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51 Stunning Hawaiian Tattoo Designs For Women

Natasha Rajesh Dhamale

Updated At  25 Mar 24

The tattoos that we come across these days have a major influence on them from the traditional Hawaiian tattoo art also known as the “kakau”. We are here to give you an overview on the designs which remarkably stand out for the female composure.


What are Hawaiian Tattoos?  

The Polynesian people respected and took the artform with great value and imparted a specific secrecy to it too. The tattoo art displayed the power and strata of an individual in the society. It is one of the most popular tattoo arts from the Pacific. It was done using bones, bird beaks, or sharp objects and the procedure was supposed to be extremely painful. The warriors of war land got these tattoos to show their courage and valiance. Mostly these tattoos were done by the male members of the society but even females indulged in a few tattoos. These tattoos carried a deep culturally attached meaning and mostly represented the forms of the nature like plants, flowers, animals and birds.


How To Get Hawaiian Tattoos?

The traditional Hawaiian tattoos where an ancient practice and an extremely painful process to go through, which also took a tremendous amount of time and care to heal. The process was even kept secretive for most of the artists. These days we don’t see people getting the Hawaiian tattoos in the traditional manner but they are done with the modern tattoo art techniques with just the element of inspiration from the original art.

The Hawaiian tattoo art has significantly left its imprints on the modern tattoo art which is immensely induced with the symbols and designs. The tattoo artist that you are consulting and working with can easily help you with the Hawaiian tattoo designs and curate your tattoo according to your liking. These days females tattoo with an incorporation of the Hawaiian tattoo symbols and designs are steadily gaining popularity and becoming the new trend. Let’s take a look at the female tattoo designs which are inspired by the Hawaiians.



51 Top Hawaiian Tattoo Designs For Females

back hand

1. Back Hand Tattoos

Hawaiian tattoo designs for females on the back of their hand, covering their entire back hands or just parts of it (in the manner of Arabic mehendi) is a pattern which looks gorgeous on women.

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2. Stingray Tattoo

The stingray holds the power of hiding from other sea creatures into the sand and is a beautiful creature of the oceans. It slides into the sand and protects itself. The stingray symbolizes protection, danger, a certain calm, agility. It is a elegant Hawaiian tattoo design for females.



3. Feather Tattoo

A feather tattoo in incorporated with the elements from the Hawaiian tattoo designs would make an ethereal pattern for female tattoos. The feather denotes bravery, courage, travel, weightlessness, freedom and gentleness.

Untitled design


4. Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo

The Hawaiian tribal tattoos have more intricate and detailed designs, better for females as they do not exhibit the bold and large patterns of the traditional tattoos. They are a bit unusual and piece together various elements to form the entire tribal tattoo, every pattern has a meaning attached to it. These Hawaiian tribal tattoos can be adorned on the bigger parts of the body like the sleeve or the leg or on the back.


5. Elliptical Curvy Design Tattoo

The Hawaiian people consider the ocean an extremely important symbol and worship it. The elliptical curvy tattoos have minutely placed triangles and geometric shapes which form patterns developed into swirls, these circular patterns depict the ocean waves and water formations. It also depicts the cycle of life, the sprouting of a new life and new beginnings. These Hawaiian tattoos for women look creative and scrupulous on the body.




6. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies are a great idea for Hawaiian tattoo designs for females are it represents beauty and femineity. They look perfect on the female skin and can be accompanied by the elements and symbols for the Hawaiian culture.

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7. Lizard Tattoo

Gecko is a native species in lizards, popular on the pacific islands, especially Hawaii. They are considered pure and sacred in the Polynesian culture and symbolize mobility, faith, great future and flexibility. The gecko Hawaiian tattoo symbol is used to ward of the evil spirits and enemies.



8. Shell Tattoos

Shells are supposed to carry the emotions of peace, tranquility and calm with it. They are a reminder of the ocean waves and the sand. In the Hawaiian culture the shell tattoos were carried just by the head of the tribe and was the denotation of extreme wealth and prosperity. These tattoos look subtle yet alluring on the female skin and would be suitable on any part of the body as it would not occupy much space.



9. Plumeria Tattoo

Plumeria is a delicate beautiful flower from the Hawaiian Islands which denotes birth, love and the creation/beginning of something and is a great choice for a Hawaiian flower tattoo. It also stands for beauty, dedication and devotion. Getting plumeria inked is a perfect choice for women as it is a delicate and feminine inclined mark and hints at the qualities of a solid woman.



10. Crab Tattoo

A crab ink is supposed mean rebirth, virility, harmony, prosperity, good health. The Hawaii being an island has a huge coastline where there is an abundance of crabs, thus linking crabs to the Hawaiian tattoo symbols. Hawaiian tattoo designs for females includes crabs to denote adventure, balance and renewal.



11. Tattoo Of The Hawaiian Deities

The Polynesian culture have their own gods and goddesses. Some of them are Lono, Maui, Laka, Kane. The tattoos of these gods are a representation of the Hawaiian culture and their way of worship. The tattoo can be a symbol of rhythm, calm and fertility.


12. Hawaiian Sea Turtle Tattoo

The Hawaiian green sea turtle is known as ‘Honu’, and is the symbol of fertility and good luck. Turtles are also supposed to be amazing navigators and a crucial part of the tropical eco system. Not only do the Hawaiian turtle tattoos look exquisite but they also radiate the positivity and endurance of Honu. Hawaiian turtle tattoos also make up for excellent Hawaiian tattoo designs for females.



13. Tattoo Of The Hawaiian Islands

Getting the outline or the geographical pattern of the islands of Hawaii inked on your skin is one of the most delightful tributes or homage to the exotic culture and tradition of the Polynesian islands. It’s a simple yet opulent Hawaiian tattoo design for females.

traditional (1)


14. Traditional Hawaiian Tattoo

The ancient traditional tattoos of the Hawaiian people are a representation of bold geometric patterns, triangles and swirls with huge areas of skin occupied. To get these traditional Hawaiian tattoos is a bold lifestyle choice and they are mostly executed on the back or the hand sleeve or the entire hand.

orchid (1)


15. Orchid Tattoo

The orchid flower represents love and beauty in the Hawaiian culture and is an epitome of luxury, femineity and strength. Getting the classic and elegant orchids is one of the most popular inks for females. These simple Hawaiian flower tattoo designs with the petals of the flowers being symmetrical showcase the rare beauty with the strike of balance in it.



16. Dragonfly Tattoo

The dragonfly is a representation of several good virtues such a renewal, light, preservation, dreams, rebirth, transformation and more. The dragonfly is wonderful element to be inked in the Hawaiian design form.

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17. Tiki Tattoo

Tiki is said to be the first human being in the Polynesian history. The Hawaiian people worship tiki as a god and have his statues carved which show power and strength. The tiki Hawaiian tattoos which are usually done on the person’s arms, represent protection and a strong sense of danger from far away. Women have even started to sport these vivid tattoos undauntedly.



18. Anthurium Tattoo

Anthurium flower tattoos are commonly flaunted by ladies as they are ethereal and beautiful. The flowers are a symbol of beauty, love and hospitality. They mostly come in bright colors and are heart shaped, and the islands of Hawaii are known for being the highest exporters of the anthurium flowers. The Anthurium flower again makes up for an amazing Hawaiian tattoo design for females.



19. Lei Tattoo

The lei are basically garlands made out of flowers, leaves, stems and are worn around the neck and hands. They have a standard importance in the Hawaiian culture as they symbolize greetings. They are worn by the singers, dancers, entertainers, and also worn by the tourists at the stance of their welcome. They denote the ranking of status, religion and grandeur. The Hawaiian tattoo designs for females inspired by these lei garlands look pretty and have an added touch of femineity to it.



20. Volcano Tattoo

The Hawaii islands are known for a lot of dormant as well as active volcanoes. They stand for the geographical setting of Hawaii and are an integral part of the Hawaiian ecosystem. The volcanoes symbolize the rebirth after destructive events and are suitable inks for a person with a fiery and explosive personality.



21. Tropical Floral Tattoo Designs

The Hawaii islands are known for its floral ascend. There is a beautiful variety of flowers found on the islands and through horticulture like Maui, pink cottage rose, red lehua. These flower designs could be combined into the female tattoo designs to achieve exquisite crafted designs.



22. Fish Hook Tattoo

The fish hook is a tattoo of a positive symbol which basically indicates abundance and prosperity as the fish hook denotes the abundant supply of food provided to the people living on the islands. The fish hook is supposed to be good fortune and luck. The fishhook as known as ‘Makau’, and it holds a deep meaning for the Hawaiian people. Elaborately designed tattoos of fish hook so magnificent on the female skin.

triangles (1)


23. Hawaiian Triangles Tattoo

The Hawaiian triangles are one of the most commonly used elements in the tattoo art of this Polynesian land. These triangles represent strength and at time are even used to depict the shark teeth through the Hawaiian tattoo symbols. Stacked triangles also symbolize the spearhead which stands for both life and death, again being a symbol of great power. These triangles form a crucial aspect in all of the Hawaiian tattoo designs.



24. Full Sleeve Tattoos

Full sleeve tattoos are vast and complex tattoos particularly originated from the people of Polynesia. This has the different patterns mixed up to form the entire tattoo ensemble.

sun moon


25. Sun And Moon Tattoos

The sun and the moon are worshipped by the Hawaiian people for the light that they bring and also the operating of the ocean tides depends upon their movement. Thus, they carry great importance in the Polynesian culture and make it a symbolic choice for tattoos.



26. Symbols On Fingers

The prominent symbols of the Hawaiian tattoo art culture like the waves, the triangles, spearheads, fish, shells, and more, getting these inked on the fingers is another great representation of the magnificent Hawaiian Islands. These Hawaiian tattoo symbols look attractive and carry a distant aura to it.



27. Starfish Tattoo

Starfish is a symbol for healing and salvation and a creature of the ocean. It has attached symbolism towards femineity. With added Polynesian strokes to it, it would make up for a ravishing Hawaiian tattoo design for females.



28. Pineapple Tattoo

The pineapple is an immensely popular tropical fruit of Hawaii. Nothing would make up for a better random tattoo art than to get a tiny pineapple inked behind the ear or on the arm.



29. Circular Tattoos

The spherically bounded tattoos which have the Hawaiian kakua art embedded inside it is another stunning Hawaiian tattoo design for females. The spherical bind nurtures a spiritual feel.



 30. Language Tattoo

As a home age to the Hawaiian culture, one can get inked their favorite words in the Hawaiian language.



31. Coconut Tree Tattoo

The Hawaiian language based on the tropics and have abundant coconut trees as most of the islands do. The coconuts with a little piece of land below and the sun behind with waves besides, mainly represent the island and are an apt tattoo to symbolize Hawaii.




32. Snake Tattoos

The snakes resonate which shedding the old skin and rejuvenating our new self. These serpentine tattoos look exemplary on the body and have a tone of stealth and might have been known to represent fertility in the Polynesian Hawaiian culture.



33. Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphins are fun, free sea creatures and have been an integral design idea of the tribal as well as modern Hawaiian tattoo art. It’s a cool tattoo idea for people who have a liking of the ocean, the Islands and also want to denote something free spirited.



34. Arrow Tattoo

Arrows represent the warrior nature in the Hawaiian culture and symbolizes danger, protection and bravery. These tattoos bring out the fight and rebellion nature through it. Arrow tattoos were prominently made up of geometric triangles which are the prominent element of the Hawaiian tattoo designs.



35. Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids are the imaginary creatures from the sea in fantasy tales which were supposed to be beautiful women which their half of their bodies as a fish. The mermaid tattoo with all its femineity and composure but in the Hawaiian tattoo style is a captivating Hawaiian tattoo design for females.



36. Hip And Thigh Tribal Hawaiian Tattoos

Another Hawaiian tattoo design for females which is extremely sensual is the Hawaiian spread tattoos covering the hip and the thigh. These tattoos might include the triangles, spearheads, swirly designs and are bound to be attractive and a bold choice.



37. Phoenix Tattoo

The phoenix represents ferocity and rebirth. It also signifies a rebel. The phoenix tattoo on the back or the nape of the neck or on the arm in the Hawaiian tattoo art is another magnificent choice.



38. Cross Tattoo

The holy cross is another simple tattoo to opt for, with the touch of Hawaiian design blended in it.



39. Seahorse Tattoo

 The seahorse is considered a creature of strength and mystery. It is another sea creature and a unique animal to get inked. The seahorse is an animal of elegance and thus proves to be a piercing choice for a female.



40. Scorpion Tattoo

A scorpion symbolizes danger, fear and intimidation. It is a powerful venomous animal. The tattoo might be the indication of a strong and lethal personality trait. The illustration of the scorpion in the Hawaiian tattoo art makes up for a distinct and undaunted choice.



41. Star Tattoo

The star is a symbol of hope and longing. The shining stars in the night sky stand out through their shine. The star can be a blended design in bigger tattoos or can even be a tattoo on its own.



42. Tattoos On Abdomen

The Hawaiian symbols and tattoos inked on the female’s lower abdomen is another alluring tattoo idea. These tattoos bring out and highlight the area of the waist and are very captivating.



43. Zodiac Sgn Hawaiian Tattoo Design

The zodiac signs are a representation of the individual’s personality and deeply resonates to your inner self. There are even Hawaiian symbols devoted to each zodiac signs. One can get the symbols inked or just take inspiration through their zodiac sign for their tattoo.



44. Hammerhead Tattoo Design

The hammerhead shark is a famous shark near the ocean waters of the Hawaii Islands. These are wide mouthed sharks and their mouths act the sensory receptors. These are dangerous preying animals who hunt at night which are keen to the oceans of Hawaii. The tattoos of these sharks look wondrous.



45. Ocean Waves Tattoo

One of the crucial elements of the Hawaiian tattoo art is the waves, as the Hawaii are a group of islands which are completely surrounded by sea from all sides. The ocean has been a part of their culture and ecosystem since ancient types and different symbolic representations of it can be seen in the traditional kakau art too.



46. Horse Tattoo

There can be a beautiful depiction of the horse through tattoos in the Hawaiian style by using the signature elements of the art. The horse signifies, speed, loyalty, endurance and beauty.

dragon (1)


47. Dragon Tattoo

The dragon is an imaginary animal existential in several cultures across the world. The dragon is a ferocious beast which can fly and exhales fire. The dragon is known for power, protection and fierce traits. A dragon tattoo would make up for a wild Hawaiian tattoo design for females.



48. Compass Tattoo

The compass signifies direction, guidance and a pathway. It is what the sailor’s used to travel through deep oceans and we all know the prominence of the sea in Hawaii. The compass suggests navigating and thriving through life. A compass ink is an enchanting one. It could also be conjoined with a sea turtle and that could make up fascinating tattoo.



49. Wrist Tattoos

Hawaiian tattoo designs on the wrists look enticing and mesmerizing and also help put a strong personality front through it. It is a good area to get yourself inked as it is visible most of the time and brings out the charm of your being.



50. Chest Tattoos

Getting a chest tattoo is a gut-wrenching decision, the tattoos look tantalizing and have a seductive touch added to it.



51. Animal Tattoos

There are tattoos seen in the Hawaiian tattoo art or the tattoos inspired of the same, where in there are multiple animals in a single tattoo, and its beautifully blended in.