Gwen Stephani No Makeup Photos

25 Best Gwen Stephani No Makeup Photos


Updated At  29 Feb 24


One of the most popular celebrities, Gwen has been sharing her natural photos with her fans often. We have gathered few of the famous images of Gwen Stephani without makeup. These 25 pics are proof that she can rock a with or without makeup look easily.


We specifically cover:-

  • Photos with family
  • Before and after makeup photos
  • No Makeup selfies


25 Popular Gwen Stephani No Makeup Photos





1. Tired Gwen

This photo is throwing a clear and natural look. She has not done any makeup for her face yet but looks simply stunning. Even in her tired look, she beats many Divas who have their makeup on!




2. Gwen With Family

Gwen is seen spending quality time with her children. her makeup free face and black and grey hair add charm to her overall look.



3. Gwen Before And After Makeup

If one checks the before and after makeup photos of Gwen, one can see a marked difference. However, it is clearly evident that she looks stunning even without makeup.




4. Movie Time With Family

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani take her children to the movies. Her bare face with minimal makeup is the highlight of this amazing photo.




5. Natural Face In The Sun

‘Hollaback Girl’ singer Gwen Stefani looked stunning in her natural face without makeup. One of the stunning celeb style photos, Gwen seemed to be enjoying her coffee.




6. Natural Photo

Gwen is seen entering her car in this casual family picture. She looks stunning and adorable in this natural no makeup photo.




7. Mastering The Poses

This photo going looks stunning with her natural skin. She is trying a wonderful pose which makes us fall in awe of her. The multi talented celebrity is surely looking like a professional detective here. The glares seem to be the cherry on the cake.




8. Cute Gwen

This Gwen Stefani no makeup photo is among our favourites. The picture is taken by wonder woman herself when she is relaxed on her bed. She is taking an off and enjoying herself in her home. We seriously think she is ageing in a reversed manner! 




9. Gazing Beauty

Stephani was seen wearing a black top with messy hair while she was coming out of a department store. She looks very fresh and happy in this photo. She doesn't need makeup to look this fresh and happy. We love her no-lipstick look in this.



10. Casual And Simple

We see Gwen sporting her long blonde hair in this picture. This is one of the main features of beauty. The photographer doesn't let the celebrity settle for a second as he clicks this candid picture. She carries the jacket very well.




11. The Fun Run

We can see Gwen Stephani without makeup in this photo as she is jogging on the streets of L.A. while wearing a white tank top. She looks different with the no makeup face than she looks on stage but still looked pretty. She definitely takes good care of her health and skin.




12. Gwen Stefani Natural Look

This Gwen Stefani no makeup look is taken when she was out on an adventure. She looks quite cute and trendy in this picture and we can just adore her beauty. The messy hair and casual clothes add charm to this natural selfie.


gwen-stafani-no-makeup (1)


13. Not Another Pretty Face

In this photo, she appears very young and beautiful. She said it was a treat for Instagram followers and she looks beautifully beautiful in this one. We just can't stop staring at her amazing face and God-gifted features.




14. Bubbly Couple

Gwen posted a photo with her significant other, a famous singer. Stephanie and Shelton seemed to be enjoying some time with each other on valentine's day. She shared this picture with no makeup and a messy haired Shelton. The fans love this picture and love the couple even more.

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15. Out For The Day

Gwen Stephanie looks beautiful in this photo. This is a natural and freestyle photo. We cannot stop gazing into her dreamy eyes in this picture that she shared via her Instagram, as this is one of the best Gwen Stephani no-makeup look.




16. Flowing With The Wind

It is always fun to stand out in the open and let the wind blow through your hair. Gwen Stephani was having such a moment like this when she decided to take a selfie and upload it publicly. It seems that her hair is all over her face as she stares into the camera. Her fans love this photo of her since they saw this Gwen Stephani without makeup picture.




17. No Makeup Selfie

Our girl is rocking a black overcoat in this picture. Her blonde hair looks good on her and makes her look the best among all the women in the store she is visiting. She does not need any makeup to reveal her beauty. Since she is blessed with naturally beautiful eyebrows, she already looks stage ready.   




18.  Proud Mother

This picture speaks to all the haters of the actress. Is carrying her toddler while eating in the gymnasium in this photo. She wears a great of our black t-shirt and looks adorable sans makeup. This picture shocked some people because they didn't imagine Stephani without makeup this way. This is the best Gwen Stephani no-makeup look.





19. Before A Glam Look

Gwen Stephani posted this picture showing that her face looked beautiful without makeup. This is the best Gwen Stephani no-makeup look. The brush is used to define eyebrows, meaning she was wearing no makeup. There is no question about her natural beauty after seeing this picture.




20. The Simple Selfie

One of her top no makeup photos, this one was posted on her instagram account. She was relaxing smiling with her eyes in the photo and reading the comments of fans. 




21. Gorgeous No Makeup Photo

In this photo, we find the celebrity spotting long blonde hair. This is one of her most beautiful features and she makes sure to highlight the same in this photo without makeup. 




22. Photo With Loved Ones

Not sure if it was a morning Hike or a camping trip but we can see that Gwen isn't wearing any makeup. Her natural face look so tempting that even her boyfriend could not resist her.




23. Living Her Best Life

We all know how much of an adventure lover Gwen is. In this photo, we can see her enjoying a dream life and chilling on a yacht with the love of her life. She looks carefree as she lives or best life with her husband on a motorboat. She has no makeup on and is sailing through the waters.



24. Sun And Son Kissed

Going Stephani loves her son and this picture is proof. While posing in front of the sun, she shared this wonderful photo where she shares a happy moment with her beloved child.




25.  Father's Day Fun

She took to Instagram to share an appreciation post about her husband being a good father to her kids from other marriages. She also wrote happy fathers day below the post where she looks all natural.



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