short hairstyles for black women

25 Gorgeous Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Ana Campbell

Updated At  08 Jun 24


Black hair is not always the easiest to manage for though it might be voluminous and beautiful, it can also sometimes be a pain to style! Short hair, on the other hand, is a blessing to help you rock every look you choose for yourself. It is just a matter of hairstyles to make you stand out in a crowd! Short hairstyles for black women are chic, elegant, and a perfect fix to untamed, unmanageable long hair.

If you are planning to cut your hair short, or looking for some hairstyle inspiration, these gorgeous short black hairstyles might help you make a decision!

Let us look at 25 short black hairstyles to rock the next time you step out!


25 Best Short Black Hairstyles


Short bob for black women


1. Short Bob For Black Women

Bobs are one of the most adapted short black hairstyles for it is very classy! Bobs are a whole segment of hairstyles for it has a lot of variations, ranging from short bob to inverted ones. One can see the long-side bangs here along with a bob, which makes the hairstyle even better!

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Shaved Pixie on short black hair


2. Shaved Pixie On Short Black Hair

Pixie might be one of the most manageable short black hairstyles, adding a cool element to your hair. It demands zero drama for maintenance, but makes you look out of the box! It is a win-win hairstyle, isn’t it? You can also add cool designs with pixie to make it even cooler! One of the most popular hairstyles for black women this has the potential to transform your look completely.


curly pixie


3. Curly Pixie

Curly pixie might best suit those with naturally curly black hair. This does wonders to your natural curls by making them visible even with a short hairstyle! Make sure to keep the bangs longer so that they curl to the side!

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sleek lob short black hairstyle


4. Sleek Lob Short Black Hairstyle

Sleek lob is often seen being opted by black women and women of other ethnicities alike because of how stylish it is! It is perfect for any occasion, be it an office party or a premiere to a movie. It is a bit longer than a bob and one of the favourites among short black hairstyles!

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curls and tapered short black hairstyle


5. Curl And Tapered Short Black Hairstyle

Short black hair with curls on top is enough to make anybody jealous of the volume! It is perfect for a hot day in summer, and for a casual outing. It teamed with tapered cut is chic and dramatic. Feature shaved-sides accentuate natural curls, giving you a celebrity hairstyle!


undercut on short black hair


6. Undercut On Short Black Hair

An undercut haircut enables you to show off your love for designs and cuts while still letting you have the majority of your hair length! With an undercut, hairstyles like top buns, pixie, etc. is great for it lets your designer undercut take the centre stage.

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angled bob short black hair


7. Angled Bob Short Black Hairstyle

This hairstyle is extremely good-looking if you have straight hair naturally. If not, you might want to straighten it to maintain the long front bangs to keep the entire look intact. Angled bob is quite famous, making it one of the favourite short black hairstyles.


mohawk hair


8. Mohawk hairstyle

Mohawk is a traditional hairstyle which is very versatile! It can be done on all types of black hair textures. If you want to take a break from the monotonous Mohawk, you might as well add colours for the fun element. It is a stylish short black hairstyle.

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small afro hair


9. Small Afro Hairstyle

A very small afro hairstyle on short black hair might be a delight to a black woman! It looks even better if you have natural curls. When kept well moisturized, it glows and brings out the best features of your face. A tiny afro hairdo might be just the thing you are looking for!


shaved hair


10. Shaved Look

Many who want to chop it all off, opt for an almost shaved head of black hair. This shifts focus to the hairline if the outline is executed beautifully. It might as well focus on your jaw line, making it look chiselled. Not to mention the less maintenance it would demand.


bob with box braids


11. Bob With Box Braids

The box braids give the braids distinct characteristic and is one of the out of the box afro hairstyles you should try. Braids are anyway excellent for hair growth! For easy maintenance, keep the hair not more than shoulder length and you are good to go!


short black hair with bangs


12. Short Black Hair With Bangs

Bangs have a lot more purpose than they appear to have. They have a strong role to play in your hair game, and when cut properly it can manage the proportions of any face. Short black hair with bangs is a favourite of your face!




13. Bandana On Short Black Hairstyle

Bandana is a must have hair accessory when you want to play around with hairstyles. It adds an urban edge to any short hair updo, especially if you have natural curls to flaunt!




14. Bantu Knots For Short Black Hair

This one also belongs to the traditional black hairstyles and is one of the most versatile hairstyles! It can level up your hairstyle game, add drama to your short hair and make you look stunning! A bit of proper care and it transforms your whole look.

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short black hair with highlights


15. Short Black Hair With Highlights

Black hair is a good neutral base and adding the right highlights to it might illuminate your face, adding glow to your complexion. This blonde highlight is perfect for those wanting lighter shades. The highlight adds fun to short black hair and would never go out of style!




16. Short Hair With Copper Highlights

Copper highlights on short black hair are the twist to classic highlights. It is a stunner for those who prefer subtlety and drama at the same time! You may even opt for a few golden strands to emphasize on your eyes.


short black hair with red highlights


17. Short Black Hairstyle With Red Highlights

Short black hairstyle with red highlights is a fiery look, made for someone as fiery and feisty to carry it! Red is a dense colour and its brightness can make short hair look ten times more attractive.


short black hair with brown highlights


18. Short Black Hair With Brown Highlights

To accentuate your natural hair colour, you can opt for a little lighter shade as highlights and these brown highlights does justice! Short black hairstyles with brown highlights add definition to your face, making it look more structured.




19. Short Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Blue and black is a classic combo and when it comes to naturally dark hair like black women; it looks fierce, bold and gives you a stunner outlook! You can rock an event or a date and leave people in awe of your bold colour choices with your short black hair with blue highlights.




20. Havana Twists For Short Black Hair

Havana twists are protective hairstyles, made out of just two strands. They are fuller and thicker than normal braids, adding volume to your style.




21. Space Bun With Short Black Hair

Space buns are adorable and are the perfect hairstyle for day to day activities. These buns are funky and add a touch of youth to your look! It looks equally amazing on adults and children and demands less time than most other styles.




22. Short Naturally Curly Hair

Natural curls on black women are the reason of envy for many as they have voluminous hair! To add to your natural curls, you might colour it and bring fun to your looks!




23. Short Black Hair Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are generally seen on women with long hair. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t meant for short hair! Add side-swept bands to it and you have a gorgeous hairstyle to pull off!




24. Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

Asymmetrical bobs seem to be chosen by many celebrities these days! The reason is that these hairstyles are elegant as well as breaks the monotony of simple bobs. You might want to give this one a try!




25. Blonde Butterfly Lock Hairstyle

These butterfly locs are meant for your 20’s. These are chic, cool, and easy to carry and brilliantly showcase your youthfulness! These short black hairstyles deserves a shot.



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