Demi Lovato No Makeup Photos

15 Stunning Demi Lovato No Makeup Photos

Rituparna Priyadarshini

Updated At  03 May 24

Have you checked out Demi Lovato's "no make-up" looks yet? We are sure you have. But after scrolling through a few of our chosen make-up free looks of her, you will want to explore more and try a few out yourselves. Let's take a look at a few of Demi Lovato's most alluring and inspiring makeup-free looks.

Demi Lovato, known, one of the finest artists of our time, is not only known for her talent but also her candour. One such example is how she constantly puts her unfiltered words, personality, and appearance out there. She also encourages women to own up to their natural appearance and recognize the beauty that they are born with. Demi's no makeup looks have inspired men and women to search for more of her no make-up images, which empower them to fight back against all the stigma and survive in this digital age.



15 Top Demi Lovato No Makeup Photos




1. The Dewy Look

Demi's selfie created an uproar among her fans, who poured in with their love and appreciation for the singer. In this selfie, she can be seen wearing very little make-up, with a few dabs of blush that make her cheeks look fuller and rosy, and a lipstick shade that resembles the color of her lips. Her slightly arched eyebrows, thick eyelashes and short bob hair have made her look even more mesmerizing.



2. Filter-free and Casual Look

Apart from her perfect eyebrows, eyelashes and toned-down lips, what is highlighted in this image are her freckles which often get covered by make-up. In this selfie, posted by Demi herself, she can be seen with neatly side-parted hair combed backwards. The black jacket is further accentuating her porcelain clear skin. 



3. Going With the Flow

In this sizzling and refreshing picture, Demi is donning a nose ring and crystal clear skin with no makeup on. Although her eyes look a little puffier, yet she manages to make her bare skin with a little blush on her cheeks, look flawlessly  natural. It's amazing how a quick dab of the blush on the cheeks can do so many wonders to the skin.



4. A Pre Makeup Picture

The glow on her face may make it seem like she has make-up on, but she doesn't. Demi is flaunting her dauntingly flawless natural skin with a pierced nose. There is just something about the no make-up look with a messy bun that just make things look perfect, doesn't it?




5. Comfy in a Hoodie

Demi here, must be relatable to all those who just want to rush home after a long day, and get rid of all the makeup. Demi has no make-up on her face. She has simply put on a nude lipstick which is making her face glow and freckles pop-up and is also an example of the perfect look that you can easily wear for any casual outing.




6. A Day for a Swim

A close-up of Demi's face reveals that she feels confident in showcasing her naturally glowing skin and is quite proud of her freckles. Her freshly wet hair with slightly glossed lips, makes her look effortlessly sizzling.



7. Early Morning Freshness

Demi has time and again proved that she feels like "herself and the most confident" without any makeup or a little makr-up. It is also evident from the above picture where she has a little mascara on which also give her eyelashes a subtle twirl and thickness. She can be seen flaunting her tattoo and a messy bun with untied strands.



8. Beach Please

It looks like makeup has not affected the natural beauty that Demi is. This is the appropriate, chic and stylish look that anyone can have for a perfect beach day. The loose wavy hair that give it a wet look with absolutely no make up on, are making her thick lips and eyes even more prominent and alluring.




9. Glowing Grunge Look

There is no reason you cannot make a no make-up, make-up look edgy and bold. The perfect example is Demi's gothic, no makeup look with uneven, straight hair with subtle waves and glossy lips. A little blush and bronze have made her minimal make-up look, look as natural as possible. Her nose and ear piercings keep the accessories light, further highlighting her glowing skin. 



10. A Lazy Day at Home

Are you looking for a perfect look for your day at home, chilling with friends? If so, Demi has become the face for "no make-up" looks that let your skin breathe and flaunt your inherent features. Her messy bun with a loose strand hanging on the side is the perfect look and one that you can easily get with a very little effort.



11. Naturally Bold

If you think Demi only loves not putting on any product on her face, then you are wrong. She also loves opting for the minimal make-up look or bare essentials, and no one does it better than her. As seen here, she has a hint of mascara that boldens her rich black lashes, and a little contour and blush that adds glow to her face and makes her skin tone look even. You cannot also miss the plumpness that the nude shade lipstick and gloss bring to her lips. Her bold short bob with wavy hair and a side part has made her boldness even more prominent. 



12. The Geeky Glow

Demi Lovato is known for opting for quirky styles every now and then. But what remains the same is her dedication towards her "no make-up" look. In this picture, she has visibly crystal clear skin, glossy lips, and perfectly drawn eyebrows that have hidden behind her geeky glasses. Demi has opted for a short bob here and appears edgy and bold not because of her casual outfit and hair, but because of her being without make-up or minimalistic make-up that accentuates her best features.



13. Rosy Radiance

People are in awe of Demi's make-up free looks but many do not have the skin to naturally glow as she does. But you don't really need it. In this minimal make-up look, Lovato is visibly wearing a subtle hint of blush on her cheeks and nose that highlight her freckles, and a lip gloss that matches the tone of the blush. Her perfectly arched eyebrows as dreamy-curly eyelashes are enough to make anyone swoon.



14. Sunkissed Radiance

Demi in this image, is looking fresh and fabulous in her make-up free avatar. It is clearly visible that she has absolutely no product on, with a tightly tied bun and a loose, wavy strand hanging out on the side that makes her look even more dreamy and graceful.



15. Post-Workout Glow

When we talk about celebrities who look better without makeup, we cannot ignore Demi Lovato. And the reason is evident from the image above. In this picture from her gym sessions, Demi is seen flaunting her rosy lips with a hint of a baby pink lipstick shade. As a proof of there being no other product on her face, one can clearly see her puffy eyes and slight dark circles under her eyes, which show that no products have been used to cover it up for social media. 

Demi Lovato has evolved as an artist through the years yet her love for her no-makeup looks remains unchanged. Her choice of keeping things as minimalistic as possible is not only about showcasing her natural beauty but also about understanding the importance of feeling confident in one's own skin. We hope our selection of Demi's no-makeup looks also inspires you to feel the same and create your own no-makeup makeup look with a few bare essentials. 



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