15 Stunning Short Red Balayage Hairstyles - 2023 (With Images)

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Updated At  05 Apr 23


The balayage hair trend has been here for more than a while. It has emerged as a defining moment when it comes to the hair color trends of this past decade. Popular for giving a stunning new look, the short red balayage has taken over the red carpets as well as Instagram. While it’s laid back yet stylish, it also gives a lot of freedom to experiment. And since we are talking about hair experiments, let’s talk about the most rad hair experiment of all—the red balayage.

Wine, cherry, plum, copper, burgundy—a red balayage is every hot and fiery girl’s dream. It is so easy to liven up your old look with the sizzling shades of red without worrying about the maintenance that red hair usually demands. Just get a red balayage and your red hair dreams will be sorted. And rest assured, you can totally pull it off.

Allow us to show you how it can be done. Here are some of the most stunning red balayage hair colors that are trending at the moment so that you can scream “red hair era, here I come”. From a natural red balayage to a cherry red balayage, there is a shade of red for everyone.


15 Best Short Red Balayage Hairstyles


Red Balayage Bob Haircut for short hair


1. Red Balayage Bob Haircut

This short red balayage with cool undertones takes things a step further from the simple laid-back look. It is about going all in and discovering what having fun with hair color means. The best thing about this red balayage though (apart from looking spectacular)? It looks great on almost all skin tones as well as different hair textures. The styling ideas are truly versatile too.   


Cherry Red Balayage On Brown Hair


2. Cherry Red Balayage On Brown Hair

Starting with a very natural red balayage look here. This short red balayage idea is the best suited for you if you are someone who is color shy and merely testing the waters or even if you are just skeptical about the whole red hair thing. This cherry red balayage on brown hair looks perfectly laid back and modest while also adding a touch of unmistakable glam.

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Cherry Red Balayage for short hair


3. Cherry Red Balayage

Want to try something different? Add some spice to your hair with a monochrome red look. This rich cherry red balayage with warm undertones looks phenomenal. The deep base and the lighter highlights create depth and dimension while the blonde front pieces make for a reverse balayage. Now, ain’t it pretty?


Deep Red Balayage for short hair


4. Deep Red Balayage

Burgundy hair has a separate fan base and we understand why. But, do you? This deep red comes in a variety of shades and looks good on all skin tones and hair textures. While it is a favorite choice for the fall and winter months, we say you do you, girl!


Red Balayage For Short Hair


5. Red Balayage For Short Hair

The deeper shades of red are good for creating depth and dimension. So, here we have a dimensional dark red balayage for short hair. Playing around with darker and lighter shades in the same tone has created this gorgeous hair look. There is richness and depth and also that beautiful pop of color.


Red Balayage For Curly short hair


6. Red Balayage For Curly Hair

Red and black is the ultimate combo and it comes true for hair color as well. The contrast is just so appealing to the eye that it works every time and for every hair texture. Maybe it works a little better on curly hair. Because look at this gorgeous hair looks right here! An ombre with a darker base and some vibrant red balayage on the ends together make this spectacular look.


Cherry Red On Black Hair


7. Cherry Red On Black Hair

It is giving emo chic. It is giving 2000s Tumblr. And with all the 90s and early 2000s trends making a comeback, this red balayage could be the one for you. The bright cherry red balayage on black hair is creating contrast and makes the red color pop out even more. Throw in some long layers and you will be all set for the y2k fashion storm this year is turning out to be. 


_Mixed Short Red Hair



8. Mix It Up

Confused between a dark red balayage and a bright red balayage? Well, how about mixing it up? With a deep red as the base followed by a lighter shade of red, maybe an auburn or copper or perhaps a cherry red, you can get the best of both worlds.  


Red Velvet Balayage



9. Red Velvet Balayage

Just like red velvet is a favorite amongst desserts, thanks to the internet, the popularity of short red balayage velvet hair has increased more than any expectations. It is a beautiful blend of red, violet, burgundy, and maroon. All these shades come together to create the ultimate color which is red velvet. Keep in mind: this deep red balayage hair trend is here to stay.


Beautiful And Bright


10. Beautiful And Bright

A bright red balayage is more wearable than you think. You can totally rock it with ease. Moreover, it is a color that adds more depth to the hair making it a thin-hair-friendly shade. So, if you have thin hair, this right here is the perfect look for you. The shoulder-length wavy cut lays down the base and creates an illusion of thicker hair which is then enhanced by the cherry red balayage.


Natural Red Balayage For Short Hair


11. Natural Red Balayage For Short Hair

This is a red balayage bob for those who prefer a natural and subtle look. The hints of a deep burgundy begin near the roots and get more prominent towards the ends to give a pop of color. It can be your yellow brick road towards hair color experiments, if subtle yet statement-making is what you are into.


_Red Balayage With Bangs


12. Short Red Balayage With Bangs

Yes, money piece is making headlines as the latest hair trend but there are still many more ways for you to have hair that makes a statement. You can opt for a balayage look with bangs just like the one pictured here. This look follows the color philosophy of a money piece in its own way. While the base is a beautiful shade of wine red, there are also some hints of copper to make the color spicier.


Red Balayage Bob



13. Red Balayage Bob For Short Hair

Why should your age stop you from having some fun with your hair? Did we not say there is something for everyone here? So, if you feel you are way too old to color your hair a vibrant red, then this is your sign. Because you can and you should. This red balayage bob with a shadow root can be a perfect beginning for your red era.


Burgundy Red Balayage


14. Burgundy Red Balayage

Burgundy comes in different hues. While some are more of a pink, some are more of a purple-ish shade. And this is why burgundy has stayed in trend for so long. It is versatile and gorgeous. The burgundy red balayage featured here is a deep red with dark purple undertones. And you should definitely consider this gorgeous hair color at your next color appointment.


Red Curls


15. Red Curls

There’s a reason that red balayage is so popular. It looks fabulous on all skin tones and hair textures. But, dare we say that it looks especially gorgeous on curly hair? If you have curly hair and want to change things up, we advise you to opt for a red balayage in a shade of your choice. The idea is to start with a deep red and top it with a pop of red on portions of hair you want to highlight. This will also allow you to create more dimension and highlight your facial features.


Red Balayage For Graduated Bob


16. Short Red Balayage For Graduated Bob

Hair transformation is a statement of its own. And if you are looking to make a bold and fiery statement, we have just the right hair inspiration for you—a bright red balayage bob. The graduated bob is one of the hottest hair trends even now. Pair it with a vibrant and bright shade of red and you have got yourselves a fiery wonder.



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