Best Layered Hairstyles For Over 70

25 Gorgeous Layered Hairstyles For Over 70

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  09 Mar 24

Layered haircuts are preferred by women for their ability to create texture and movement in the hair. So, if you are looking for some inspiration for layered styles yourself, then this is the list for you. From iconic styles like a layered classic bob to funky ones like Balayage and two-toned hairstyles, we've got you covered! 


25 Best Layered Hairstyles For Over 70




1. Layered Bob With Feathered Crown

The layered bob is an iconic women's haircut. To add more dimension, you can go with a feathered crown. This is among the most popular layered hairstyles for over 70 because it is simple to style and most importantly, it looks beautiful with any outfit!


Wavy-layers-With-Side-Swept Bang


2. Wavy Layers With Side-Swept Bang

If you want a layered bob hairstyle for over 70 that will make your natural hair seem the most elegant, then this is the perfect choice for you. With the side-swept bang, the look becomes quite youthful and eye-catching. 

Bridget Brager, a celebrity hairstylist says-

“Your stylist can actually move the way your bangs grow by cutting smaller pieces so styling is made easier.”



3. Spiky Pixie Bob 

This modern edgy layered hairstyle has been making waves in the hair industry. Women favor these spiky layers because even though they don't require much time to style, they make your face look as if it's been prepped fabulously!




4. Layered Side Parted Hair

If you want a soft and subtle haircut, then ask for a simple layered side part from your hairstylist. It makes the layers really shine through. This is also an excellent volumizing hairstyle!




5. Colored Layered Pixie

Layered hairstyles for those over 70 do not have to be limited to white or grey hair. Yes, you may be playful with your hair by going for a pixie cut and dyeing your hair in a vibrant colour like pink!




6. Tousled Layers

Tousled layers have come into trend because they project a soft image all around the head. With some simple highlights, you can transform this subtle women’s haircut into a more detailed one!




7. Curly Layers

Mostly we see straight or wavy hairstyles that are done in layered haircuts. But, if you support naturally curly hair or even want to experiment and try something new, then big layered curls can help you achieve a stunning look!




8. Layered Short Hairstyle With Slight Part

Any layered hair length can benefit from this simple addition of taking out a slight side part. To make the hairstyle more interesting, why not spice up your basic hairdo into a playful one with a combination of some highlights as well?




9. Layered Bob With Babylights

You can stand out from the crowd while still not doing something extreme with this look! The baby lights subtly change your layers in a bob that makes it look different yet not seem like an overkill!

Jack Howard, a hair color professional, quotes:

“With babylights, you can add a shimmer of color if you scatter them throughout — or, if you do it all over the head, it’s super delicate.




10. Stacked Bob

For this haircut, the hair stylist will take your head shape into account and stack the layers around the head accordingly. This is a dazzling hairstyle for women looking for personalized layered hairstyles for over 70.




11. Bob With Side Bang

The soft bob done in a layered cut can be the ideal style for you if you don’t want something too dramatic. This is a reliable option for everyone but it doesn't mean it's boring! No, you can take out a side bang to make your short hairstyle more exciting!




12. Layered Pixie Bob With Full Forehead Bangs

To add the most movement to a layered bob, ask your hairstylist for the traditional forehead bangs. This will help in creating a sophisticated and volumizing look that can go really well with your natural grey or silver hair.




13. Ruffled Layers 

Most layered hairstyles for mature women will include polished and subtle looks. But, if that's not your style, then, don't worry, you can go with a ruffled layers style. These bring a little more edge to your look!



14. Under Sleek-Layered Short Hairstyle

If heavy layers do not interest you, then this versatile haircut is just perfect for you! Bring a little more subtlety to your hair with the addition of the under-sleek layers between your strands.




15. Layered Bun

For practical uses, make a bun out of your layered hair. Plus, the biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that it doesn't take much time to create a bun. And any style whether it be polished, ruffled, or even messy, all work in one way or another!




16. Long Layered Flicks

The long layers have a beautiful tousled feel. You can also get highlights to give more details to the already gorgeous hair to make it appear more polished!


Two-toned layers


17. Two-toned Pixie Bob

A layered pixie can become so much more interesting if you ask your stylist to add a hair color that goes with your natural skin and hair color! When we choose to play with shades on our heads, the layers definitely stand out.




18. Balayage Layers

Bring your features to the surface in the best way while taking advantage of the popular balagaya technique on your layers. This makes a softer transition between the strands.




19. Fine Hair Layered Pixie 

Your natural fine hair can be transformed into an incredible look, with an easy hairstyle that is as sophisticated as it is practical for daily use! This layered pixie is the easiest way to achieve a good-looking and low-maintenance haircut!




20. Pinned-up layers

Did you know that any layered haircut can take advantage of a simple hair accessory to turn a basic hairstyle into a whimsical one? Yes, this can happen if you simply pin up your hair on a side that suits your face from the best angle!




21. Rough Layered Pixie With Bangs

If you look out for two very popular haircuts for older women, then you are bound to find a pixie with bangs hairstyle. The reason they work so well with any hair texture, even rough or fine hair, is because they provide dimensions to your hair!




22. Layered Hairstyle With Glasses

The highlighted layered haircut with fringe and glasses is a classic hairstyle that creates volume and depth. This hairstyle combines two hairstyles (fringe with a layered haircut) but doesn't look overwhelming at all! 




23. Tousled Pixie With Wispy Bangs

When you want to add body to your normal hair, go with a tousled look with your layered cut. The fact that women with any face cut can carry this hairstyle only makes it more appealing!



24. Blowout Layered Lob With Curls 

Blowout hair can take some time but it is so worth it! If your main goal is to get attention to your layers, then this is the right hairdo for you. Your layered lob (long bob) afterward can shine through phenomenally.




25. Lived-In Pixie 

For this ‘lived-in’ look, you can combine your layered pixie with teasy highlights. These highlights come out much softer on the top. With this combination of the layers and the light highlights, the hairstyle is bound to look dazzling!