How To Choose The Best Mascara For Your Lashes

Shailee Basu

Updated At  13 Sep 22

A mascara is a must have cosmetic in your vanity kit. In this aeon of makeup, who doesn't want longer, voluminous and curvy lashes? Paying attention to your lashes may seem unimportant but believe us, the right mascara can accentuate your eyes and facial features like nothing else!


mascara collection


The mascara wand can literally be your magic wand if you know your spells right of course, for that you need to pick the best suit for your lashes.

There are a multitude of mascara brands to choose from which cater to different needs- there’s volumizing mascara, lengthening mascara, colored mascara and more. Although the black mascara has been our favorite as most of us have been using it for ages, but we can certainly pick a new mascara basis our requirement.

Choosing a good mascara can become tricky if one is not aware of the specific functions of different mascara wands.

Remember, it’s not the viscous ink in the tiny bottle, but the wand that makes all the difference!


Volumizing mascara


1. Volumizing mascara for fuller looking lashes


Make your lashes stand out!


If your lashes are thin and sparse, you should opt for volumizing mascara to amplify their appearance. For extra volume, you can opt for a mascara that has a triangular wand or a classic fiber wand with many bristles because when you want fuller looking lashes, the bigger the wand is, the better. Make sure you don’t apply too many coats- it will make your lashes look like an overgrown bulky bush and create a major make-up faux pas.


Try the following best mascara bands for more volume- 

- Maybelline New York The Colossal Volum Express Mascara

This amazing maybelline mascara will give you fuller looking lashes in one single stroke. It is also comes with Mega Brush + unique formula that plumps lashes one by one. This Mega Brush instantly helps you achieve 9X the volume, without you having to fret about clumps!

You can buy it here.


- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

This mascara by Estee Lauder not only gives you a bold volume but also lifts and curves your lashes. It comes with an Extreme Bold Volume™ formula is a blend of three high-volume fibers in a mousse-light base. This formula magnifies the look of your lashes.

You can buy it here.


- Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Mascara

Another maybelline mascara to help you achieve the perfect volume. This mascara speaks for itself and is one of the best mascara available out there. There are two variants available- waterproof and washable.

You can buy it here.


Lengthening mascara


2. Lengthening mascara for longer lashes


Create full on dramatic long lashes.


Opt for a wand that combs through lashes giving them a fuller and longer look. A thin wand will help you if your main aim is extending the length of your lashes. Bubble wands hit lashes at 3 different points during application that results in longer looking lashes and can work wonders even for the tiniest lashes.


Try these mascaras if you are looking for long lashses.

- Estee Lauder Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara - Black

It will help you ace your dreamy long lashes in just one application and gives your lashes a fuller, longer and dramatic look.

You can buy it here.


- Clinique High Lengths Mascara - Black

Try this mascara by Clinique to achieve wider looking eyes. Their magic wand will put the tiniest of lashes in the spotlight giving your lashes a defined and mind boggling look.

You can buy it here.


- MILK MAKEUP Ubame Mascara

This mascara comes with the magical bubble wand and the innovative triple-ball brush delivers a plush, high-volume look. It won’t clump or flake, it’s comfortable and stays put all day long!

You can buy it here.


curling mascara


3. Curling mascara for lifting lashes and curving


Get the curves grooving!


Straight lashed girls, here’s your bonanza that you might want to invest in right about now! A curved brush wand will curl your lashes and ensure even coverage. The arched brush will help coax your lashes upward giving them the curve and definition they deserve. I’d recommend using a lash curler before for an even more curled and delineated lashes. You can also use a tapered wand mascara that will intricately define each of your lashes.


These mascaras are bound to get your lashes curling-

- Maybelline New York Volum Express Hyper Curl Mascara

Another stupefying Maybelline mascara to curl get lusciously curled lashes. Trust me guys, this is one of the best mascara brands that is also light on the pocket. It locks curls for up to 18 hours.

You can buy it here.


- Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara - Black

The arched wand coaxes leaves no stone unturned when it comes to lifting lashes and curling them to their boldest ever upturned look. It adds to the volume and lasts for up to 24 hours!
You can buy it here.


- Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara

This one gives you an intensely curled lashes and gives you smooth and defined lashes. And guess what? It won’t burn your pockets!

You can buy it here.


Colored mascara


4. Colored mascara


Ready to show off that eccentricity you’ve kept undercover? Try pigmented mascara!


Experiment with a few colors instead of sticking to the basic black mascara your entire life. You can use black mascara for your upper lashes and a colored one for your lower lashes.


Try out these mascaras for a quirky look-

Benefit They're Real Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara in Beyond Blue

Gives your lashes an intense aqua-blue color; try it with some dark blue eyeshadow and winged eyeliner in black!

You can buy it here.


Clinique Chubby Lash Fattening Mascara in Black Honey

Coats lashes from root to the tip for an intense volume.

You can buy it here.


Inglot Color Play Mascara

This mascara by Inglot comes in two quirky shades- navy blue and green. If you have light brown or medium brown colored eyes, this one will make your lashes look gorgeous!

You can buy it here.


Picking the best mascara isn’t very difficult when you know the best mascaras along with the various types of mascaras like volumizing mascara, lenghthening mascara, colored mascara which all perform specific functions.


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