Ana De Armas Best No Makeup photos

21 Best Moments Of Ana De Armas Without Makeup

Sahiba Tandon

Updated At  30 Dec 23

Ana de Armas has become a top Hollywood actress thanks to movies like Knives Out, Blonde, Blade Runner, and more. People have started to take inspiration from her on everything from fashion to makeup. But the actress is even beautiful without the use of makeup too! She is also very open to sharing no-makeup photos on her social media that show she is as beautiful without the use of makeup as she is with all the heavy movie makeup!


Best Ana de Armas No Makeup Looks



1. Promotion Selfie

Though the actress doesn't wear any makeup in this picture, she added this relaxed image while posting another image with a bottle of La Mer’s Concentrate. Ana's hot looks are mainly due to her strict diet, amazing fashion sense and a perfect skincare routine. She uses La Mer’s Concentrate after waking up daily and this serum does all that the actress needs really!

While posting this selfie on her account, the actress added the caption:-

I was introduced to La Mer many years ago by my longtime friend and makeup artist. Now, I am so excited to partner with @LaMer to launch The NEW Concentrate on September 1st! @LaMer #TheConcentrate #LoveLaMer ☀️💚



2. Ana de Armas Without Makeup 

A very simple, subtle but pretty picture of the Knives Out Actress is this one. We can even see the brown freckles around her face that the actress loves to show in her no-makeup look! Ana likes this picture so much that she even set the picture as her profile image for her Instagram account in 2023!




3. Enjoying Time At Home In Cuba

A windy image of the actress where we see how plump and gorgeous the clear skin of Ana is this one where she enjoys her time in Cuba. Here, we have Ana de Armas no makeup look paired up with short brown hair. The same country where the famous actress was born! This Ana de Armas without makeup selfie shows the naturally pink cheeks, plump lips, and sharp eyebrows of the No Time To Die actress. The actress posted this picture alongside the caption:-

“The constant struggle with the sun and mosquitoes.... but happy! // La lucha constante con el sol y los mosquitos... more”


Looking for more inspiration? Do check out the black hot dress from Rihanna as she looks like a goddess in a bikini outfit which shows off her perfect body.




4. Ben Affleck And Ana De Armas

The actress dated Ben Affleck for a brief period in 2020 and this photo showcases Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck got along nicely when they were together. Infact, Ana De Armas had been seen with Ben and his daughthers as well. Ana De Armas and Ben broke up after 10 months of dating in 2021.


351218493_219733447515807_8628082549168197416_n (1)


5. Long Hair No Makeup Selfie

Ana is in this natural environment, letting her hair down to enjoy the wind and of course, free of any makeup. It is quite a minimal celebrity look that captures the leisure time she must be having in the clean air of the park! Her relaxed look is giving us all the calm and chilled-out vibes for sure. One of the stylish celebrities without any makeup, Ana makes sure to capture the limelight with her natural and cute photos.




6. Ana de Armas Young Photoshoot 

The nominee of the prestigious Golden Globe awards has come a long way and one of her early profile images was this one! The light or no makeup look has certainly suited the actress long before she even made it big!




7. Natural Photo In Makeup Room

There is one thing clear from this picture when you have smooth and clear skin like Anas’, then you don't need any makeup products to enhance your image! Here we see Ana without any layers of concealers, powders, and any heavy eye or lip makeup.

This simple no makeup selfie of the bond girl Ana De Armas went viral. We believe simplicity and being honest with your fans do make a lot of difference. Also check out this Nicki Minaj natural photo which took the internet by storm. It was not just the fact that she was not wearing any makeup but it was her sassy expression that caught everyone’s attention.



8. Viral Bare Faced Photo

This picture of Ana de Armas without makeup while stepping out went viral. Many called the actress out for being bare-faced but the fans supported her in her natural look!




9. Casual Walk

Ana walks out on the streets of Venice, california to walk her pet. This is a picture captured by paparazzi where Ana is without makeup but it looks like the beautiful actress is on a photoshoot! Never afraid of going out without makeup, she yet again looks beautiful in this image too!



10. Birthday Picture Without Makeup

Another beautiful Ana de Armas no makeup look for her birthday that the actress shared on her social media where the fans got to see the natural freckles that the sun must've brought out and the natural pink plump lips!




11. Having A Meal In Madrid 

This one is yet another of Ana’s casual looks while having lunch where she was photographed by the paparazzi. Even with the harsh camera lenses of the photographers, we see Ana in her natural environment looking flawless! 



12. Ana de Armas With Her father

This picture of Ana de Armas no makeup dewy look alongside her father was taken in Cuba where the actress met with her mother and father! The actress gets the good genes of her family!




13. Bond Movie Shooting Break 

Like other photographs clicked by the paparazzi while the actress was on break from shooting movies. We see Ana in her natural and no makeup look and dressed up in casual clothes. This is one special outing as the actress was filming the special 25th 007 Bond movie during that time- No Time To Die.


images (11)


14. On The Beach

We get to see the god-given freckles on Ana in this make-up-free beach outing selfie! The Blonde Movie Star is looking different here as she is supporting bangs with long hair that fans haven't seen much of until now.




15. Ana de Armas No Makeup Selfie

This relaxed Ana look makes us understand that even celebrities like us like to be comfortable in their t-shirt and jeans and like everybody else's comfortable personal time, would rather chill in there without the use of any makeup.




16. Early Morning Selfie 

This must be an early morning selfie that the actress clicked after waking up. Celebrities posting their #justwokeup photos were a trend in social media and this selfie of Ana shows that the actress goes and wakes up to the bed beautifully!




17. Traveling In Los Angeles

This Ana de Armas nude makeup look is one of those natural selfies that the actress added to her Instagram account. Hair up or down, any hairstyle is good for Ana!




18. Young Ana de Armas

A very early image of young Ana before she became an Academy Award contender for Best Actress! She is rather bare-faced with just minimal makeup going on.




19. On A Beach Vacation 

A relaxing day on the beach and looking at the blue ocean is a very cool and calm activity and thus, Ana must've decided to go makeup-free to be able to enjoy this relaxing day in the water fully!


images (12)


20. Visit To Rite-aid Store 

This is another image that was shot by the paparazzi while the actress was taking a break in between shooting the James Bond Movie. She is in her natural causal bob and supporting a green sports jacket while visiting the Rite-aid store.


images (9)


21. On A Walk

Ana is usually seen in only light makeup or no makeup at all in the outings with her dog. This is yet another photograph clicked by the paparazzi while the actress was walking her puppy. She is without makeup and lookin comfortable in a simple black camisole with a shrug. In her natural black hair, she supports the no-makeup look once again!




22. Travelling Without Makeup

This photo that the actress took inside her car is an old but gorgeous one! From the photo, we can see that she is super relaxed as she is not wearing any makeup, a simple necklace, and clothes while making her way somewhere.

These Ana de Armas without makeup pictures and looks show that even though actresses are said to have changed or even superior looks because they mask their personalities with makeup, it is clear that everyone is beautiful! The actress is an inspiration to many and shows that girls should not be afraid to step out without makeup.