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How To Choose The Best Hair Straightener


Updated At  14 Sep 22

Setting your hair up can be a hectic task, because you want to look good as well as keep in mind the quality of hair; because heating tools if not used properly can damage your hair to a great extent.

But a good quality hair straightener will give you a parlour ready look; turning the wavy and frizzled hair to soft straight, just like a blow dry effect.

If you are wondering how to choose hair straightener, then you are not alone.

The hair strengtheners mainly use ceramic, titanium and tourmaline plates that spread the even heat ensuring long lasting results, but its confusing to pick the best hair straightener.

Before picking the right kind of straightneres, various things like weight, heating material, temperature range and settings, technology has to be kept in mind to get the best possible results.

9 Tips To Choose The Best Hair Straightener


hair Straightener Blades


1. Heating plates of the hair straightner are crucial

A best straightener comes with various kinds of heating plates, which must be good quality of heating conductors.

Ceramic coated plate heat up very fast and reduce the friction between hair and plate to give you a salon type experience.

You would also get option to pick hair straightner with different types of ceramic plates like solid and tourmaline.

Solid ceramic plates maintain constant temperature throughout the usage and distribute even heat giving your hair a smooth finish and shiny texture.

Tourmaline ceramic plates have ionic and infrared technology which protects the health of your hair and produces negative ions that protects the moisture in the hair.


2. Evaluate the temperature range and how quickly it is reached

While a lot of hair straighteners will offer instant heat up options and will get ready in 30 to 60 seconds, one needs to evaluate the importance of this feature for your requirement.

Additionally, while hair straighteners operate in the temperature range of 180°C to 230°C, you will need to check the temperature range of the hair straightner.

While a hair straightener offering high temeperature of 230°C can give you smooth ans shiny hair quickly, you need to be more careful as excessive heat can damage your hair as well.

A few straighteners go to a maximum 210°C as they find it optimal to change hair shape and give the salon type of experience.


3. Pay attention to the technology

In the era of high tech world, hair straighteners also come equipped with new technologies which can be very useful.

Technologies like SilkPro Care help the plates operate with optimial temperature and minimize friction. This in turn provides smooth and straight hair while dcreasing heat exposure.


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4. Pick the right plate types as per your hair type

The type of plates in your hair straightners should ideally be dependent on your hair type and length.


If you have thick and long hair, a hair straightener with extra wide plates will work best for you. Whereas if you have short and fine hair, standard plates will be fine.



Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Hair Straightener


5. Adjustable heat setting to control temperature is very useful

Temperature settings are really important for a good straightener as too much heat can drastically harm your hair.

Prefer the hair straightener which offers an option for adjustable heat setting for low and high temeperatures as this will allow you more control preventing damage to your hair.

With no temperature control, the straightener will heat up to reach the fixed auto temperature thereby reducing flexility to operate at different temperatures as per requirement.


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6. Check for warranty and features like auto shutdown

Getting a hair straightener with an atuo shutoff option when not in use will make it easy to operate.

Also, prefer a hair straightener which offers a 2 year worldwide guarantee.


Swivel cord hair straightener


7. Prefer Hair Straightener with swivel cord technology

This technology helps to rotate the cord 360 Degrees and hence prevents the wires from getting tangled.


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8. Ease of use is always important

To ensure that the hair straightener is easy to use, pick the one which offers a long cord. This will ensure that you get the desisred flexibility while styling your hair.

Its recommended to pick hair straighteners with 1.6 meter cord to increase convenience.

Also, pick the hair straightener with LED indicator as it will help you find out when its gettiong heated.

Hair straighteners which show digital readings for the temperature are even better as you can see the exact temeperature at which the straightener is operating.


9. Check compatibility before making the final descision

Pick the hair straightener which offers worldwide voltage as this ensures that it can be used anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is compatible with 110 to 240 voltage.


Keep these tips in mind while picking the best hair straightener for your requirement. Do let us know down below in comments which tip you found most helpful!




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