however her after surgery images clearly show a more refined nose. The eventual result looks very natural and it has definitely enhanced her beauty.

Ariana grande nose job clearly seems to have happened by looking at the before and after pictures.



Q- Is Ariana Grande eyebrow lift for real?

Comparing Ariana Grande before surgery images with that of the after ones, it is clear that a cosmetic change has taken place as her face features show a marked difference. Ariana grande eye surgery does look to be real.

Ariana most likely has gone for an eyebrow lift surgery, which has lifted her brows. Earlier, the brows were much closer to the eyes, but as can be seen in the later images, the brows look shifted up and the distance between brows and eyes have increased.




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