American Makeup Vs Mexican Makeup - Know The Difference (2023)


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We all want to try some different types of makeup once in a while. Just a slight difference in the way we apply our eyeliner changes the entire game, think about the effect a different makeup style will have. There's something about makeup that just makes us feel good. Whether we're going out for a night on the town or just want to look our best for work, makeup is a key part of our daily routine. And because makeup can be so versatile, there are a variety of different types of makeup that you can choose from.

Mexico is a country in North America but still, there is a lot of difference between American makeup and Mexican Makeup style. Not just that, the two parts follow cultures and eat different food. People are always fascinated with American and Mexican makeup styles. Both follow different makeup products and apply skills.

When it comes to makeup, there's no doubt that Americans have their preferences. From light foundation to full coverage, American makeup is known for being more full-figured friendly. Mexican makeup, on the other hand, is known for being lighter and more delicate. So which type of makeup is best for you? Read on to find out!


American Makeup Vs Mexican Makeup





1. Primer

Beginning with prepping the eyes, both American and Mexican makeup styles follow the same rule. To get a nice and clean eyeshadow looks, both the styles- American and Mexican makeup start by applying primer on the eyelids equally and blending it smoothly. This gives the eyes a base to work on by making them smooth and equal and light in a tone so that the eyeshadow is much more visible and the eyes are much easier to work on.


After prepping the eyes, the Mexican makeup involves using a light base colour and applying it on top of the primer. The American makeup styles, however, usually involve using much cooler tones for the eyeshadow base, right after the primer.

For the first transition shade, the Mexican makeup style makes use of the application of darker shade to apply on the eye curve and also towards the outer part of the crease. American Makeup on the contrary, involves using a lighter eyeshadow shade for the first transition shade instead of a darker shade to cover the core of the eye and the outer parts of the crease. Unlike the Mexican style, American Makeup involves the blending of the shade into the complete eyelid, to cover the eye with the same lighter shade. Right after that, the American Makeup style uses a lighter shade again to maintain the effect. The lighter shades is applied to the crease and the outer part of the curve without blending it too much.

The outer corner of the crease is defined and dark in the Mexican makeup style giving it a flirty and sultry look. In American-style makeup, the light eyeshadow crease shade is brought into the outer-inner corner of the eye which is not done in Mexican Makeup. This is the basic crease shade difference in American Makeup vs Mexican Makeup style.





2. Eyeshadow

Mexican makeup involves using darker eyeshadow shades to create a more dramatic look. The eyeshadow colour has to be even darker than the crease colour shade. This is in contrast to the more natural, everyday look that is popular in western countries. Mexican women often use several different colours together to create a complex and flattering eye colour scheme.

By using a tapered brush to blend the dark eyeshadow shade which fits perfectly into the crease, you can prevent the eyeshadow to spread to the lids and the brow bone. The trick is to buff out the edges so that there are no harsh lines left. The next step is creating a deeper outer crease which can be attained by using a pencil brush and blending the outer V of the crease to get a flirty eye makeup look. The eyelid is done using the same colour we set the eyes with but densely amplifying the pale bone colour making the eye look youthful and well-rested. Right on the brow bone, you take a fluffy brush and buff all the edges out making sure every shade just flows into each other, looking smooth and subtle.

The American Makeup style also involves using a darker shade than what was used for the initial crease setting but the colour isn’t as dark as the Mexican Makeup style. The eyeshadow shade is spread from the outer corner of the cease and is brought into the inner corner of the eye, to give a more dramatic look. For the eyelids, American Makeup usually uses gold or any glittery eyeshadow, giving a more splashy and shiny dramatic look to the eye.




3. American Vs Mexican Makeup - Eyeliner Difference

Mexican makeup is all about statement-making eyes. And the best way to achieve this look is with a wing eyeliner style. The Mexican makeup style has involved a wing eyeliner style for many years. The goal of this style is to create the appearance of wide-open eyes and a slimmer nose. Today, wing eyeliner is still one of the most versatile and essential styles in Mexican makeup. It can be used for both day and night looks, and it gives you that unmistakable Mexican edge! Earlier the wing used to be high up but now the wing is more of a flick.

The American makeup style also sometimes includes a wing eyeliner but it is bold than what is seen in the mexican makeup style.


The basic distinction between the eye lining of American makeup vs. Mexican Makeup is that American makeup eyeliner is more angular and bold while Mexican Makeup eyeliner is more flared out.




4. Eyebrows

The Mexican eyebrow is even in colour so there is no ombre effect or shade to the eyebrows. The Eyebrow filling can be done using a darker shade of eyebrow pencil than your original eyebrow colour. A shade 6 eyebrow pencil will do the trick for you. The next step is to blend the eyebrow shade equally using an eyebrow brush. This prevents any ombre effect or shades that might look unnatural or fake.

The American Style eyebrows are however done in a little different manner. There is a little ombre effect to the eyebrow shade. To begin with, shade 5 is perfect. A lighter shade than what is used in Mexican-style makeup; the eyebrows are filled from the corner. The next step involves using an even lighter shade and filling the inner edges of the eyebrow. Filling the hair like strokes and going straight down gives the effect of a nice gradient.


The American Style eyebrow is much more defined than the Mexican-style brow. To define the brows, you can apply some concealer right underneath the brow bone which will also really highlight the arch of the brow.





5. Eyelashes

For Mexican makeup style eyelashes, women generally go for light lashes. Be it fake lashes or original, light ones are the first choices for the Mexican makeup style. In American style makeup, you can go for long lashes which are really in trend right now. These long lashes highlight the complete makeup.




6. Face Makeup

The application of foundation and concealer is pretty much the same in both - the American makeup style and the Mexican makeup style. The basic purpose of the concealer is to conceal the dark spots under the eyes or any other area on your face which is why both cultures also use it. Women usually bake white underneath the eyes, so nothing creases while in the Mexican makeup style, women prefer a little yellowish shade and apply it right underneath the under the eye.

For contouring, the purpose remains the same for both, which is to have a nice structure. Be it cheekbone, jawline or a defined nose. For the Mexican makeup style, middle and light shades are used to contour the cheekbone. By using a wide-shaded brush for the nose and the middle shade, the nose can be slimmed down.

For the American makeup style, a bronzer is used to bronze up the face up to the forehead and around the cheekbones to glow the skin. It gives the skin a sun-kissed look.




7. Blush

When it comes to Mexican makeup, the major thing to keep in mind is, Blush becomes very important to achieve the Mexican makeup style. Blush brightens up the face and gives a very attractive look to the face.


The blush begins on the cheekbone and it goes back to the hairline to give a more natural effect. The Mexican blush style is more matte while the American Blush style is more kind of a dust-off style.



8. American Vs Mexican Makeup - Lashes

Mexican women like to enhance their eyes by deepening the crease, darkening the brows; the wing, really defining the eye area and making it look very flirty and seductive and feminine and pretty. Beginning with the crease down to the lower lash line the next step involves taking a dark shade and using the same brush as was used for the crease of the lower lash line. Applying the darker shade a little bit closer to the inner corner and the waterline.


The main difference between the lower lash line in American Makeup vs. Mexican makeup is that in the American makeup style, the lower lash line makeup covers the entire waterline while in the Mexican makeup style, only half the lower lash line is covered. Whether the application is of kohl or any other eye shade, the difference remains the same.




9. Highlight

Highlighting your features can make you look more awake and alert. The key is to find the right shades of highlighters that will accentuate your natural features while still looking polished and professional. The American Makeup style loves to highlight the features. There are different shades of highlighters which can be applied to the cheekbone, nose, lip crease or arch of the eyebrows.

However, the Mexican makeup style prefers faces without any highlights. They consider eye makeup enough for the purpose. They believe that if a person's face is too heavily made up, it can make them look tired or old.




10. Lipstick

The Mexican Makeup style includes applying dark lipstick shades such as red to make the face look more dramatic and attractive.  Dark lipsticks are perfect for making your lips appear fuller and more kissable. They also add some depth and complexity to your facial features,

While the American Makeup style prefers a shade more to the side of nudes because they think it gives a more airbrushed look. Many American celebrities and TV personalities have given rise to the wider application of nude colours.


In the end, there is no doubt that when it comes to makeup, both American and Mexican Makeup styles are known for their unique styles. It all depends on your preferences. From the different makeup formulas to the choice of shades, there are many differences between these two styles.



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