Dark Feminine Tattoo Designs

55 Dark Feminine Tattoo Designs For Inspiration - 2024

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  02 Feb 24

When we look out for inspiration for tattoos, bright and joyful ones like flowers, hearts, clouds, and other similar symbols come up a lot. But, there are other kinds of permanent ink options too for those who like something darker and those are dark feminine tattoos. And we'll be listing the best of the best designs of them today!


55 Best Dark Feminine Tattoo Designs




1. Skull tattoo 

A big detailed skull image on this tattoo design looks like it's looking right at our soul. The flowers around the skull are the symbol of nature and it comes out to be a symbol of interconnection between life and death.




2. Death Tarot Card 

The death tarot cards as dark feminine tattoos are very popular. This particular card is among the darkest alongside “The Tower”. It depicts the end of things, both for living and non-living objects. 




3. Long inner arm rose

Usually, a rose is a beautiful symbol of love. But, we can go for a long-arm extended black rose tattoo that exudes darkness too. The dark feminine tattoos list cannot be completed without this popular symbol. If you are looking for unique hand tattoos for girls, then this is an amazing option.




4. Nature scenery tattoo 

The perfect geometry here appears to be stylish and modern. We know that everything comes to an end at some point or another. Thus, getting this scene tattooed from the root of the plant to the moon with clouds will help us remember this message.



5. Lucifer inside a heart

Lucifer is the symbol of the devil. Getting the name tattooed inside a bright red ink will show your belief in darkness truly. You can make the heart peer through with an arrow to make the tattoo look more dramatic.



6. Big forearm moth tattoo 

A moth climbing the flower strand while the flowers droop can contain a lot of meanings. This symbol of these dark feminine tattoos can show the hardship of completing any task. If you are looking for women tattoo ideas with deep meaning, then this is an amazing option.




16. Mysterious mermaid tattoo 

Mermaids are seen as cute symbols in children's literature and movies but in truth, their origin is quite dark. They are said to lure sailors to their deaths with their beauty and songs! Thus, this sign has to be one of the most important dark feminine tattoos.



8. Ouija board 

Some people truly believe in the power of entities and even get dark feminine energy from the Ouija board. This is the global symbol of darkness and interconnection between the human world and the other.



9. Ghost in the heart

The dot work done in this tattoo makes this a beautiful piece. The ghost inside the heart shows the belief in the other world. If you'd like a detailed design, go for extra artwork on the heart and wings.




10. Spider Tattoo  

The spider is considered to be the perfect symbol for smartness and cunningness. Thus for dark feminine tattoos, we'd have to add this intricate sign too! 



11. Bat Tattoo with words lust

This new tattoo covering the stomach over the navel will be a big commitment but if you find similarity to the themes of survival and supernatural entities. 




12. Married ghost 

This is a dark yet beautiful forearm tattoo of a married ghost couple. Just the right amount of dark feminine energy along with the symbol of love that shows everybody can find love.



13. Snake with moon tattoo 

The dark tattoos for females won't be completed without the addition of two of the most popular tattoo symbols; snake and the moon that represent the mysterious nature of the world.




14. Neo traditional tattoo 

A Neo traditional design for dark feminine tattoos should not be limited to the popular blackwork style. No, as we see from this Site of Grace tattoo, even a vintage design like this looks modern with the bright colors added. 




15. Goblet with sun and moon

The big goblet alongside the moon inside the sun represents mystery and livelihood. This tattoo will look spectacular around the bicep since the big goblet will be able to hold intricate patterns.




16. Floral Colorful cover up tattoo 

If you are in need of some cover up dark feminine tattoos, then you make use of both colors and the traditional black ink. Here we see the bright red rose surrounded by black leaves representing darkness.




17. Bird with rose tattoo

Even though birds are seen as the lively symbol of freedom, paired up with a dark black rose can be interpreted as the circle of life that ends for every living entity. Looking for more inspiration? One of the other unique tattoos can be the valknut tattoo which shows honor and respect for people who have passed away.




18. Big black heart tattoo 

This divine tattoo of a black heart surrounded by hands is utterly charming. It is an ideal image of mystical vibes with the hands going to discover the darkness underneath all of us.




19. Fine line thigh dragon 

The big fine line angry dragon showcases anger and heat. The creature is seen to be angry at the world for a certain reason, and if you feel the same, you'll see that you vibe with the Illustration a lot.




20. Bloodied dagger tattoo 

If you've suffered with a betrayal, and can't get over it, then a dagger tattoo will help you to express that feeling. The dripping red blood also adds to the detailing of the tattoo.




21. Matching Thigh Tattoo 

Butterflies are very common as tattoo designs. But, if you want to get their darker version,h then these matching butterflies in blackwork style would convey your vibe with the sign of growth.




22. Heart with daggers tattoo 

The heart for darker meanings is considered to be the love not received back. This sign, paired up with the dagger (the sign of betrayal) means that the person is ready for revenge.




23. Matching wrist tattoo

These mystical-looking matching hand-to-wrist tattoos are ideal for those who are looking for an occult-type design that makes a perfect accessory to match someone's gothic vibe! 




24. Scorpion with flowers

The scorpion is a creature that can snap at you anytime and thus, people are afraid of it. If you combine this sign with a flower, then you can lighten this meaning and add themes of nature.




25. Roaring tiger

Though a little scary to look at first because of the roaring tiger, you'll see the beautiful art of cherry blossoms here that make a beautiful companion to dark feminine tattoos. If you are looking for unique shoulder tattoos for women, then this can be an amazing option.




26. Cat skull Tattoo

Truly one of the most scary-looking dark tattoos is this cat skull design that is seen to be decorated with spiders, its web, and flowers. This looks kinda deadly and thus, it's right in theme.




27. Matching eye tattoo 

The eyes know everything. They are considered a holy symbol for many but you can make it darker with the insertion of imagery like moons, leaves, and more.



28. Dark portrait 

This ravishing yet a little spine-chilling tattoo screams power. Right From her eyes, we can see the haunted expression of the lady who looks like she knows everybody's secrets.




29. Quarter Sleeve Tattoo

The sun and moon becoming one in this pale moon tattoo is divine for sure. They represent a fantastical meaning of the world. Though we humans cannot survive without either of these celestial bodies, they can never come together. 




30. Owl Symbol

The owl is a wise creature. Even though it isn't a big predator, people bash it and call it ugly. So, do something unique and show the world the beauty of this bird with a big owl tattoo.




31. Full moon mandala tattoo

The stippled shade work on the tattoo shines in this imagery. A simple moon is mysterious but this additional mandala work makes the design complex.




32. The Moon Tarot

This divine feminine meaning of mystery comes to the surface in the form of the moon card impeccably. Thus, it's a big inspiration for darker tattoo symbols.



33. Crystal ball tattoo 

The witchy tattoo shows that the future is set and we humans can only try our best to live in this world but what's going to happen will happen. 




34. Haunted Church

One of the darkest feminine tattoos to get, we see the divine symbol of the church being upside down here. Make it more haunting with the addition of ghosts.



35. Bird with a potion bottle 

This Neo traditional tattoo design with the bird sitting alongside a potion bottle is quite mystical. The potion bottle can be anything mysterious. And with the bird on top of it, it can show that there's beauty concealing the truth.



36. Wrist Moth+skull tattoo 

A small tattoo consideration for dark feminine tattoos, these two symbols show that there is life in death and no creature is an exception.



37. Skeleton Mythological Tattoo 

A dragon can be a popular symbol to be used in literature, movies, and more. But we know, they were very powerful creatures that brought an end to many things. This skeleton dragon embodies that.




38. Frog Skeleton Art

The frog skeleton on black skin comes out beautifully. Being the symbol of an endless cycle of living objects on earth, it is one of the most positive designs. You can make it darker by transporting the frog design into its skeleton self. It can show intricate details on the dark skin. 



39. Trust No One

In a world where everybody wants only their benefit and how they can profit, people who are on their own or have seen any setbacks because of others, this tattoo will help them to remember to be their own best friend.



40. Big sleeve tattoo

This full-sleeve tattoo with different elements can be interpreted per person. The girl with a deep look in her eyes shows darkness underneath. The placement on the full arm gives the tattoo artist enough space to fully illustrate the message.



41. Ornamental matching palm tattoos

Tattoos are very personal for each individual. You can get ornamental dark feminine tattoos if you connect to a theme, issue, or community. And getting inked on the inner palms is very unique!



42. Girl with nature scene

Dark feminine tattoos showcasing a woman surrounded by nature look fabulous on the dark skin. It shows that we, humans, are nothing, if not for nature. 



43. Cobra Tattoo 

The poisonous cobra is the symbol of danger and aggression. This will help you to remember that you can only trust yourself as anybody can turn out to be a snake.



44. Hand-holding flower

For people who'd like a poetic dark feminine tattoo, this hand holding the bloomed rose with leaves would be an amazing choice. It has a mystical vibe that reminds us of the fragility of life.



45. Lizard Art

The skeleton of the lizard seems to be perceived as the symbol of a full circle in any living object’s life. It shows that living objects follow a natural process and that everybody is a part of it.




46. Heart with flowers tattoo 

Hearts and flowers are common all over the world as popular tattoo designs. For a darker interpretation, you can get them in the classic blackwork style. The placement at the navel makes the tattoo extra special. 



47. Gothic Tattoo

Truly one of the most dark and haunting tattoos for those who truly love the gothic aesthetic. This big spider tattoo on the back shows a spider crawling in the most gothic way possible. 



48. Finger Tattoos

This finger tattoo will be a big commitment as the tattoo placement would be seen in everyday tasks, so if the theme of occult and other dark themes inspires you, take inspiration from this design.



49. Spider women tattoo

The divine feminine meaning of this thigh tattoo is quite extraordinary. The women can be the representation of humans and how we cannot trust everybody with our secrets as others build a web of secrets.



50. Tribal neck tattoo

The tribal neck tattoo will be a personal one when you get in connection to a particular tribe’s themes. The hand-poked design can take some time to complete but this will make a beautiful permanent accessory. 



51. Memento Mori Tattoo with hands

Memento Mori means that one must remember that their time on earth is limited. This literally translates to “remember you must die” and with the iconic hands’ illustration, it becomes a mystical tattoo choice.




52. Egyptian design foot tattoo

The matching designs on both legs are very complex and ornamental. They showcase the aesthetic that matches with the vibe of the Egyptian tribe you identify with.



53. Dagger tattoo

The hand tattoo of the dagger right at the center of the heart is the ideal symbol for sabotage. The additional details of the drops of blood make this a more complex design. One can use this as a breast tattoo or a back tattoo as well.




54. Scorpio tattoo 

This blackwork tattoo of the big scorpion crawling on the bicep is a big symbol of toxicity. The creature may not be the most beautiful one but it wards off bad omens according to many cultures.



55. Crow tattoo 

The realistic crow coming out of the coffin that's bleeding and has a shining moon overhead is stunning. The combination of this big sign with stars adds another mystical touch!