Top 15 Tips For Glowing Skin From Dermatologists

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Updated At  14 Dec 22

The following skin care tips from dermatologists will save you from a myriad problems down the line and will give you naturally radiant skin. These beauty tips for glowing skin are something that dermatologists all over the world swear by.

From using a sunscreen to cleansing your face effectively everyday, these dermatologist tips for glowing skin will also help you to prevent aging and skin damage.

We cover the following:-

  • 15 Dermatologist Tips For Glowing Skin
  • 5 Most Popular FAQs



15 Dermatologist Tips For Glowing Skin

If you want to know how to get glowing skin as per a dermatologist, then refer to the following tips. These are simple yet very effective.




1. Wear your armour

Your skin needs protection!

If the harmful UV rays and the abject environment are your daily battle then, a sunscreen is your armour. Skin care tips from dermatologists all over the world suggest that sunscreen as a facial product and general skin care product, is a must in every house and they cannot stress enough on the importance of wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Why? Well, a sunscreen protect you from tanning, skin cancer, pigmentation, premature ageing and more. Coat your face, neck, hands and area that is exposed to the sun.


Cleansing is peremptory


2. Cleansing is peremptory

Cleanse it off!

No matter how sloshed you are after a party and no matter how endearing the bed looks after a tiring day- you’ve got to cleanse your face if you want forever glowing skin and healthy looking skin.

This is one of the top dermatologist tips as cleansing your face ensures that all the dirt, grease and makeup is removed and your skin can breathe again. It prevents breakouts and other bacterial infections. Preferably, use a soap free cleanser. Follow this for everlasting radiant and glowing skin.


Don’t skip moisturizer


3. Don’t skip moisturizer

Hello glowing skin!

Every article or book that covers skin care tips from dermatologists will always have this one point. Every dermatologist urges people to use a moisturizer twice a day to lock in all the natural oils and moisture that your skin desperately needs in today’s climate and environment. Don’t avoid moisturizer if you have oily skin as that will produce even more oil to compensate.


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Yoga to the rescue


4. Yoga to the rescue

Sweat it out!

Exercise is crucial as it removes toxins from your body; however, too much of high impact cardio can hinder production of collagen that can lead to sagging.

A Washington based dermatologist says that exercises like Bala-asana, Downward facing dog pose, Sun salutations boosts circulation that will give you radiant skin.

A simple beauty tip for glowing skin as well as excellent all round health!


Keep calm and keep your stress levels in check


5. Keep calm and keep your stress levels in check

Ward off stress!

Research has shown that high levels of stress and tension can deteriorate your skin quality. In extreme cases it has also been shown to proliferate hormones responsible for skin conditions such as psoriasis. So learn de-stressing techniques and ward off stress by taking time out in the day for yourself. Those dark circles and wrinkles will disappear without a trace. Go for a massage or spend time with family, anything!


Follow a bedtime skin care regimen


6. Follow a bedtime skin care regimen

Maintenance is virtue!

Pamper your skin after cleansing and toning with the essential hydrating mists, serums, night creams or any retinol cream or anti aging products at night as your skin goes into repair mode while you sleep, and giving it an ingredient that boosts collagen production and skin cell turnover is preventative skin care at its best.


Sunscreen & powder as bff’s


7. Sunscreen & powder as bff’s

Now, sunscreen effects wear off in an aggregate of 3 hours. So reapplication is imperative to maintain your skin's armour. To improve your sunscreen’s efficacy, use powder sunscreen to top up your sunscreen effects every few hours. Being a powder, it's inherently light, which would help your makeup to remain as you like it.


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Heal with tea- inside and outside


8. Heal with tea- inside and outside.

Tea for two- taste buds and skin!

One of the best skin care tips from dermatologists is drinking tea. Tea contains protective compounds such as EGCG and theaflavins that help prevent skin cancers and breakdown of collagen. Don’t think twice before you refill your cup of chai. It’s not only delicious but your skin loves it too! For dark circles, apply green leaves or a green tea bag after you’re done drinking it on area around your eyes. Tea also boost your complexion that gives you glowing skin.


Food is important too


9. Food is important too

Watch what you eat!

Our mothers always coerced us to have those soaked almonds with breakfast. Well, if you didn't have incentive to eat them then, now you do! Loaded with essential fatty acids, it serves as a saviour from inflammation, fine lines and skin sagginess. Other foods like salmon and tuna are excellent sources too. Cut back on sweets and sugary stuff as it damages the collagen that helps keep your skin firm. Follow these simple beauty tips for your face at home and witness your skin reborn, radiant as ever.


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Avoid smoking and drinking


10. Avoid smoking and drinking

Time to put a no smoking tag on yourself!

Smoking and drinking damages your body not only from within but from outside too. It speeds up the aging process and will worsen skin conditions like acne or skin diseases like psoriasis. You’re likely to end up with stubborn bag under your eyes, wrinkles, feeling unrested, and dull looking skin. Why? Well, smoking impedes the blood supply that keeps skin tissue looking supple and healthy.


Sleep for 8 hours at least


11. Sleep for 8 hours at least

Beauty sleep is real!

The most common dermatologist tip is to get enough sleep and for good reason too. The second biggest cause of wrinkles after UV or sunlight exposure is not getting enough sleep. This is presumably one of the the most important dermatologist tips as your body needs time to repair and rejuvenate and only proper sleep will ensure that happens. Keep your electronic devices away after dinner and indulge in some light reading - that will prepare your mind and body for sleep.


All round hydration is vital


12. All round hydration is vital

Hydration is key!

Simply using facial skin care products as a topical remedy will never be enough. Your skin needs to be nourished from the inside just as much as it needs to be nourished from the outside. So apart from maintaining a healthy amount of water intake, use facial skin care products specifically engineered to deeply nourish your skin from the outside in. The usage of hydrating sprays can do wonders for your skin.


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Exfoliate and use hydrocortisone in moderation


13. Exfoliate and use hydrocortisone in moderation

Scrub twice a week!

Exfoliation as a general practice is highly beneficial for your skin. It cleans out all your pores and gives you glowing skin immediately. To tackle problems like puffiness and under eye bags, couple exfoliation with hydrocortisone creams (easily available at pharmacies). Apart from being anti inflammatory, it also has excellent anti ageing properties. However, moderation is the key because when used in copious amounts, it will do more harm than good. For the best results, consult a dermatologist for a specified usage dose.


Look for Products Containing Ceramides


14. Look for Products Containing Ceramides

Ceramides for that extra nourishment!

Dermatologist Jeremy Fenton says “Ceramides are my favorite ingredient in moisturizers, ceramides are one of the naturally occurring lipids in the lipid barrier of the cell membrane. It is an important component of skin hydration and barrier. They are often placed in formulations that don’t clog pores.” With this, you can look at your ever glowing skin and marvel at yourself every day.


Use skin care products that according to your skin type


15. Use skin care products according to your skin type

For skin that smiles from within!

For healthier looking skin and best feeling skin, dermatologists suggest that you should buy and use products that match your skin’s needs. So if you have oily skin, use products suitable for oily skin and the same applies for other skin types and concerns such as dry skin, acne prone skin, etc. Visit a dermatologist if necessary.



5 Most Popular FAQs


Q- Which is the most essential skincare product recommended by dermatologists to prevent skin damage?

One of the most essential skincare product as per dermatologists is a sunscreen. This is very critical if you are going out in the sun. Depending upon the time you are exposed to sun rays, one can pick a sunscreen with a specific SPF. Usually a sunscreen with SPF30 or more is a safe option.

The sun is one of the key reasons for the skin aging so its absolutely important to protect your skin.


Q- What should be the best way to treat acne, redness and similar skin issues?

The best way to treat any skin issue like acne is by finalizing a treatment plan after consulting a dermatologist. One should not be lured away by the spas and other products which promise complete treatment and cure.


Q- As per dermatologists, how can one take care of dry skin?

Dermatologists recommend using a good moisturiser to people who have a dry skin.One should always pick the moisturiser with minimal chemicals so that the skin does not get damaged due to the harsh chemicals.

Do avoid using soaps as well as face wipes frequently on your skin. Face wipes specifically have a high pH and also has preservatives, so it needs to be avoided to the extent possible.


Q-  Is using a night cream recommended?

A night cream with Vitamin A  - retinol creams can be good option to maintain a glowing skin. The retinol cream essentially helps to get rid of dead skin cells and hence is very useful. Howver, pick the night cream which has minimal chemicals.


Q- What is the best way to prevent facial wrinkles?

While you can control the number of times you frown, but sometimes this is unavaoidable. Dermatologists recommend getting a facial massage to take care of frown lines. Facial massage before the bedtime can be very effective way to prevent facial wrinkles.



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