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25 Stunning Red Balayage Hair Colors - 2022

Natasha Rajesh Dhamale

Updated At  08 Jun 22


The balayage is a hair coloring technique where the coloring of the hair is done with minimal damage but just by just painting it directly without using the foil method. Be it streaks, highlights, ombres; all of it is created by the Balayage techniques. Through this method, one can create subtle, soft, bright, dark; any type of a shade that they want too. But looking out for a hair stylist who knows his/her work is essential.

In this article we will take a look at all the types and methods through which you can try by life painting on your hair in the tones of reds. Red is considered to be the color of Rebellion.  Red is a classic, vibrant but an extremely beautiful color which resonates with all types of hair especially the brunette hair.


25 Spectacular Red Balayage Hair Colors 




1. The Classic Red Balayage

The Classic red balayage is one of the most common and popular red-colored hairstyles, has been and will be through times. It looks perfect on brunette hair especially black root hair. Do not wait before you get yourself a classic red color and turn into a feisty red head.

chocolate cherry


2. Chocolate Cherry Balayage

The chocolate cherry balayage is the one where there is a brown color with an undertone of light red to it. This color comes with the hint of cherry in it and looks surreal and amazing. It is not too bright and is a perfect option for someone who wants to go more of the natural way.



3. Chestnut Red Balayage

The chestnut red color is a beautiful blind of three colors being golden, brown and red. The brown color sits as the base of the hair and hints of red are seen, especially in the sunlight. The color is similar to the hair color of naturally red head people. Another amazing option to go for if you want to go for a natural red and brown color.



4. Burgundy Red Balayage

The burgundy color show cases a dark undertone of red to it. It has light hints of brown but primarily the major color is red, it is close to magenta. The color is best suited on dark hair and for the winter season.



5. Cinnamon Red Balayage

A cinnamon red balayage which melts into the hair looks so stunning. The color is another darker shade of chestnut red. This hair color gives a very natural look to the hair and looks gorgeous on any type of a haircut.



6. Balayage In Copper

Copper is a very strong and pronouncing color in the red shades. A balayage in the copper color is a very daring and solid move, but it looks extravagantly beautiful. The copper hair colored balayage when styled in waves, make for a perfect look.

red ombre


7. Red Ombre Balayage

Red on day color is created on the head, where a dark color is at the top and slowly another color starts to appear into the hair as you descend towards the lower part. It doesn't give a half and half look but it looks as if the color has slowly cascaded down into the hair in a natural effect.

fire tips


8. Fire Tips Balayage

The fire tips color range is where the tips of the hair or just the lower ends of the hair are colored in a deep red color which showcases as if the bottom of the hair is on fire. This looks the best on medium size hair.

lava red


9. Lava Red Balayage

The Lava red balayage as another hair color where the hair is treated to a bright and strong red color which kind of represents the Lava from the volcanoes. It is a very strong type of a color to opt for and needs a strong personality to carry it off.

raspberry red


10. Raspberry Red Balayage

Raspberry red balayage is another dark, deep yet a very soft color with has little hints of pink to it. The color is prominently into the red side but the little pink hits elevate it.

_red velvet


11. Red Velvet Balayage

The red velvet is a soft and cheery red color. It takes color from the similar colored red velvet cake. It looks great on teenage girls and young girls who want to go for a cute overall look.



12. Auburn Balayage

The auburn balayage is a very strong and intense brown red color. Typically considered to be the original color of the "red headed" people, the color stands strong in the natural hair color group. It has a resonating and beautiful impact to it, great choice of hair color to go for.

wine red


13. Wine Red Balayage

The wine-red color is a rich deep color in the hair coloring department. The results of this hair color look as if the wine color has literally melted and washed down into the hair, best suited for naturally brunette hair.

Mahogany red


14. Mahogany Red Balayage

The mahogany color sets on the hair like a brown color which has red undertones to it. It is the Woody color with red tones which are supposed to be alike the mahogany wood. The balayage looks classic.



15. Sunset Red Balayage

The sunset red balayage literally showcases the entire colors of the sunset, high lighting the red, orange and timid yellows. The color looks magnificent and has an accentuated bright look it, creating an ombre effect.

ruby red


16. Ruby Red Balayage

The Ruby red color on the hair is another classic and beautiful red color with sits with generosity on the hair. The color is exquisite and takes its name from the stunning precious stone ruby.

rosewood red


17. Rosewood Red Balayage

The Rosewood red is another woody color, but it is stunning yet simple look at.

strawberry blonde


18. Cherry Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Strawberry blonde color is created by having a natural red head color alongside a blonde color. The blend of these two creates this amazing combination of strawberry blonde.

racy red


19. Racy Red Balayage

The racy red balayage is another bright and feisty color. It looks gorgeous through its strong, resonating red streaks.

dark ginger


20. Dark Ginger Balayage

The dark ginger color is another brownish red which is dark, deep toned. It goes on brunettes as well as blonde natural hair.

plum red


21. Plum Red Balayage

The plum red color has purple or lavender undertones to it. This balayage is fresh and has a happening outlook to it.



22. Merlot Balayage

Merlot is another deep sinking red color and looks absolutely natural and a melt-in-the-hair type of a color if induced in the right manner.

intense red


23. Intense Red Balayage

The intense red comma as its name suggest is a wild red color which has a deep and impactful look to it.

red bob


24. Red Balayage On A Bob

A red colored balayage on a bob is another funky and distinct hair color. Flaunt it if you think you can pull it off.

scarlet red


25. Scarlet Ombre Balayage

Scarlet red balayage is a shiny and bright red hair color.

the type of red you want to get on your hair depends upon numerous factors, like your skin tone, the color of your hair, the texture of your hair, and so much more. Hope this guide helps you to find your perfect fit of RED.