20 Awesome Beauty Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

Anushka Mehra

Updated At  13 Sep 22

Have you ever flipped through magazines or newspapers and wondered how celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra or even Emma Watson have mastered their beauty routines through which they have flawless skin despite their hectic daily schedules?

Well think no more, here are 20 simple and easy beauty hacks which will make your beauty routines much more efficient despite your hard and rigorous schedules! These life hacks and beauty tips are the most popular ones which every girl needs to know!




1. Say goodbye to chemical based make-up removers

Do you know how many chemicals go into the making of a make-up remover? Many with sensitive skin end up suffering with different skin problems like blotchy skin, patchiness due to these chemicals. Hence, homemade beauty products offer the best alternatives as they have no side effects and wont harm your skin!

For this natural makeup remover, you will need – 1/2 cup aloe vera gel, 2 table spoons coconut oil, 1/2 cup raw honey.

How To: Take equal proportions of raw honey and aloe vera gel and mix it well to form 1 cup of cleanser. Add 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil in this cleanser. Now mix it well till a paste is formed.

Use a small portion of this paste on your face and rub it gently in circular motion. Clean it off with water after keeping it for a few minutes.

This homemade makeup remover will take away all your makeup in one go.

Note: Make sure you use an aloe vera gel which doesn’t contain preservatives.





2. Vaseline is multipupose

The amazing makeup hacks using vaseline are very helpful. These beauty tips work for everyone and are amongst the most useful DIY homemade hacks.

  • A homemade lip-gloss: Mix the Vaseline with some food colouring to create the perfect natural product that feels light and is natural.
  • Eyelash thickener: Applying Vaseline on a mascara brush and then applying it on your eyelashes makes them fuller and they appear thicker without too much makeup used.
  • Scrub: Mixing Vaseline with coffee, sea salt or sugar turns it into the perfect household scrub.
  • Scent catcher: Applying Vaseline before spraying perfume helps the scent of the perfume to last longer.






3. Get rid of dark circles and puffiness naturally

Working late nights, stress, anxiety, lack of hydration, etc all lead to formation of dark circles as well as puffiness. Though these dark circles and the puffiness can be hidden using makeup, there is an effective homemade remedy that can naturally reduce this.

Ingredients: 1 Cucumber, 1 Banana

How To: To make the paste, shred a cucumber and mash a banana. Add these two together to form a paste or a face pack. Apply this pack under your eyes and over your eyelids.

Leave it there for 5-10 minutes. Wash it with water and witness the change!



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4. Lipstick: one product make-up

Have you ever had one of these days where you woke up late, made your way to work running in a state of worry and all you carried with you was your bag of lipsticks?

No need to worry, the lipstick is one of the most versatile make-up products that has ever come to use.

Apart from the fundamental use of a lipstick, it can be used as a great substitute for other make-up products like eyeshadow, blush and more!

For eyeshadow, apply it lightly over your eyelids and spread it for the perfect eyeshadow. To highlight some features like the cheekbones, map out places just like a concealer.

Applying it on the tip of your nose and cheeks fakes the effect of blush just as effectively.






5. Know the best way to wash your face

Its a common assumption that washing their face with just hot water or just cold water is beneficial but here is the approach that works way better.

Combining the two together is the best way to wash your face.

How To: Apply hot water on your face first as it will help in opening up your pores. Follow it up by applying a face wash. Gently rub it to form a lather.

Now switch to cold water and wash off your face. The cold water helps to close off pores, thereby preventing dust and impurities to enter your skin.





6. Ran out of shaving cream?

People often think shaving without shaving cream is like humans without oxygen but that isn’t entirely true. Shaving cream isn’t the only lubricant that can be used for shaving.


Hair conditioner is the closest substitute for shaving cream followed by body wash!


Using hair conditioner can work marvellously as it has a similar thick texture like shaving cream. It also doesn’t cause much skin irritation or rashes just like shaving cream.





7. Talcum powder for oily, greasy hair

You know those days where you end up with sudden plans to go out but have no time or are too lazy to wash your hair but have no dry shampoo?

No more fretting over this problem as we have a beauty hack! Homemade beauty products are there to help you!

Check out this DIY homemade remedy!

Ingredients: Talcum powder, baking powder or cocoa powder

  • For blondes: Mixture of talcum powder and baking powder works best
  • For brunettes and red heads: Mixture of talcum powder and cocoa powder is more effective

How To: Simply apply this dry mixture on your scalp right at the point where the roots begin. Brush through your hair and voila, no more oily hair!





8. Preserve tea bags

Used tea bags provides us with way more than what we can imagine! Here are some of the life hacks from the little tea bags.

  • Odour repellent: Leave the tea bags inside your shoes for a while, it sucks up all the bad odour leaving fresh smelling shoes!
  • Irritated skin guards: These tea bags when placed on blotchy, irritated or puffy skin, reduces the inflammation by calming and cleansing these areas of the face.
  • Manure: Since the tea bag is biodegradable, it acts as a little manure pill which is perfect for kitchen gardens and front yard flower pots.





9. Hack for smelly hair

A day in the sun can give you hair full of sweat. Whats worse, you are likely to get smelly hair. But don't worry as the solution lies in your scent!

The easiest hack for girls, this doesn’t require anything other than your hairbrush and perfume.

For good smelling hair, spray perfume on your hairbrush and then brush your hair.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this.





10. Toothpaste for pimples and blackheads

Tired of pimples which hurt and don’t seem to be leaving your face? Check out the following beauty hacks which use a toothpaste.

  • Acne Or Pimples: Leave toothpaste on the pimples overnight or for 2 hours for best results. Toothpaste helps in drying them out and prevents bacteria from spreading further.
  • Blackheads: Use a spare toothbrush, apply toothpaste over it and lightly scrub it over the blackhead area of your skin. Leave it there for 5 mins and then wash it off with water to reveal skin with no more blackheads.





11. Hair care while swimming

To avoid this here are the hair hacks:

  • Wet your hair thoroughly before going into the pool as this reduces the hair’s capacity to absorb chlorine. If you want to avoid making your hair wet with water, you can also use oil or conditioner. Just remember that wet hair will reduce chlorine absorption in the pool, thereby keeping your hair healthy.
  • After swimming, ensure that you rinse off your hair properly. Using a cold conditioner i.e. one cooled in a refrigerator locks in maximum moisture to provide a sheen and shine to your hair.





12. Wet hair? Don’t use a towel!

One of the biggest misconceptions that we have and often associate with wet hair is using a towel. Did you know that this is the biggest cause of frizzy hair?

A towel is rough on our hair and might damage them.

The hairstyle hack here is to use a soft material to avoid frizz, i.e. one should either use a soft baby towel or a t-shirt. Since a t-shirt is soft it works with great ease.





13. Shopping but hate trial rooms ?

When you go out shopping for jeans but are bound by time or crowded trial rooms and don’t want to put in so much effort of waiting.

To check if the waist will fit you, simply wrap the waist of jeans around your neck. If the two ends meet comfortably, the jeans will fit, if not find another pair.

This is one of the most popular hacks for girls and is based on the thumb rule that the size of your waist is double the size of your neck.





14. No beauty blender? no worries!

The recent ‘must have’ makeup product is the beauty blender. A beauty blender is a sponge used to merge and mix the concealer, foundation and primer in thoroughly.

Don’t worry if you aren’t on the blender bandwagon yet or if you have forgotten to get it with you, as this beauty hack will work perfectly – all the time!

Use a marshmallow as a substitute for a beauty blender. Yes, a marshmallow has a similar spongy texture and mixes all the makeup with ease.





15. How to select concealer?

Finding the right concealer is always tricky! But worry not, you can use one of the most popular makeup hacks.


Rather than trying concealers on your face, try them out on your neck. The shade that matches your neck will be the closest to the skin tone of your face.


Happy shopping!





16. Hydration is key!

One of the most important life hacks and often an overlooked one, water has amazing properties to keep our skin healthy.

Water not only makes you feel refreshed and keeps you hydrated but is one of the most powerful factors that affects your skin.

Adequate hydration keeps skin young, wrinkle free, and healthy. So, ensure that you drink lots of water to keep your skin happy!





17. Bed spreads are important

Did you know, your skin is also affected by the pillowcases you sleep on?

People with sensitive skin often end up with angry skin due to sleeping on bed spreads that are too rough on their skin.

Switching the material of the bed spread from linen or cotton to silk, not only transcends the sleeping experience but also keeps your skin safe.

This is due to the soft and skin friendly nature of silk sheets.





18. Be careful with your towels

Do you follow every tip or beauty routine for battling pimples out there, yet still end up with them?

Chances are, that you are using a towel that has a lot of bacteria!

Our face is sensitive to various textures and materials. A body towel which is too harsh on the skin can thus cause irritation and the bacteria in it can cause pimples and rashes.

You should prefer using a cotton cloth or a towel specifically made for the face to avoid pimples, rashes or irritation.





19. Hairspray to prevent skirt from riding up

Do you ever refrain yourself from wearing a body fitting skirt, just because of the fear of it riding up again and again or having to adjust it repeatedly?

Do you also have those days where your stockings just rip and there is nothing that can stop them from ripping further?

There lies a common solution to both these problems: Hairspray!

Spraying hairspray over your legs keeps your skirt in place and prevents it from riding up! stay in place and it doesn’t ride up. The stockings don’t tear further once the ripped area is sprayed with hairspray.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make getting ready fun again!





20. How to get rid of lint from sweaters

Don’t you hate the lint and fluff that ends up forming on your favourite sweater every winter? These tough little pieces of lint make even a brand new sweater or jumper look old and drably

Here is a quick solution.


Comb your sweater with a comb which has thin teeth. This takes out most of the lint and fluff in one brush. It doesn’t cost anything and makes your sweater look brand new again!



These amazing life hacks for girls are extremely useful and must be used more often. They are not only effective but will also save you a lot of money!



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