best curly hairstyles for men

25 Best Curly Hairstyles For Men For All hair Lengths

Shalu Bhati

Updated At  18 Mar 24

Looking for some of the best curly hairstyles for men? You have come to the right place. Because we have exactly what you need.

Curly hairstyles never go out of fashion. It has always been the case that curly hair demands so much more out of you as they can go unruly and wild as they please. It is as if they have a mind of their own. But now even maintaining ‘em luscious curls has become easier with a myriad of products available in the market. So, go ahead and embrace your natural curls and for the hairstyles that you can try, we have got you covered!

Here we have the 25 best curly hairstyles for men. Let’s get started!


25 Best Curly Hairstyles For Men




1. Tousled Curly Hairstyles for Men

Let us start our list of the best curly hairstyles for men with this gorgeous-looking hairstyle with long messy curls. If you got curls, make them the center of attention with a hairstyle like this. The hair here is grown out and they are styled to have a tousled look that creates more volume and gives a great style.

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2. Beautiful, Bouncy, And Defined

Here is more of the best curly hairstyles for men. This one comes with a swoop of curls that is very pronounced because of the well-defined curl pattern. The curls are definitely the ones doing all the talking in this hairstyle. As they fall forward, the curls give a sense of motion to the style making it stand out.

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3. Hairstyle With Tight Curls

No matter what your curl pattern is, flaunt it. Gone are the days when super short hairstyles were the only way to tame that curly mane. Embrace your naturally gorgeous curls and let them shine like in this hairstyle. This is a perfect hairstyle for those with tight ringlet curls as it works well with a certain length and definitely with some bangs up front. 




4. Silver-Topped

In the list of some of the best curly hairstyles for men, allow us to add this piece of beauty. The mushroom top haircut with a black base and white up top is surely eye-catchy.



5. Curly Mid Fade

This is a new style of flaunting your curls. Go for an angular fringe that falls right over your forehead. The curl pattern adds an interesting touch and when mixed with a fade on the sides and the back this becomes one of the best curly hairstyles for men.



6. Long And Brown Curly Hairstyles For Men

Why should girls have all the fun when it comes to flaunting a long and luscious mane? Men can do it too and look ruggedly handsome at the same time. Take this long curly hairstyle for men for example. This hairstyle is paired with a quiff to keep the hair away from the face. The cascading curls on the sides frame the face perfectly well and look really good with a beard.



7. Very Short Curly Hairstyles For Black Men

Going super short with your curly hair is another option that you can explore. It becomes one of the best short curly hairstyles for men especially black men. Because their natural curl pattern gives a unique look when cut into super short styles. One of the most popular choices of style is the wavy pattern which looks amazing with a full beard.




8. Curly Caesar

Another one of the best curly hairstyles for men is the curly Caesar. This is a classic hairstyle with short bangs on the front and an even length otherwise. Throw some curls into the mix with a Ceasar cut and you will get an excellent hairstyle that is not just stylish but also low maintenance.  



9. Curly Afro For Medium Length Hair

Do you know what is better than the usual curly hairstyles for men? The afro. It can look different depending upon the curl pattern, hair thickness, and volume. Here we have something more of dread-style tight curls. They are not super defined and that’s what creates the whole free-flowing look.



10. Side Parted Glory

This is yet another one of the best curly hairstyles for men, one you cannot go wrong with. It is simple to style and can be maintained easily. The rounded cut gives it the shape and the loose curls work their magic within the shape of this haircut.



11. Bouncy Curls With Bangs

Rock them bouncy curls with some forward-falling bangs. This is a hairstyle where the curls have been grown out and allowed to take the center stage. 



12. The Jewfro

The Jewfro is one of the latest entries into the curly hairstyles for men scene. It is a combination of the Jewish hairstyle mixed with an afro which has become somewhat popular amongst Jewish men.



13. The Forest God

We call this the forest god hairstyle because why not! The long curly mane with that kind of a full beard is enough to give the vibes of a handsome forest deity who has come out to take a look at the mortal world. This is surely one of the best curly hairstyles for men. If you like long hair, this is your signal to go for it.



14. Curly Hairstyles With Undercut

This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men which also happens to be a unique style. You would just need to ensure that you have hair long enough to tie them up into a nice ponytail or a bun. Then opt for a cool undercut, make a bun, and let your curly hair do the rest.



15. Half A Bun

A man bun is a popular choice of hairstyle amongst men and so is this half man bun. This is a great way of keeping the curls out of your face while also getting the best out of your long hairstyle.




16. Super Short Curly Blonde Hairstyles

Short curly hairstyles look great because of the texture they can give to a usual hairstyle. Throw in the shade of blonde and you get yourself this supercool curly hairstyle.




17. Kit Harrington Inspired Hairstyles For Men

Jon Snow might know nothing, but, Kit Harrington surely knows how to style his gorgeous curly hair. So, here we are with yet another one of the best curly hairstyles for men inspired by the famous actor. He creates some sort of a parting and lets hair on one side fall forward. It gives his hairstyle a sense of motion and makes a lot of difference.




18. Curly Ponytail With Undercut

We love this curly hairstyle with an undercut. It looks great with the small ringlet curls as they create such great-looking tendrils that fall wonderfully in the front and as part of the ponytail. The undercut makes this hairstyle look edgy and unique. This is no doubt one of the best curly hairstyles for men.



19. Loose Curls

There is a hairstyle for every curl pattern here. And here we are with another one of the best curly hairstyles for men. This is a hairstyle for those with a loose curly pattern. It is easier to maintain and style. A simple swept-through style can look really good.



20. Dual-Toned

Another one of the best curly hairstyles for men is this gorgeous shoulder-length dual-toned hairstyle. It is not just the length and the side swept curls that got our attention but also the mix of brown and blonde. This is a unique way of mixing two different shades of hair color and we are loving it.



21. Blonde Curly Hairstyles

One of the popular choices of hairstyles for the past two years has been the bowl cut or the mushroom cut. So, why not make it curly and see what a style statement it can make.



22. Henry Cavill Curly Hairstyles For Men

What could be better than getting hair inspiration from none other than the sexy and devilishly handsome Henry Cavill? It is still a short hairstyle but looks so good and stylish. It is just the curls doing what they do.



23. Curly Man Bun

Here is another one of the best curly hairstyles for men—the man bun. Tying up the hair in a bun has been a proven way of taming 'em long hairs. It looks even better when you do it with curly hair. This is because the curly hair when tied adds texture to the tied-up style which you won’t usually get with straight hair.



24. The Tousled Loose Curls

We surely fell in love with this one and maybe you should too. This is one of the best curly hairstyles for men. Everything about it screams cool and edgy. The loose curls and the tousled styling make it an eye-catchy style. The fall of the hair on the front adds more drama and motion to the look.




25. Mid-Length Curly Hairstyles With Beard

We are at the end of our list of the best curly hairstyles for men and we have to mention this one. It is a shoulder-length style with a deep side part. It fits well with a formal look too, in case you were wondering.