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Snake Eyes Piercing Full Guide - Cost, Pain, FAQs, Photos


Updated At  21 Jun 24

Are you someone who is trying to explore the funky side of your personality? If yes, then snake eyes piercing is a fabulous pick for you. However, Snake eye piercing is one of the most challenging piercings and you should know every tids and bits about this piercing before getting it done.  We are presenting you a complete guide for snake eye piercing covering all of your doubts and queries. Lets begin.


What Is Snake Eyes Piercing?


Snake eye piercing is basically a double piercing that sits on the tip of the tongue horizontally and these punctures are symmetrical.


It undoubtedly looks striking and eye-catching. The name comes from the look it offers, that is the look as if you had the fangs of snakes or as if a snake bit you right there, or as if your tongue looks like the head of the snake. 


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Procedure Of Snake Eye Piercing

As tongue piercings are delicate area piercings, one should know about the step-by-step procedure of the piercing before walking to a piercer’s shop. 

Here is your handbook of step-by-step procedures for snake eye piercing

It is necessary to clean the area where you are getting a piercing done but here you cannot go for tongue sanitation so general self dental hygiene is important before you get the piercing done. 

1) For the first step, the piercier will mark the position of the piercing. Precision plays a significant role in every kind of piercing, but snake eye piercings can turn really fatal if not done properly. 

2) As there is a tendency to wiggle in the case of tongue piercings, piercers generally use chomp to hold the tongue so that they don't hit the vein.

3) For the final step, a sharp needle will be used to puncture followed by the snake eye piercing jewelry which will have studs on both sides while the bar would be hidden. 

And the piercing is done. It might sound challenging as tongue areas are delicate but it is nothing but a 5-minute easy procedure and you need not be scared of the procedure. 


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Snake Eyes Piercing Pros And Cons


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Pros Of Snake Eye Piercing

1) Snake eye piercing are comparatively less painful.

2) It takes only 8 weeks to heal.

3) Tongue piercing usually bleeds less than any other piercing.

4) Tongue piercings are easy to hide.

5) It extends an eye-catching and stylish look.


Snake Eye Piercing Risks

1) This kind of piercing can damage teeth as well as gum.

2) It may cause oral issues and pain.

3) Because of the above-mentioned points, it is likely to affect speech patterns for some time. For the first few weeks, it causes difficulties with chewing.


Snake Eye Piercing Cost

There is no standard price for the jewelry of snake eye piercing. It depends on the piercier. It can start from $35 and go up to $65. 


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Snake Eye Piercing Healing and Aftercare

Snake eye piercing healing generally takes 8 weeks. It may heal even before the stipulated times. Many times, with proper care, these kinds of piercings tend to heal within 5 weeks. During this period of healing, it is necessary to take reasonable care and maintain hygiene.



Precautions For Healing And Aftercare


- Choosing the right kind of food during the healing process is advised in the case of every type of piercing. Tongue piercing tends to be more prone to oral damage. Hence one needs to pay much more attention when it comes to food habits. Try to stick to soft and bland foods. One can even go for baby foods and ice creams, at least for the first two weeks. 

- Using hands in the piercing area is suggested to be avoided in every kind of piercing. The same is for snake eye piercing. But if for some reason, one needs to touch the area then one must wash one’s hands properly before it. The reason behind this precaution is to prevent bacteria and dirt from reaching the area of the piercing. 

- Maintaining oral hygiene is supreme for tongue piercings. Rinsing your mouth after every meal is a must. You need to keep your mouth clean and fresh. One can use salt water for rinsing
For a few weeks, it is suggested to stay away from alcohol. Alcohol may cause swelling. Do not take just swelling as a wrong sign. Tongue piercings swell a bit and there is nothing to worry about that but alcohol can aggravate the swelling.

- To maintain good oral hygiene, it is suggested to use the correct toothbrush as well as mouthwash. You can contact your dentist for the same. 


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Snake Eyes Piercing Ideas

We do not have many types of snake eye piercing jewelry so it can be tough for you to stand out from the crowd but we have got you covered with some stunning snake eye piercing ideas.

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1. Classic Snake Eye Piercing

The classic snake eye piercing is one the most popular as well as one of the most classy looks of snake eye piercing. You just need a normal stud-like piercing for it. You can either go for black studs or silver studs. If you are someone who wants to keep it simple and conventional then this design is for you. 

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2. Skull Surface Piercing 

If you are someone who got bored of the classic snake eye piercing then this design is the right fit for you. This extends a funky and stylish look. And doubtless, to say, this is a unique look. This is creative and if you are into dark aesthetics then this design is going to be your favorite.


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3. Diamond Snake Eye Piercing 

If you are trying to find an idea for snake eyes piercing jewelry that looks subtle and classy then this design is what you are looking for. Piercings with diamonds look not only elegant but beautiful at the same time. Getting diamond snake eyes pierced can be a great idea.


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4. Snake Eye Piercing With Nose Piercing

If you want to keep the snake eyes piercing to the traditional sides but want a groovy look too then pairing up your snake eyes piercings with nose piercings can be a fabulous idea for you.


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5. Snake Eye Piercing With Lip Piercing

Lip piercings always blend in perfectly with tongue piercings any day and if we are talking about snake eyes tongue piercing then we can never forget to pair it up with lip piercings. 



Snake Eye Piercing FAQs



Q. Can one smoke after getting a snake eye piercing?

It is advised not to smoke for at least first 4-5 weeks after getting a tongue piercing


Q. How many times should we gargle after snake eye piercing?

One can gargle for 3 to 6 times a day as a part of aftercare.


Q. How to decrease the swelling?

Keeping your head elevated can help you ease the swelling


Q. How much does snake eye piercing hurt?

Snake eye piercing is not very painful. It is rated 4 out of 10 on the pain scale.