Best Curly Bobs For Older Women

25 Trending Curly Bobs For Older Women

Rituparna Priyadarshini

Updated At  09 Jun 24

After a certain age women feel that styling their hair in new, innovative and creative ways, is no longer appropriate. They start settling for the basics. But is that really necessary? We don't think so. We believe, women, irrespective of their age, should experiment with different haircuts and styles. One such style that is garnering a lot of attention from the ladies, especially the curly-haired women, is the bob cut. Considering their love for this specific style, we have enlisted a few curly bob hairstyles for older women that will surely add a youthful glow to their face and vigour to their appearance. 


25 Best Bobo Hairstyles For Older Women




1.Classy Bob

The Bob cut is one of those few hairstyles that is known for its timelessness. Women, after a certain point, seek sophistication and simplicity, which they can easily get with a classy curly Bob. If you have natural curls, great! If you don't; a single session with your hairdresser can give you the curls you've always wanted. Remember, ask them to keep your Bob at your chin-level for convenience.



2. Layered Bob

Women want to have some fun with their hairstyles as well. A layered Bob is the perfect combination of boldness and class, as the layers of curls add volume and bounce to your hair. Alongside, it also gives women a youthful vigour, that can attract everyone's attention when you walk into a room.



3. Short Bob

If you have thick hair that can become unmanageable and difficult to take care of, we recommend a short Bob. Keep the length just above the chin, flaunting your beautiful jaws and smile. It also accentuates the shape of your face and looks very chic. For a mesmerizing effect, you can let a few curls fall above your forehead, and you're ready to go!



4. French Bob

Delve into the freshness and sophistication of French styles with this cut. The soft curls wjtha side part can be the perfect contemporary look that is appropriate for all occasions. You can also add fringes and be a trendsetter for young women and girls to be inspired by you.


5. Middle-Part Bob

Women who are workaholics even in their 40s or 50s, barely have time to spare on a hairstyle every day. For them, a simple middle part can do the trick. How, you ask? Well, curly hair bob adds an instant bounce and fullness to your hair. All you need to do is create a middle part and balance your curls on each side so it frames your face perfectly.



6. Stacked Bob

If you think you cannot have fun with a Bob hairstyle, you cannot be more wrong? No matter if you are in your 40s or 50s, you deserve fun and exciting styles. One such is the stacked Bob in which the front curls are left longer than the curls at the back. It creates an asymmetrical look with the front curls framing your face. We suggest a side-part with it, but you can choose per your styling preferences.



7. Blonde Bobs

You don't always need a unique style to elevate your look. A simple change of colour can do the trick. For instance, women can opt for the honey blonde or strawberry blonde colour to bring out the shine and wave of their curls. Doing so also adds a certain defining depth that can make you look alluring at any age.



8. Curly Bob With Bangs

If you are someone who has always been a fan of bangs, do not let a Bob haircut stop you from getting it. A curly Bob with bangs may sound like a risk, but once you get it, there's no going back. You can even adjust the bangs per the shape of your face, making your hair manageable yet magnificent at the same time.


9. Shoulder -length curly Bob

Some women just cannot go for really short bobs. For them, length is everything. With this particular cut, you can get the best of both worlds; the desire to have long wavy curls along with the chic Bob cut. All you have to do is ask your hairdresser to leave your natural curls till your shoulder. You can also opt for styling techniques and products that can make your curls, curlier.



10. Rezo Bob

A style is not always necessary to make you look stylish and trendy. You know what little effort can do the trick? A little trimming on all sides can perfectly frame your face and enhance your features. You can go for any shape per the structure of your face , and even add bangs or layers.


11. Messy Jaw-Length Bob

If you want to have a jaw-dropping look, we recommend the messy and sexy Jaw-Length Bob. Women with soft curls or even dense curls can opt for this look. All you have to do is cut your hair short till your jaw, which will have volume, bounce and movement making it pleasing on the eyes of the beholder as well.


12. Bowl Cut Bob

Many women often seek comfort over style, but why compromise? If it's fashion and convenience you want, we suggest a bowl cut Bob for your curls. It also suits women with ringlet curls and adds bounce. Moreover, women with an oval face can pull it off like a fashionista!


13. Dark Auburn Bob

It's a known fact that when you opt for a darker shade, your curls get rejuvenated and get defining density that no other hairstyle can offer. Additionally, it evens out all the fades and damaged hair at the end. For a better result, we suggest using a product that enhances your curls and makes them fluffier.



14. Silver Curls

Women are quite confident of their beautiful ageing bodies, aren't they? They have not only started owning it but are also flaunting it with great panache. If you are one of them, who is in love with their classy silver hair, we suggest you let your hair loose and opt for a neck-length Bob that adds movement and shape. You should blow dry your hair to ensure it does.


15. Redhead Curls

Women with soft curls or wavy curls can opt for a reddish hue that adds glamour and sophistication to their look. With it, you can keep your Bob a little shorter for a structured look and with a side part. Women with fairer skin must opt for this colour as it can enhance their glow and also make their smiles sparkle!



16. Firey hued short textured Bob

Women can never let go of their wild side, no matter if they are 20 or 40. If you wish to channel your funkier side, we recommend cutting your Bob really short, with the top longer than the bottom. It will add texture and shape, that will give the perfect look. Add some glitz and glam with the fiery colours of red and orange that will surely leave women your age in awe of your boldness and vivacity.


17. Bob with Graduation

Aren't you tired of the same old bobs, just in varying sizes and styles? Lets shake things up with a Bob with a low elevation at the back. The visual effect it will create also gives your neck a swan-like structure making your face look slimmer and your whole vibe, awesome!


18. Bob with Curled Bangs

Is a short bob with bangs, even a thing? Of course, it is. And a quite fashionable one as well. Those who want high fashion and opulence for their hairstyle, can choose a short bob and create curl banga at the front to make the look even more ethereal. This adds youthful vigour and highlights all your beautiful facial features.


19. Natural Curls

Some women like to keep their hair untethered and away from all the harmful products. They prefer to keep things as natural as possible. For them, especially those with curly hair, it's best to keep their hair loose giving the curls enough space to grow out and take their natural course. You can always cut it at the edges to protect it from any kind of damage and to give it structure. Ladies, we support your choice of being natural!



20. Long Shaggy Bob

Often women feel, having long curls is for younger women. Gone are those days when women were reluctant to try out new things due to their age. Those women who are ready to break the glass ceiling, can now opt for a long Shaggy Bob which requires minimal maintenance and styling. All you need is the right product and a little boldness to let your curls shake and flow. Channel your inner Rockstar, today!


21. Box Curly Bob

Think out-of-the-box with the Box Bob hairstyle. All you need is the perfect hairstylist who understands what it is and can give your wavy and soft curls the shape of a box. This particular style frames your face like no other style can, and accentuates the natural structure of your face. It is best suited for women with thick and neck-length hair.



22. Snowy Blonde Bob

Hair colours can do wonders to your hairdo. And when done on a Bob hairstyle, it can turn the clock back and make you look younger. For this style, you must first get a neck-length Bob that gives off a circular shape. Add it with icy blonde colours to make your curls look pleasing and tender enough as the first Snow of Winter.


23. Pixie Bob

If you have a smaller face or an oval face, we suggest a Pixie Bob. It is somewhat similar to a short bob but added with the mesmerizing effect of graduated layers that complement one's facial structures and features. Besides that, managing a shorter Bob is easier than any other and requires less product as well. If you are someone who is always on the go, we highly recommend this style.


24. Undercut Inverted Bob

Some Older women try to resuscitate their quirkiness and playfulness, which they once had to let go of. But, is there any simple way of doing so? Of course, there is. With a simple change in their hairstyle, they can channel the quirky and bold girl that lives within every woman. The undercut Inverted Bob, which is a short bob with the hair just above the neck trimmed really short, can add a modern vibe and a new spark to your whole appearance.


25. Curly Shag

If you are tired of your curly hair being messy at all times, we suggest you own it like a boss and stop trying to fix it. The best way to do so is to opt for a Shaggy Bob that lets your curls be the way they are. However, you can opt for trusted haircare products to enhance the curliness and to get a perfectly structured messy Shaggy Bob.



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