Selena Gomez Hairstyles And Haircuts

55 Stunning Selena Gomez Hairstyles And Haircuts


Updated At  18 Mar 24


When we are looking for new and unique hairstyles to try out, we often turn to celebrities for inspiration. One such glamorous celebrity who is known for her versatile fashion sense is none other than Selena Gomez. The Disney singer, actress and makeup mogul (thanks to the successful launch of Rare Beauty) have been in the public eye for many years, debuting an array of celebrity hairstyles.

From sleek buns to long flowing layers, brunette curls to a blonde lob, Selena Gomez has experimented with not only different hairstyles but also different hair colours. If you too need inspiration, then keep reading to view some of the most iconic Selena Gomez hairstyles.


55 Best Selena Gomez Hairstyles 




1. Selena Gomez Layered Hair

Selena looks stunning in a mix of brown and blonde highlights. This trendy haircut is enhanced by the layared hair. Subtle makeup with dark lipstick complements the overall outfit.




2. Middle Parted Haircut

Selena Gomez effortlessly showcased her chic style with a stunning middle-parted hairstyle that perfectly framed her face. Paired with a striking red dress, the ensemble exuded elegance and modern sophistication. 




3. Curly Haircut

The curly haircut added a playful and charming dimension to Selena's overall look, accentuating her natural beauty. This curly hairstyle perfectly complemented her radiant personality and showcased a blend of elegance and casual charm.




4. Middle-Parted Sleek Bun

First on our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles is the timeless sleek bun. Ideal for any occasion and outfit, the sleek bun consists of parting your hair in the middle and neatly combing back and tying your hair into a bun. A good quality hair gel or mousse can be used to smooth down any flyaways or baby hairs, giving you a “clean” look.


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5. Long Layers

If you want an easy-to-maintain yet chic hairstyle, this Selena Gomez layered haircut is the one for you. A layered haircut is a hairstyle that involves cutting the hair into layers of different lengths. This can add texture, volume, and movement to the hair and can be a versatile look that works well for many different hair types and face shapes. This Selena Gomez long haircut features beachy waves with subtle sunkissed highlights, which gives a natural look.




6. Curly Lob With Bangs

Our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles continues with the curly lob. If you want a shorter haircut but a bob is too dramatic of a change for you, a lob is a way to go. The lob is a haircut that falls somewhere between a bob and a long haircut, and it typically falls just above or below the collarbone. Selena Gomez’s hairstylist glammed up a regular lob by curling her hair and adding some loose wispy bangs. To maintain this hairstyle, you will need to keep your curls hydrated and moisturized, and you may need to touch up your bangs regularly to keep them looking fresh and styled. This unique hairdo surely tops our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs.




7. Blonde Bombshell

Selena Gomez has experimented with different hair colours over the years, including blonde. The barbie blonde dye was a pleasant break from the regular brunette Selena Gomez's hair colour. Big rollers in combination with a hair dryer can be used to style layered hair into loose waves. Don’t forget to use a heat protectant spray if using heating tools to prevent any damage to your hair.




8. Thick Fringe Bangs

This a striking addition to our collection of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs. The thick fringe bangs add instant glam to any look and give off a highly fashionable and unique vibe. If you want a youthful and vogueish look, then take this Selena Gomez long haircut as your inspiration. A flat iron can be used to style your bangs and hair.




9. Floral Beauty

Emulate a romantic vibe with this Selena Gomez hairstyle. For all the women out there who have an affinity for soft and girly looks— trust us when we say you will look like a princess in this hairstyle. Selena adorns her beautiful tresses with stunning pink and white flowers, which are used to pin back her bangs.




10. Wavy Layers With Wispy Bangs

While we’re on the topic of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs, we can’t skip this sensational Selena Gomez haircut. To achieve this hairstyle, you will need to start by cutting your hair into layers of different lengths. You will also need to cut bangs to frame your face. Maintaining this Selena Gomez layered hairstyle requires regular trims to keep the layers looking fresh and to prevent split ends.




11. Sleek Bob

This Selena Gomez short haircut is for all the ladies looking for a bold and edgy look. Bob is a versatile and easy-to-maintain hairstyle with short, sharply cut hair ending right at your neckline. This Selena Gomez haircut does not require lots of styling and only requires regular trims to maintain the short length.




12.  Half Up Half Down

If you’re looking for sporty Selena Gomez hairstyles, then try the half up half down style. Start by dividing your hair into two sections. For the top half, gather a section of hair from the front of your head, near your hairline, and secure it with a hair tie or clips. As for the bottom half, simply leave the rest of your hair down. Overall, this Selena Gomez haircut is a great way to add some style and interest to your look without committing to an all-up hairdo.




13. Sleek Low Ponytail

One of the chicest and most polished Selena Gomez hairstyles to recreate. To get this look, start by combing your hair to remove any tangles or knots. Next, gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it with a hair tie. Be sure to use a hair tie that matches the colour of your hair as closely as possible, or use a clear hair tie if you prefer a more subtle look. This Selena Gomez long haircut is a classic and stylish look that is perfect for formal occasions or for adding a touch of sophistication to your everyday style.




14. Wavy Bob With Bangs

A trendy addition to our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs – waves can add texture and movement to your ordinary bob. In this Selena Gomez short haircut, the hair is cut slightly shorter than shoulder-length. If you have naturally wavy hair, your bob will naturally appear like this. But if you have straight hair, you may want to use a curling iron or rollers to create loose, beachy waves. You can use hair products such as mousse or sea salt spray to help hold the waves in place.




15. Loose Top Knot With Bangs

One of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles to try out if you want to keep your hair out of your face and off your neck on hot days. For this Selena Gomez haircut, brush your hair to remove any tangles and gather it into a high ponytail at the top of your head. Twist two sections of hair tightly, then wrap them around each other to form a knot at the base of the ponytail. Lastly, secure the knot with bobby pins or a hair tie. This is a cute and classy option in our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs, as some side bangs are left hanging loose to frame her face.




16. Combed Back Hair

If you are searching for simple Selena Gomez hairstyles, then combed-back hair is an excellent option. The hair is styled away from the face and towards the back of the head. This style is achieved by using a comb to smooth and shape the hair into place. If you want to add some extra shine to your hair, you can apply a small amount of hair serum or oil to your hands and then run them over your tresses. Selena Gomez’s hairstylist went for an extreme side part and super smooth and straightened hair for this look.




17. Wavy Lob

A wavy lob, also known as a wavy long bob, is a hairstyle that features medium-length hair with waves or curls. This Selena Gomez short haircut is low maintenance. Adding waves or curls to a lob gives it a more casual, bohemian vibe. To do so, simply braid slightly wet hair overnight and tousle your tresses slightly with your fingers.




18. Low Wavy Ponytail

A low-wavy ponytail is a hairstyle in which the hair is gathered into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and styled into waves. This Selena Gomez long hairstyle is a casual and relaxed look that is perfect for hot weather or a laid-back occasion. And surely, no list of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles can be considered complete without mentioning this playful look.




19. Classy Updo

The ‘Wizards of Waverly Place actress surely set the American Music Awards red carpet on fire with this timeless low bun updo. Sporting the signature dark Selena Gomez hair colour, and featuring some subtle highlights on the bun– this Selena Gomez hairstyle is easy to emulate. Simply twist your hair into a neat bun and voila!




20. Ombre Beauty

Ombre hair is a colouring technique in which the hair is gradually lightened from the roots to the ends. The word "ombre" is derived from the French word for "shadow," and it refers to the way the colour gradates from dark to light. Ombre hair can be achieved using a variety of colouring techniques, including foiling, balayage, and dip-dyeing. This Selena Gomez long haircut is a must-try if you want a beachy, sun-kissed look.




21. Cute And Curly

There are many different ways to style curly hair, and the best hairstyle for you will depend on your curl pattern, hair length, and personal style. If you do not have natural curls, you can always rely on a sturdy curling iron. We love curly Selena Gomez hairstyles because it adds to her lively and bubbly personality.




22. Old Hollywood Glam

Old Hollywood glam hairstyles are characterized by their elegant and sophisticated look, with smooth, glossy waves or curls and a deep side part. These Selena Gomez hairstyles were popularized in the golden age of Hollywood by actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.




23. Voluminous Layered Ponytail

Whether you want a Selena Gomez long haircut or looking for Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs, this look kills two birds with one stone. Backcombing and teasing with a fine-toothed brush, using a volumizing shampoo and spray and adding big waves to your layers are all great ways of adding volume to your ponytail.





24. Textured Balayage

Take inspiration from this Selena Gomez haircut and book a perm and balayage during your next salon visit! A little sea salt spray and tousling your hair can give you that wild, carefree look.




25. Smooth And Silky

To achieve smooth and silky hair like these Selena Gomez hairstyles, use a flat iron. If looking for more permanent solutions, a keratin treatment can help. This Selena Gomez haircut keeps her tresses at shoulder length for easy maintenance.




26. Dramatic Curls

Another beautiful addition to our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles is the dramatic curls hairdo. After using a heat protectant on your tresses, you can use a curling iron or hot rollers to achieve this Selena Gomez haircut. It's important to remember to be careful when using hot tools on your hair, as they can cause damage if used improperly. Be sure to follow the instructions for your curling iron or hot rollers carefully, and use a lower heat setting if you have fine or damaged hair.




27. Side Swept Curls

Our list of best Selena Gomez hairstyles continues with this lovely side-swept hairstyle. After creating a side part, add big loose waves. Remember to be gentle with your curls as you style them, as rough handling can cause them to lose their shape. With a little practice, you'll be able to create beautiful side-swept curls and Selena Gomez hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion.




28. Textured Updo

One of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles for classy occasions. A textured updo is a hairstyle that involves styling your hair into an updo while maintaining a textured, messy look. Create a bun and then tease and pull out some strands of hair to give that textured appearance.




29. Pinned Back Curls

This Selena Gomez long haircut is ideal for those with curly hair looking for easy and quick hairstyles. All you need to do is take two sections of hair, each from one side of your head, and pin the sections back with hair clips.




30. Ringlet Curls

Ringlet curls are a type of hairstyle that is characterized by small, tight curls that resemble ringlets or corkscrews. They are typically achieved by using curling methods such as hot rollers, curling irons, or braiding the hair while it is damp and allowing it to dry. Some people with naturally curly hair may also have ringlet curls. To style ringlet curls, you can use a light hold gel or mousse to help define the curls and hold them in place. Avoid using heavy oils or pomades, as these can weigh the curls down and make them look limp. Try this Selena Gomez haircut if you want a change.




31. The 70s-Inspired Shaggy Cut

Several Selena Gomez hairstyles reinvented retro styles, and this shaggy hairstyle is one of them. This shoulder-grazing Selena Gomez short haircut is perfect for a cool look.





32. Barbie Blonde

This Selena Gomez hair colour emulates the iconic Barbie doll’s blonde hair and gives her the perfect doll-like appearance. A flat iron is run through the hair and swept away from the face to give the curled-up appearance near the ends of her tresses.




33. Braided Crown

Moving on to the next look on our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles is the braided crown. The braided crown hairstyle is a beautiful and elegant way to style your hair that involves braiding sections of your hair and arranging them in a circular pattern around your head to create the appearance of a crown.





34. Twin Braid Crown

What’s better than one crown? Well, two braids! To achieve this Selena Gomez hairstyle, part your hair in the middle. Then twist two sections of your hair into braids to add some flair to your regular hair.




35. Retro Updo

Go back in time with this retro style Selena Gomez Hairstyle, which she sported on the set of the “Ice Cream” music video with the K-Pop group Blackpink. A cute hairband can improve this look significantly.




36. Colourful Fishtail

Take inspiration from this gorgeous Selena Gomez hairstyle and twist in a colourful scarf or hair extension in your regular braid. This Selena Gomez long haircut has a striking and eye-catching effect.





37. Ponytail With Dramatic Puff

Looking for dramatic Selena Gomez hairstyles? Upgrade your regular ponytail with a dramatic puff like the “Rare” singer. A hair bump and backcombing can go a long way to create a big puff.





38. Vintage Bouffant Updo

This Selena Gomez hairstyle involves gathering the hair at the top of the head and securing it with pins, clips, or other hair accessories to create a round, full shape. This style is often associated with the 1960s and is characterized by its voluminous, puffed-up appearance.




39. Twin Hairclips

Searching for playful Selena Gomez hairstyles? Then the twin hairclip look might be for you. The middle part of your hair and then secure each section back with a cute hairclip. This look gives a youthful and charming vibe and is the easiest way to upgrade your look in an instant.





40. Highlighted Hair

A gorgeous addition to the list of best Selena Gomez hairstyles is this straight hair with the look of a highlight. Highlights are a great way to add dimension and depth to straight hair. They involve lightening selected strands of hair to create a contrast between the natural colour of the hair and the lighter shades.




41. Wild 90s Waves

This Selena Gomez hair colour is a gorgeous brunette transitioning to a light golden brown, thanks to a careful balayage application technique. If you are on the lookout for Selena Gomez layered hairstyles, then give this 90s-inspired look a try.





42. Top Knot Half Down

The next look on our list of Selena Gomez hairstyles involves pulling the hair back into a ponytail at the top of the head and then securing it into a knot or bun. The remaining hair is left loose and hanging down around the face and shoulders.




43. Jet Black

This Selena Gomez hair colour is a deep, dark shade of black that has a high level of shine and vibrancy. It is a bold and dramatic hair colour that can make a strong fashion statement. To achieve this Selena Gomez haircut, you will need to start with hair that is naturally very dark or that has been previously dyed a dark shade of brown or black. If your hair is lighter, you will need to use a hair dye that is specifically formulated for darkening hair.




44. Ombré Layers With Blunt Bangs

This a breathtaking addition to the list of Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs. Choosing a gorgeous gradient as her hair colour, Selena Gomez’s layered hair was styled beautifully in this retro look.




45. Side Fishtail

Next on our list of best Selena Gomez hairstyles is a side fishtail, where the hair is divided into two sections and then woven together in a specific pattern to create a braided effect. This braid is characterized by its diagonal, zig-zagging appearance. Like done by Selena Gomez’s hairstylist, the braid can be worn to the side of the head for a stylish and trendy look.




46. High Ponytail

A simple and classic Selena Gomez hairstyle that involves pulling the hair back into a ponytail at the top of the head. This style is easy to create and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.




47. Top Knot Updo

Put an end to your search for easy Selena Gomez hairstyles! The top knot is a simple and elegant updo suited for all occasions. Simply pull your hair back into a ponytail at the top of the head and secure it into a knot or bun.




48. Angled Bob

This Selena Gomez short haircut is characterized by its asymmetrical shape, with the length of the bob varying in a graduating manner. The angle of the bob can vary, with some angled bobs being more subtle and others being more pronounced.




49. Messy Bun

This Selena Gomez hairstyle involves loosely securing your hair into a low-effort, unstructured bun. It is a great pick for quick visits to the grocery store or running errands.




50. Natural Textured Curls

Let your natural curls loose like this next look on our list of best Selena Gomez hairstyles. A little sea salt spray can help create volume, while a meticulous curl care hair routine involving hydrating products keeps your curls bouncy and nourished.




51. Short Curly Ponytail

This Selena Gomez short haircut is simple yet pretty. All you need to do is gather your short and curly hair into a ponytail and you will have a similar look.




52. Simple Sleek Top Knot

Achieve a smooth and polished appearance with this simple Selena Gomez hairstyle. All you need to do is secure your hair in a regular knot. Then comb down any flyaways and baby hair with gel or mousse to get that sleek look.




53. Balayage Beach Waves

Take a leaf from Selena Gomez’s hairstylist’s playbook and go for loose, textured waves that are often associated with a relaxed, beachy vibe. Ask your salon stylist if this honey brown Selena Gomez hair colour will suit your complexion, or consult with them to go for a more natural-looking balayage shade.




54. Textured Blonde Updo

The blonde Selena Gomez's hair colour is striking and different from her usual brunette look. This sort of updo is very classy and timeless and perfect for special occasions such as weddings or parties.




55. Short Bob With Bangs

If you’re looking for a fun and playful Selena Gomez short haircut, then try the short bob with bangs style. This Selena Gomez hairstyle with bangs features thick fringe bangs. To style a short bob with bangs, you can use a round brush and a hair dryer to add volume and body to the hair.




56. Side Swept Bob

Stepping ahead in our list of best Selena Gomez hairstyles is this short hairdo with a deep side part and high-volume waves swept to the side. A few highlights here and there add to the natural appeal.




57. Twin Ponytails

The “Bad Liar” singer gave us a playful cheerleader vibe with this adorable twin ponytail look. This Selena Gomez long haircut involves separating your hair into two equal sections and pulling each section back into a ponytail. You can also dress up the twin ponytails by adding decorative hair ties or clips.




58. Messy Bun With Face Framing Bangs

Take inspiration from these Selena Gomez hairstyles with bangs. Add oomph to your regular messy bun by cutting some face-framing bangs to accentuate your best features.