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20+ Most Popular Hairstyles For Round Face

Vanessa Pereira

Updated At  18 Jun 24

Looking for the best round face shape hairstyles? Read on to master the skill of styling the hair for a round face, as we bring you a list of the most flattering hairstyles for this face type. 


20+ Best Hairstyles For Round Face


Round face shape is one of the most popular types of face shapes. The width and the length of a round face are equal, and this type of face shape has few to no angles.

Hence, when styling the hair, the focus should be on lengthening the face visually to give it a slimmer look. 


  • Ear length hairstyles 

Pixie is the most popular ear length hairstyle for round face that is low maintenance and easily manageable. 

To amp up your look, combine your choice of hairstyle from the below list of pixie haircuts for round faces with a choice of hair colour.


1. Pixie cut with long bangs

This versatile haircut allows one to style the long bangs in waves, curls, in a pompadour, or worn to the side.

Pixie cut with long bangs


2. Layered pixie 

A layered pixie adds volume to your hairstyle and is one of the best face-framing hairstyles. 

Layered pixie


3. Shaved undercut pixie 

A shaved undercut pixie helps to slim the face as it reduces the width due to its short sides. Pixie cut works perfectly well with oval face shape hairstyles as well. 

Shaved undercut pixie


  • Chin length hairstyles

Looking for an in-between haircut that is not too short or long, then chin length hairstyles are the best option for you. Enjoy the illusion of a longer face as the elongated look by the sides of your face makes it appear narrow than it is. 


4. Bob haircut 

Opt for a classic bob or elevate the hairstyles with layers or bangs. No matter what you choose, the hairstyle is excellent for a low maintenance look that can be worn every day or styled with hair accessories for a special occasion. Bob haircut goes perfectly well with rectangle face shape hairstyles as well.

Bob haircut


5. Asymmetrical haircut 

An asymmetrical haircut is an uneven haircut, the hair is longer in the front or the sides of the face and shorter all around the back. This haircut is sure to accentuate your facial features by creating a narrow appearance. 

Asymmetrical haircut


6. Layered Lob 

A layered lob works well on thick hair as it reduces hair around your ends and adds volume to thin hair, giving your face the needed dimension vertically. This hairstyle is one of the best short haircuts for round faces and thin hair. 


Layered Lob


  • Shoulder length hairstyles

Leave it loose or tie it up, shoulder-length hair gives you numerous options on how to style your hair to suit your face shape. Take a look at the hairstyles best suited for round faces.  


7. Shoulder length layered hair

Depending on the thickness of your hair, opt for more or fewer layers, to accordingly add volume to the hair. 

Shoulder length layered hair


8. Blunt cut

This hairstyle is perfect for thick straight hair as the ends are blunt, which adds to the volume of your hair and creates the illusion of a thinner face appearance. One of the popular options for triangle face shape hairstyles this goes well with rounf faces as well.


Blunt cut


  • Medium length hairstyles



9. Medium length layered hair

Layered haircuts are known for their volume, as the top hair is shorter than the bottom portion.  

Medium length layered hair


10. Feathered face-framing layers

This face-framing style creates the illusion of a slimmer face and an elongated neckline. If you like bangs, then pair this hairstyle with side bangs as it will complement your face more.

Feathered face-framing layers


  • Long length hairstyles



11. Long layered hair 

Style your long hair with multiple layers as it adds volume on top and reduces the thickness towards the end, creating a slimmer appearance.

Long layered hair


12. Blunt cut 

Combine this haircut with side bangs or face-framing layers to enhance your facial features while visually creating a slimmer and longer face appearance. For the perfect red carpet look style the hair with soft waves or Hollywood curls.

Long blunt cut 

13. Curls For Long Hair

Your natural long curly blonde hair looks stunning in both corporate and casual settings. It transforms your look effortlessly, adding elegance and charm.

  • Half-up, half-down 

Want a tied-up hairdo, opt for a half-up half-down hairstyle as ponytails accentuate the face. Look for hairstyles that give you volume at the top of your head as this helps lengthen your face visually. 


13. Classic half-up, half-down 

A classic yet classy style; that can be worn as an everyday look or for a special event. To visually create an added length, the top portion of hair should be tied up high. 

Classic half-up, half-down


14. Topknot half up half down bun

For an instantly fun and glamourous look, style the top portion of hair into a high bun. 

Top knot half up half down bun


15. Top braid half-up, half-down

Get creative with the different types of braids you can use to style the middle portion of your hair. Here are a few of the top braid hairstyles you should try.  

  • Dutch fishtail 
  • Single French braid 
  • Mohawk braid top knot
  • Triple French braid double waterfall mini bun

Top braid half up half down


  • Other hairstyles and haircuts for round faces


16. Bun hairstyles

Style your hair with any bun hairdo but ensure to have side bangs or loose hair strands in the front as it helps reduce the width of the face visually. 

Bun hairstyles


17. Side parting 

As the cheekbones are the widest part of the face, a side parting helps cover this prominent feature by the hair that falls towards the sides of the face. 

Side parting


18. Side Bangs 

Avoid straight bangs as it tends to widen the face visually whereas, side bangs elongate the face. This haircut can be created on ear length to long length hair and is best as a face-framing solution. 

Side bangs


19. Loose curls 

For added volume and bouncy hair opt for loose curls as tight curls add to the width of your face. 

Loose curls


20. Beachy waves 

A style that works well on chin-length to long length hair and is easy to create as it does not require any heat. 

Beachy waves


21. Hair colour

There is a variant of colours and hair colour technique available, consult a professional for the right hair colour and style that suits you. 

Hair colour 

Need more inspirations on hair for round faces, go no further, as we bring you a list of celebrities with your face type.

Scroll through the names of famous stars and find one that you would like to twin with.


  • Celebrities with short length hairstyles

Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Hyland, Cameron Diaz, Kate Bosworth, Adele, and Queen Latifah

Celebrities with short hairstyles


  • Celebrities with medium length hairstyles

Miranda Kerr, Elizabeth Olsen, Kirsten Dunst, Priyanka Chopra, Natalie Merchant, and Gemma Chan

Celebrities with medium hairstyles


  • Celebrities with long length hairstyles

Mila Kunis, Drew Barrymore, Kate Upton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Fergie, and Penelope Cruz

Celebrities with long hairstyles