Did Bella Hadid Have Plastic Surgery

Did Bella Hadid Have Plastic Surgery?

Sheena Shah

Updated At  14 Jun 24

Bella Hadid's face looks different... Did Bella Hadid have plastic surgery? This is a common question in the comments section under pics of the American supermodel and sister of fashion icon Gigi Hadid.

Bella had always denied allegations of cosmetic procedures. However, in a Vogue interview in March 2022, fans were shocked when she revealed going under the knife at the mere age of 14. This incident fuelled Bella Hadid plastic surgery rumors, with speculations that she has more work done on her face besides a rhinoplasty.

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Let's explore the potential cosmetic procedures Bella Hadid might have undergone over the years. We'll consider the opinions of board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Anthony Youn and Dr. Gary Linkov, along with the analysis of her face transformation by Australian YouTuber Stephanie Lange.



1. Bella Hadid Nose Job

For years, Bella Hadid denied plastic surgery surgeries, but in March 2022, she opened up to Vogue about a cosmetic procedure she regrets the nose job she had at 14. "I wish I had kept the nose of my ancestors,” said Bella, the daughter of Dutch-born American television personality and former model Yolanda Hadid and American real estate developer Mohamed Hadid.

Teenagers undergoing cosmetic procedures is not uncommon. Bella shared her struggles with self-image, stating, “I was the uglier sister. I was the brunette. I wasn’t as cool as Gigi, not as outgoing,” adding that repeated negative comments made her believe these things.

Dr. Anthony Youn, America's Holistic Plastic Surgeon, said that, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, almost 45,000 teenagers aged 13 to 19 had rhinoplasty in 2020. He emphasised that such surgeries require parental consent and pointed out that the nose typically stops growing around ages 15 or 16. Dr Youn mentioned that in his own practice, he would not perform rhinoplasty on anyone under 18, although this isn't what is typically followed in the country.

Bella's nose job and her transformation over time highlight the pressures young people face regarding their appearance and how it makes them opt for cosmetic procedures so early in their lives.



2. Bella Hadid Faces Allegations of Ponytail Facelift

Many young people are increasingly opting for “ponytail facelifts,” a more affordable and less invasive alternative to traditional facelifts that still deliver dramatic results. This trend has led to rumors that model Bella Hadid new look might be a result of this plastic surgery.

The ponytail facelift is designed for women in their late twenties and early thirties, and its popularity increased during the COVID-19 lockdown. This procedure offers less swelling, minor pain, and a quicker return to looking ‘normal’ compared to traditional facelifts.

Unlike a standard facelift, which involves incisions around the head and neck, the ponytail facelift achieves a tightened look with just a few cuts along the hairline and behind the ears. Stephanie Lange, a professional makeup artist and YouTuber, gives clear answer to the question: Did Bella Hadid have plastic surgery?

Stephanie has observed changes in Bella Hadid’s face, revealing:

“Bella's skin has become smoother and tighter as she's aged rather than the other way around, which is what happens to the rest of us mere mortals. I think she may have undergone a ponytail facelift."

One of the key advantages of the ponytail lift is that it requires only tiny incisions behind the hairline, avoiding the obvious scars behind the ears associated with regular facelifts. Dr Linkov elaborates,

“So with a ponytail lift, any tiny scars are literally hidden by your hair, so nobody would really know that you’d had it done. The ponytail lift pulls the brows forward and cheeks upwards, giving a tight lift.”  



3. Bella's Sculpted Face Might be a Result of Buccal Fat Removal, Cheek Implants or Botox Injections 

One of the most talked about about Bella Hadid plastic surgery procedures is her rumors of undergoing buccal fat removal and cheek implants. Fans have observed a transformation in Bella's facial structure over the years. Her cheekbones appear more defined, lending her face a sculpted and chiseled look.

While Hadid has never publicly confirmed undergoing any cosmetic enhancements on her cheeks, experts in the field have weighed in on the matter. Buccal fat removal, a popular procedure among celebrities and influencers, involves the surgical removal of fat pads located in the cheeks. By reducing the volume of buccal fat, patients can achieve a more contoured and slender facial profile.

Besides buccal fat removal, cheek implants have been speculated as a potential factor contributing to Bella's stunning facial structure. Cheek implants, or cheek augmentation surgery, involve the insertion of silicone implants to augment the cheekbones and create a more defined facial contour.

The discussion surrounding Bella Hadid plastic surgeries shows the growing popularity of cosmetic enhancements in the fashion and entertainment industries. Dr Gary mentions, "There's something so much softer and more approachable about this photo on the left, pre-buccal fat removal and pre-cheek augmentation compared to her (Bella) appearance now, but maybe that is the high fashion look, whatever that means."

Dr Youn, a prominent figure in the field of cosmetic enhancements, noted that Bella's face appears to have undergone subtle changes, with her cheeks appearing thinner and more contoured. This transformation has stirred questions about whether it is a result of natural aging or cosmetic interventions such as Botox injections.

Botox injections are commonly used to target the masseter muscles, which are located on the sides of the jaw. By injecting Botox into these muscles, it is possible to create a slimming effect, giving the face a more sculpted appearance. Dr Youn suggested that Bella Hadid may have undergone such injections to achieve the contoured look observed in recent years.



4. Bella Hadid New Look Hints at Eye Surgery

Supermodel Bella Hadid plastic surgery speculation regarding her eye transformation has created a media buzz. She is known for her role in popularizing the fox eye trend, leaving many wondering if her iconic look is the result of more than just clever makeup and beauty tricks or some eye surgery.

Hadid has publicly credited beauty tape for her exaggerated eye look, dismissing rumors of surgical procedures. "Whoever thinks I’ve gotten my eyes lifted or whatever it’s called – it’s face tape! The oldest trick in the book," she explained.

However, fans and experts are finding it difficult to believe that such a flawless and elevated brow look can be achieved with face tape alone. Dr Youn explains that she might have undergone a fox eye lift, stating in his YouTube video on Bella Hadid cosmetic surgery transformation

"The key with using face tape for the brows is that you have to hide that tape and normally when people use face tape you can see that they're wearing their hair down or they're wearing a wig to cover it. Well, if you take a peek at these photos of Bella where she does appear to have her brows elevated, her hair is worn back and either she has a fantastic makeup artist who is doing a masterful job at hiding this face tape or maybe she has actually had a fox eye lift."



5. Under-Eye Filler Speculations

Bella Hadid's under-eye area has sparked speculation, with some suggesting that she may have undergone under-eye filler injections. Makeup artist Stephanie noted, "It also looks to me as though Bella has undergone under-eye filler, but it hasn't worked overly well."

Dr. Gary Linkov supported this observation, explaining that under-eye filler can sometimes settle unevenly, causing visible fullness due to its water-absorbing properties. He elaborated, "Under-eye filler is very tricky... it acts as a sponge and that sponge like quality can create this fullness that just exists there underneath the skin under the eye."

This happens when the filler is placed too superficially, leading to undesirable results. While some believe Bella's under-eye appearance to filler injections, others speculate that her puffiness could be due to fatigue, a common issue for models.



6. Bella Hadid Lip Surgery Rumors

Bella Hadid's changing facial features also indicate towards lip surgery as they appear quite fuller compared to her original look. In Bella Hadid before and after pics, her top lip has progressively increased in size, making people compare her lips new look to Kim Kardashian's lip transformation over the years.

Stephanie remarks,

"Her top lip now looks very different to her original top lip. Her top lip is just getting bigger and bigger now. Don't get me wrong, Bella never had small lips; she always had quite naturally full lips. However, her top lip was not this full... Another thing I noticed recently about Bella that she never seemed to have before is that now it appears as though the right-hand side of her top lip is sitting slightly on the left, which could obviously happen from a slightly botched lip lift."

Dr Gary Linkov further examined the evolution of Bella Hadid's plastic surgery, suggesting a potential lip lift procedure. A lip lift involves making an incision between the top lip and nose, removing excess tissue, and lifting the lip.

Lip lift surgery can create a fuller appearance without the telltale signs of traditional lip filler injections. Additionally, potential asymmetry in Bella's top lip can be seen, which could result from differences in starting positions during surgery.

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The Verdict: Did Bella Hadid Have Plastic Surgery?

The question of whether Bella Hadid has undergone plastic surgery has been a topic of debate and speculation. While Bella has often denied having multiple cosmetic procedures, she has admitted to at least one surgery: a nose job at the age of 14, a decision she later came to regret.

Despite this admission, Bella has consistently denied having other procedures, attributing her striking facial changes to natural growth and makeup techniques. However, experts and fans have noted significant transformations in her facial structure over the years, leading to ongoing rumors about Bella Hadid plastic surgeries.

Ponytail Facelift and Fox Eye Lift:
Rumors suggest that Bella might have undergone a ponytail facelift and eye surgery to achieve her current look. Stephanie Lange observed that Bella's skin appears smoother and tighter with age, which is uncommon without surgical intervention.

Dr. Gary Linkov explained that the ponytail facelift involves tiny incisions hidden by the hairline, resulting in a discreet and effective lift of the brows and cheeks in Bella Hadid's new look. Despite Bella's claims of using face tape for her elevated brow look, Dr Anthony Youn suggested she might have had a fox eye lift.

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Buccal Fat Removal, Cheek Implants, Botox Injections:
Bella's sculpted face has also led to speculation about buccal fat removal and cheek implants. Dr Gary noted that Bella's pre-surgery photos appeared softer and more approachable compared to her current high-fashion look, suggesting possible cheek augmentation. Dr Youn added that Botox injections in the masseter muscles might have contributed to her contoured jawline.

Under-Eye Filler and Lip Lift:
Bella has faced scrutiny for possible under-eye filler injections, which makeup artist Stephanie Lange and Dr. Gary Linkov believe may have settled unevenly. Additionally, Bella's upper fuller lip has raised questions about a potential lip lift.

While Bella Hadid has openly acknowledged having a nose job, she denies undergoing other cosmetic procedures. Nevertheless, the noticeable changes in her facial structure and the expert opinions suggesting possible surgeries and enhancements indicate that she has taken the help of plastic surgeries to achieve her new look.



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