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9 Best Winter Skin Care And Makeup Tips For Dry Skin


Published  06 Feb 19

Are you looking for the best skin care and makeup tips for dry skin in winter? Do you feel your skin is becoming too dry in winters which is giving you flaky skin?

Worry not as we list the best winter skin care and makeup tips which will take care of your dry skin effectively.

A harsh winter can mean you need to use the best skin care and makeup tips to be at the top of your style game.

Winter skin care is extremely important because if not managed well it can make your skin dry and rough.

When it comes to being your beautiful best, three features JUST can’t be ignored – your skin that needs to look flawless, the lustrous lips and of course, those beautiful eyes.

However, along with focusing on them you also need to take care of multiple things like picking the right products, steps which need to be followed for effective winter skin care and many more.

Let’s see how we can make them appear the best!


Best Winter Skin Care And Makeup Tips For Dry Skin


1. Avoid Heavy Makeup

One onf the most important makeup tips for dry skin in winter is to avoid heavy cakey looking makeup. Instead opt for a nude makeup look with skin perfectors and highlighters.

The best options for these are Clarins BB Beauty Perfector, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured Creme and Kiko Milano Tropic Heat Gel Highlighter Active Peach.


2. Focus On Your Eyes

Look smoking hot even in the cold by letting your eyes talk. Brighten up the pale colours of winter with smoky eyes perfected by using the Chanel Ombre Premiere No.26 Noir Satin.

If heavy smoky eyes are not your thing, then you can always go for kohl-ed eyes using Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pencil, Smooth Charcoal or Bobbi Brown Long-wear Eye-pencil .


Lips winter skin care


3. Don't Worry About Lips

Face it, one of the constant worries during winters is chapped lips. But that should not stop you from highlighting one of your most prominent features.

What better way than using bold, coloured lipsticks for the winter? While keeping the rest of your look minimal; focus on your lips with the Lakme Enrich Lip Crayon Blushing Pink , Estee Lauder Pure Color Love or NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream.


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maybelline fit me foundation


4. Pick A Hydrating Cream Or Liquid Foundation

Skin becomes dry during winters so its very important to maintain the moisture level of the skin to ensure you get the perfect and longlasting glow.

While using a moisturizer is an absolute must, picking the right foundation is also curcial.

During winters, one should prefer a hydrating foundation which goes well with your skin tone.

Also make sure you stay away from powder foundations as it might highlight flakes. A better option is to go with Cream or liquid foundations.

Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation, MAC Studio Face And Body Foundation and Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation are all good options.


5. Never Miss Out On The Moisturizer

One of the most important parts of any CTM (cleanse, tone, moisturize) routine, moisturizing your skin becomes very important especially during winters as your skin has a higher tendency to become dry.

Pick the right moisturizer and spend extra time massaging it on your face. Maintaing the right moisture levels will help you get the natural glow.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion are good options if you are looking for moisturizers for dry skin.

6. Moisturize Regularly

Winters can make skin dry during the day even after you have applied the moisturizer in the morning, so its important to moisturize your skin regularly.

Whenever you feel your skin is becoming dry, try to wash your face and apply the moisturizer. Focus on the driest areas to ensure your skin gets the required hydration where it needs the most.


7. Sunsreen Is Always A Must

A sunscreen is always needed whether its a summer or a winter. The sun rays can be dangerous for your delicate skin so its important to protect it all throughout the year.

Make sure you pick a broad spectrum sunscreen with atleast 15 SPF so that you get the minimum required protection. You might increase the SPF levels depending upon the exposure to the sun rays.

Also try to go for those sunscreens which do not have a lot of chemicals. Try to stay away from harmful ones like parabens.

You can check 15 Best Chemical Free Sunscreens In India to pick the best sunscreen for your skin type.


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Micellar water makeup remover


8. Pick The Right Makeup Remover

While removing makeup is important to keep the skin fresh and smooth, it is also important to pick the right makeup remover which does not have too many chemicals.

Try to pick the remover which is gentle on your skin which cleanses your skin effectively.

Maybelline Micellar Water Makeup Remover and LOreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Gel Makeup Remover are good options.

These products not only keep the skin smooth but also are gentle on your skin.


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Now that you know the best skin care and makeup tips, its time to up your skin game and get a glowing and flawless skin!



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