12 Best Creams For Pigmentation In India – 2023 (With Reviews)

Monika Satote

Updated At  19 Feb 23

Want to find out the best pigmentation cream in India?

Pigmentation is the term used for the colouring of the skin. Our skin gets the colour from a pigment known as melanin. Melanin is formed by some special cells in our skin. Any problem with these cells can fluctuate the melanin production. It may cause some patches on your skin. Higher the production of melanin, darker your skin gets.

The problem of pigmentation is very common amongst all of us. Finding the best pigmentation cream can resolve the issue to a great extent.

We make the task easier as our guide lists the 12 best pigmentation removal creams in India with reviews for current year. 

We cover the following:-

  • 12 Best Pigmentation Creams In India
  • Most Popular FAQs On Pigmentation Creams



12 Best Creams For Pigmentation In India





1. Biotique Fruit Whitening And Depigmentation Face Pack

One of the best pigmentation cream in India, this creamy and thick bio fruit whitening and depigmentation face pack is amazing. It gives instant brightness and glow to your skin. Also it does not make your skin dry. 

It is made from the juices of pineapple, tomato, lemon and papaya fruit.  If used regularly, it gives fairer and smoother skin.

Additionally this hyperpigmentation cream also removes tan. With an amazing packaging, it is certainly travel friendly and can be carried anywhere.


  • Brightens skin
  • One of the best pigmentation creams
  • Spreads easily because it is creamy
  • Outstanding packaging
  • Affordable and travel friendly
  • Gives skin a healthy glow
  • Removes tan


  • Burning sensation on applying
  • Smell is quite undesirable

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2.  VLCC De Pigmentation Night Cream

VLCC depigmentation cream comes with a pleasant fragrance and semi-thick consistency. This cream hydrates your skin and makes it soft. It helps the skin to be brighter. As far as black spots and patches are concerned, this cream is useful for that too.

One of the best pigmentation cream, this one has key ingredients like Sandalwood extract, Aloe vera extract, sunflower oil, trehalose, glycolic acid. This pigmentation cream is packed in a white coloured tub packaging and it has a sky-blue coloured label.


  • Brightens skin and makes the skin glow
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Nice fragrance and is non-greasy
  • Suitable for oily skin too
  • Hydrates the skin very well
  • Peels the dead cells and make the skin clear
  • Affordable

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3. O3+ SPF 30 Whitening Cream for Skin Brightening & De pigmentation

The O3+ Whitening SPF 30 is white in colour and has a thin consistency. This cream blends very easily and does not leave any sticky feeling on the skin. It protects from UVA, UVB rays and simultaneously whitens your skin. It is suitable for all types of skin. The cream should be applied 10-15 minutes before you go out.
Using this cream in the right amount is necessary to avoid the white cast. When used regularly, this cream improves the texture of your skin and makes your skin glow.
The packaging of this pigmentation cream is quite simple. It comes in a white tube and has a flip open cap, which closes well.  It has all the details on it.

  • Gives a bright skin
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Moisturizes skin and improves its texture
  • Reduces tan and dullness
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • Suitable all skin types
  • Affordable
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Travel friendly packaging


  • Not enough for harsh summer days.

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Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack


4. Aroma Magic Anti Pigmentation Glossy Pack

This anti pigmentation cream is free of parabens, harsh chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrance and colour. It has natural active extracts of clove, nutmeg, Rajasthan, blackberry leaf and pennywort. This cream lightens the complexion and pigmentation. It is also effective on dark circles and age spots.
The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of this hyperpigmentation cream clear blemishes. Glycerine and neroli oil in this cream moisturises your skin and gives a healthy shine.

This is the best pigmentation cream in india, if you are looking for a chemical free product.

  • Evens out the colour of the skin
  • Alcohol and paraben free
  • Lightens the dark circles
  • Made of essential oils
  • Does not irritate eyes or skin
  • Does not cause drying after using it
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance.
  • Suitable for summer as well as winter
  • Paraben free pigmentation cream


  • Regular use is necessary for maximum benefits
  • Effect stops when you stop using the product

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Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream


5. Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream

Jovees pigmentation cream is an ayurvedic cream made up of herbal and botanical extracts which are useful to cure blemishes, pigmentation and acne scars. It has a thick consistency and hence it is a little difficult to spread. Hence, it is comparatively easier to use it on a wet face.

Jovees anti blemish pigmentation cream comes in a tube packaging and has a flip-open cap. It makes the product travel friendly.

The brand claims that it is suitable for all the skin types, but it is not so good for the people who have dry skin.

The product is really easy to use. Regular use of this Jovees pigmentation cream will give you amazing skin texture and glowing skin. One of the best pigmentation creams, this also works to reduce your acne scars and blemishes effectively.


  • Reduces blemishes, pigmentation and acne scars
  • Non greasy
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Inexpensive
  • Pleasant rosy fragrance
  • Hydrates skin


  • Not suitable for dry skin
  • Does not spread easily
  • Shows slow results

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Organic Harvest Anti Pigmentation Cream


6. Organic Harvest Anti Pigmentation Cream

This organic anti pigmentation cream is the remedy for pigmented skin, sunburns and tanned skin. It is made from natural extracts derived from organic daisy flowers and mulberry and prevents excessive melanin formation.

It gives you soft and glowing skin. This organic harvest cream is also effective on black spots. It comes in a plastic pump dispenser bottle. An amazing absorbing property of this cream will make your skin soft and shiny.  

One of the best ayurvedic cream for pigmentation, this is very effective, smells good and moisturises the skin nicely. However, an issue with the cream is that the result is temporary and is not longlasting.


  • Natural remedy for skin pigmentation
  • Free of parabens, mineral oil and animal ingredients
  • Moisturises skin
  • Smells good and has a nice consistency
  • Has Vitamin C which is good for the skin
  • No harmful colours and chemicals
  • One of the best pigmentation cream in India


  • Effect not longlasting
  • Comparatively expensive
  • Results take time

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7. VLCC De-Pigmentation Face Mask

VLCC depigmentation face mask is enriched with Saffron Extract and Sunflower oil. Both ingredients are necessary for cell turnover. Saffron improves complexion and makes your skin radiant. Sunflower oil nourishes the skin and makes it smooth and clean. The VLCC mask has a creamy texture and it spreads easily. The face mask works for all the skin types.

To use this cream, wash and pat dry your face. Take the pack on the fingertips and spread it on your face and neck. Wait for 15 mins. After drying wash the face with water and pat dry.


  • Effective depigmentation cream
  • Spreads easily and has a good fragrance
  • Contains Vit C and saffron
  • Easy to use and is travel freindly
  • Affordable
  • Makes the skin smooth and radiant
  • Skin doesnt experience breakouts


  • Not the best exfoliator
  • May not work for dry skin

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8. Vaadi Herbals Lemongrass Anti Pigmentation Face Scrub

Vaadi face scrub is good for removing pigmentation, dark spots and adds glow to your skin.

This herbal scrub has a thick creamy consistency which solidifies with time. It removes dead skin cells very effectively. Though the scrub contains granules, it does not impact your skin negatively.


  • Removes pigmentation
  • Exfoliates really well
  • Does not dehydrate skin
  • Affordable


  •  Not very effective against acne
  • Solidifies with time, hence difficult to apply

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 Nutriglow Anti Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial Cleanser


9. Nutriglow Anti Pigmentation & Blemishes Facial Cleanser

Nutriglow anti hyperpigmentation cleanser is very effective for removing blemishes and pigmentation. It makes your skin clearer and fairer. This cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It also prevents pimples and decreases the wrinkle on your face.


  • Removes blemish and pigmentation
  • Firms the skin
  • Lessens the wrinkles and lightens age spots
  • Prevents pimples
  • Improves skin complexion

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10. Vedic Line Meladyne De Pigmentation Cream 

Vedic depigmentation cream lightens the skin. It evens out the skin and reduces melanin production. This prevents the blackening of skin and eradicates black spots. It has no harmful chemicals and hydroquinone. It is enriched with aloe vera, liquorice, turmeric and oil of lemon. An antioxidant, vitamin C is present this cream. You must wash and cleanse face before applying this cream. And then apply it on affected areas. 


  • Removes pigmentation
  • Not harsh on skin
  • Works well on dry skin
  • Effective in winter


  • Can make the skin oily

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Zordan Papaya Light Anti Blemishing Cream


11. Zordan Papaya Light Anti Blemishing Cream

The Zordan anti blemishing cream prevents pigmentation and is enriched with papaya extracts, almond oil, saffron extracts, wheat germ oil, apricot kernel oil. It removes blemishes very effectively. This zordan cream contains many essential oils and also removes acne scars.

For best results, apply the cream while sleeping and leave it overnight. After washing your face in the morning, you will find your skin smoother.


  • Removes blemishes
  • Removes acne scars
  • Full of essential oils
  • Gives clearer and smoother skin

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Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream


12. Richfeel Anti Blemish Cream

The Richfeel Cream is Homeopathic anti blemish cream to treat acne marks, pigmentation, blemish marks and dark circles.

Richfeel anti blemish cream is white in colour and has a moderate consistency. It tones your skin evenly and makes your skin clearer.

The cream is not greasy and comes in different sizes. The packaging is very nice and travel-friendly.


  • Gives a clearer skin
  • Reduces pigmentation
  • Treats dark circles, acne scars and blemishes too
  • Travel friendly
  • Available in various sizes


  • Does not remove stubborn spots

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FAQs On Pigmentation Creams


Q- Which is the best pigmentation cream in india?

Biotique fruit whitening and depigmentation cream, VLCC De pigmentation cream, Aroma magic anti pigmentation glossy pack and Organic harvest anti pigmentation cream are the most popular creams to get rid of pigmentation in India.


Q- Which ingredients should i look for in an anti pigmentation cream?

Hydroquinone, licorice extract, aloe vera, sandalwood extract and hyaluronic acid are some of the key ingredients which one can look for in an effective anti pigmentation cream.


Q- How can i take care of pigmentation at home?

One can try different home remedies to get rid of pigmentation. The following DIY home remedies are very effective.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Pack - Take two spoons of apple cider vinegar, mix it with equal proportions of warm water and apply a layer of the solution to the affected area. Clean it water after a couple of minutes.
  • Aloe Verag Gel - Get the aloe vera gel and apply it on the affected area rather than massaging it into your skin. Be consistent, as this will take time to show results. Try to get the aloe Vera gel extract directly from the plant or in a ready made form.

You can also check out the 5 most popular natural remedies for hyperpigmentation to treat it at home.


Q- Which are the popular face packs for anti pigmentation?

You can try the following anti pigmentation face packs to get rid of pigmentation.

  • Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth Face Pack: Mix 1 tablespoon of multanimitti, 1 tablespoon of rosewater and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to form a face pack. Apply it regularly on your skin (2-3 times a week) to get rid of pigmentation. 
  • Gram Flour And Curd Face Pack: Mix 1 tablespoon gram flour, 1 tablespoon curd, a pinch of turmeric to form a paste. Apply this thick pigmentation face pack on the affected areas and wash it off after 10 minutes. Do this regularly every week to remove pigmentation.


Q- What the main causes of hyperpigmentation?

Sun exposure, pollution, hormonal changes, genetics, skin inflammationare are all causes of hyperpigmentation. The extent to which every factor plays a role varies as per individual. Find out everything about the hyperpigmentation types and all the treatment options available to treat hyperpigmentation.




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