5 Amazing Hairstyles Which You Can Get In Less Than 5 Minutes

Kritika Mishra

Updated At  12 Sep 22

It is time to ace the hair game! We bring to you some of the most popular hairstyles trending around, that are no doubt stylish and can be easily achieved in 5 minutes!

Are you ready to do some hair prep up? Grab your brushes!


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The Ballerina Bun

Embrace the elegant Ballerina Bun easily! Part your hair from the middle and untangle the knots. Gather your hair together in a low ponytail and start twisting it. Roll it together into a coil-like a shape and pin it!


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Twisted half up-down hair

Take an inch of hair from each side. Start knotting or twisting them tightly. Pin them together at the center of the hair. You can stop here or add some hair accessory and braid further to get a unique hairdo!


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The Messy Side Braid

Side part your hair and take 3 sections of hair from the highest of root and start braiding. Choose alternate hair section to braid hair as you go down. As the lower end is reached, braid the hair in the normal way and tie it. Pull the braids loose to get a textured look!


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Chignon bun

As complicated as the name sounds, this hairdo is really easy! Start with freshly brushed hair and tie into a low ponytail, twisting your hair into a loose bun. Pull the strands out to gently to add volume and texture! Takout side hair strands and fringes upfront to add more details!


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Braided half-updo

Section top part of the hair and start braiding them together in a criss-cross pattern. Stop in the middle and tie into a half up down ponytail. Pull out the front part in a poof to add more volume!


So which look are you trying this week? Let us know down below!


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