Mens Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Latest And Stylish Men's Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Sheena Shah

Updated At  30 Nov 23

Choosing the right hairstyle can work wonders for your looks. A perfect hairstyle doesn't just sit on your head—it complements your face shape and takes your appearance up a notch. If you happen to have an oval face, this article will be your go-to guide for discovering the best hairstyles for oval faces for men.

By understanding the structure and shape of your face shape and experimenting with various styles, you can highlight the unique features of your face. We will list different types of hairstyles designed specifically for men with oval faces, from short cuts to long and flowing locks.





What Is An Oval Face Shape?

An oval face shape has the following features:-

1) It resembles an oval or egg like shape with length of the face more than the width of the face

2) Cheekbones are the widest part of an oval face

3) Chin and jawline are well rounded

One of the most popular and beautiful face shapes, male celebrities like Ryan Gosling, Justin Bieber, Ryan Reynolds have an oval face. Female celebs with oval face include Bella Hadid, Blake Lively, Beyonce, Julianne Moore and many more.

Want to know what is your face shape? Do check out our guide on facial structure categories to identify your specific face shape.


Which Are The Best Hairstyle Options For Men With Oval Face?

We list 25 stunning haircut options for men with oval face shape. These go equally well with beard as well.


Pro Tip : If you have an oval face shape, try to go for haircuts which showcase your face features. Avoid going for long fringe haircut as it will cover your face and features. Do note that short fringe cut will be fine as long as it doesn't cover the face. Buzz cut, mohawk, combed haircuts, fade cuts, pompadour, crew cut, taper fade, undercut, short curls will all go really well with an oval face shape.


Let's check out the real haircuts for inspiration. Pick the one which matches your personal preferences.



1. Side Parted Haircut

The side part is a classic choice that never goes out of style. The hair is parted to one side and has a neat and polished look. Perfect for oval faces, the side part goes perfectly with the natural symmetry of your face. This is one of the hairstyles for oval-faced men that can highlight your features without being too flashy.



2. Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut is a hairstyle which shouts bold simplicity. It is a no-nonsense choice for males with or without beards. The buzz cut suits various face shapes, including oval. It provides a clean and masculine look. It is perfect for those who want to look good without spending much time on grooming.

Buzz cut is one of the few hairstyles which goes really well with most of the face shapes. If you are looking for haircuts that complement heart face, then this is an amazing option. Zayn Malik showcases how to use this trending cut for oval face, however, it goes equally well for heart shaped face too.



3. Low Fade 

If you're aiming for a clean and sharp look, the low fade should be your choice. It is ideal for an oval face and is pretty low maintenance.  This hairstyle involves a gradual transition from longer to shorter hair. So, if you want to experiment with different lengths, then a low fade will be the best hairstyle to try on.


4. Casual Undercut

The casual undercut is an effortlessly cool choice for oval-faced men. It carries a laid-back and stylish aura. It is perfect for those men who want a low-maintenance yet trendy look. If you wish to opt for something that will give you a carefree vibe, casual undercut should be the hairstyle for your oval face.



5. Pompadour

The pompadour is a classic choice for those who want to make a stylish statement. It is a popular option for men with oval faces. This hairstyle can enhance your facial features by adding height and volume to the top of your head.


Screenshot 2023-11-29 210524


6. Undercut with Textured Top

If you wish to add a modern edge to your appearance, an undercut with a textured top is the best hairstyle that can rock your oval face. It can bring a balance between a polished finish and a touch of rebellion. On top of that, this hairstyle for oval-faced men can draw attention to your facial features.



7. Side Part with Slick Back

If you want a trendy hairstyle with a pinch of classic and modern flair, then the side part with a slick back should be your combination. The slicked-back top is the best hairstyle for men with oval faces. It doesn't fail to provide a sleek and refined look.



8. Short Afro

The short afro is a confident and stylish choice for oval-faced men. This hairstyle flaunts the natural curl pattern and creates a rounded shape that frames the face. It is one of the best short haircuts for oval faces for men and also for those who want to showcase their unique hair texture.



9. Long Slick Back

For men who love drama and want to make a bold statement, the long slick back is a perfect fit for your oval face. This style involves growing out the hair on top and slicking it back for a sleek look. It is one of the popular long haircuts for oval faces for men who want this look to rock in formal events as well as in casual outings.


10. Short Curls

Short curls bring a lively appearance.  It allows for various styling options, from a tousled look to a more defined curl pattern. This short haircut for oval faces for men keeps your hair length manageable and, at the same time, celebrates the natural curl pattern.



11. Short Fringe

The fringe hairstyle adds a youthful element to your appearance. This hairstyle for men with oval faces can go with different lengths and textures. It is an amazing choice for those who enjoy a bit of variation in their hairstyle.



 12. Quiff

Perfect for oval faces, the quiff hairstyle enhances the natural balance of the face and gives off a bold vibe. This hairstyle for an oval face can add volume and charm to your overall look. It can also be adapted to various hair lengths, be it short or long.



13. High Fade

This cut features a gradual transition from longer hair on top to shorter sides. A crisp high fade hairstyle can be seen worn by many oval-faced men with a beard. It is a suitable style for both casual and formal settings.



14. Butch Cut

The butch cut is a simple and sharp hairstyle that gives a clean look. This is one of the best hairstyles for oval faces for men as this is low maintenance and requires next-to-nothing styling. It emphasizes facial features while providing a neat and polished look.



15. Short To Medium Length Waves

If you want an effortlessly stylish look for your oval face, go for medium length waves. This hairstyle will add a relaxed vibe to your look. Medium length waves enhance the overall appearance by providing volume and texture. Avoid long waves as they will cover your face and features completely.




16. Faded Comb-over

In the Faded Comb-Over hairstyle, the hair is tapered on the sides, and a longer length is maintained on the top. This hairstyle adds a modern touch to a classic look. It is perfect for those who appreciate a polished appearance.


17. Crew Cut

Looking for a timelessly clean cut, then Crew cut must be your hairstyle. Having short sides and a slightly longer top, it's a straightforward haircut. Suited for oval faces, the crew cut enhances facial features with its simplicity.

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18. Taper Fade

One of the best hairstyles for oval faces for men, the taper fade is all about precision. This hairstyle keeps longer hair on top with a gradual fade on the sides. It fits perfectly with oval faces and delivers a clean and well-groomed look.


19. Curly Fade

This style keeps a fade on the sides, creating a striking contrast with the curly top. Suited for oval faces, the curly fade adds personality to your overall appearance. This hairstyle is an excellent option for those who want to style their curls and give a bold statement.


20. Mohawk

In the world of hairstyles, mohawk is another name for rebellion. Highlighted by a strip of longer hair down the centre of the head, the Mohawk is a daring choice.  Ideal for oval faces, it is perfect for those who seek a bold choice for their next haircut.



21. Man Bun

The man bun will offer you a look of relaxed coolness, especially if you've got an oval face. It is perfect for long haircuts. The man bun gives off a chill vibe and is the top choice for guys who want to keep it stylishly laid-back.


22. Brush Up

You can achieve elegance with the brush-up, one of the best hairstyles for oval faces. By brushing your hair upward, this style adds height to your look. This hairstyle can go well even for men without a beard.


23. Thin Hair Spiked Up

When it comes to dealing with thin hair on an oval face, spiking it up can totally change your overall look. This hairstyle adds volume, giving thin hair a fuller appearance. It is best for oval-faced men with thin hair.


24. Faux Hawk

For a dose of edgy vibes, consider the faux hawk. It is an excellent choice for oval faces. To enhance the overall look, men with a beard can pull it off easily. It is ideal for medium length hairstyles.


25. Asymmetrical Haircut

With uneven lengths that create an unconventional look, this hairstyle is a perfect choice for men with oval faces. The asymmetrical haircut adds a touch of elegance whether you have a beard or not. It is a stylish option for those who want to embrace a unique edge in their overall appearance.