Ashley Piercing Guide - What Is It, Pain Level, Cost, 15 Best Designs


Updated At  28 Aug 23

Thinking of getting a lip piercing? Our full guide will answer all your questions and will help you to finalize the decision quickly.

When we talk about lip piercings, Ashley lip piercing unquestionably is one of the finest options. Not just because it looks fashionable and funky but also because it extends a unique and minimalistic look.


Ashley Lip Piercing - Full Guide

- What is ashley piercing?

- Pros and Cons

- Cost

- Process and aftercare

- 15 best ashley piercing designs

- FAQs




What is an Ashley piercing?


An Ashley piercing is a single piercing or a puncture that goes directly through the middle of the lower lip.


This piercing is a kind of inverse vertical labret piercing as it has one exit puncture on the outer lip and another one which is inside the mouth. 


Ashley Piercing Pros 

- It amazingly highlights the lip area as well as enhances the lip makeup look.
- It offers a unique way of maintaining facial symmetry
- This piercing can be combined with many other types of piercing such as snake bite piercing.


Ashley Piercing Cons

- Jewelry rejection: it is advised to use stainless steel or titanium for any kind of piercings for avoiding the risk of jewelry rejection
- Infections: every kind of piercing is prone to infection. Hence, it is advised to follow the steps of aftercare scrupulously.
- Dental complications: as in the case of Ashley piercing, the jewelry will be constantly rubbing the gums which may cause erosion. Hence, choosing the right spot for the piercing is essential.


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Ashley piercing cost

It is kind of certain that you will be getting an Ashley lip piercing by the end of this article, so let us now move your attention to the cost of getting an Ashley piercing done. It can cost you anywhere between $25 to $80. Although here is a tip- One should never shrink on price especially when it comes to piercing in the body. Ashley piercing or any kind of piercing requires precision and accuracy, therefore, it is always advised that one should any day go for a reputable and trusted piercer. If lip piercings are not done properly then the chances of developing painful infections increase. 


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First and foremost, you need to find a reputable and trusted piercer.

1) The piercer will first clean the area that is your lower lip.

2) The next step is marking the position of the piercing with a surgical pen. This is the most crucial step for the piercing to be safe as well as fashionable. Therefore, it is advised to check the mark thoroughly before moving forward to the final stage.

3) In the final stage, your lip will be swiftly perforated with a needle and piercing jewelry will be inserted. And it's done then. Usually a titanium implant is used for the piercing as shown above.


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Aftercare is a crucial stage for any kind of piercing to reduce the chances of developing infections as well as reduce the healing time. 

- For lip piercings, maintaining oral hygiene is the most important step of aftercare.

- Try to avoid lip makeup for a few weeks and let the piercing heal.

- Avoid oral contact with others during this period.


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15 Stunning Ashley Piercings Designs 



1) Piercing With Labret 

Ashley piercing with Labret piercing is a super cool and trendy design. Such kinds of designs offer a groovy vibe to your personality altogether.


ashley hoop


2) Piercing With Hoops

One of the best facts about these kinds of piercings is that they can be customized according to your individual style. So, if you are someone who is into bold hoops then this is the best design for you.


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 12


3) Piercing With Rings

Any kind of lip piercing with rings looks undoubtedly amazing and Ashley piercing with a ring can be a great idea but one should check if the ring is squeezing the lower lip or not. Because too much compression can lead to infection. 

gem ashley

4) Piercing With Gemstone

Many of us have a vivid obsession with gemstone jewelry. Surprisingly this piercing with gemstone not only looks gorgeous but also very funky.




5) Piercing With Studs

Ashley piercing with stud is one of the most common and traditional ways of getting an lip piercing done. A stud is nothing but a piece of jewelry with a removable, flat, black-like a ball kind of accessory. 


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 00


6) Piercing With Heart Shaped Stud 

Very unique and customized is heart piercing for anyone who is into lovey-dovey rom-com. This design looks so pretty that everyone should try it at least once.




7) Piercing with bar

Lip piercings are typically done with labret bars. This is a safe design option as it helps to get the piercing healed properly and look stunning at the same time.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 15


8) Mandala Style Piercing 

Many people use the mandala as an aid to meditation and hence there has been a growing obsession over mandala piercing. A mandala-style Ashley piercing can be an alluring and eye-catching design for you.


ashkey septum


9) Piercing With Septum

Septum piercing always blends in well with Ashley piercing, no matter what your face shape is. It has a very jazzy look at the same time.


ashley medusa


10) Piercing with Medusa

If you are someone with a good pain tolerance limit then you should surely go for this design. It goes in together so well that it will be a new makeover for you.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-18 at 12


11) Gold piercing

Gold piercing is piercing done using gold ornaments. This is the safest option as piercings done with gold are not prone to any kind of infections. The stunning fact here is that gold with lip piercings looks idiosyncratic. 


ashley flower


12) Flowery piercing 

If you are someone who is obsessing over Ashley piercing but want to give it a feminine look then this design is perfect and exclusive for you.


ashley snake

13) Piercing with the snake bite

If you are considering a snake bite piercing but getting confused as it may look too basic then this design is for you. Pairing Ashley piercing with the snake bite enhances the look of the snake bite piercing.


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 15


14) Piercing with the spider bite

As mentioned before, there are always chances that a normal and simple spider bite piercing might look bare and not so much alluring. Getting an Ashley piercing done with it is always a great go-to idea.


WhatsApp Image 2023-07-17 at 15


15) Piercing with dainty stud

Lastly, we have this design of Ashley piercing with dainty studs. This design is for all those who are excited to get an lip piercing but at the same time, are scared or confused to get one because it might look “a little too much” or “little extra”. This is a traditional design that is simple but beautiful.



FAQs On Ashley Piercing



Q. What is the difference between Ashley piercing and vertical labret piercing?
Ashley piercing is an inverted vertical labret piercing that is in a vertical labret piercing, there are two visible points whereas in an Ashley piercing, only one visible point is there which makes it look much more minimalistic and beautiful.


Q. Can we get Ashley piercing on small lips?
There has been a belief that these kinds of lip piercings looks good only in full lips but it’s a myth for contemporary trends. Ashley lip piercing on small lips tend to seem more pronounced.


Q. How much do Ashley piercings hurt?
Ashley piercings are one of the most painful piercings but these are still tame compared to cartilage or nipple piercings.

Q. What to avoid during the healing process?
Avoid touching and even skin care for some time so that it can heal quickly