Hybrid Eyelash Extensions- Pros, Cons, Volume, Cost- Full Guide


Updated At  11 Aug 23

The human body's most enticing feature is its eyes. With relatively little effort, practically anyone may now enhance their inherent attractiveness thanks to modern technology. Your eyes can stand out and be instantly improved by long, thick lashes.

Our comprehensive hybrid lash extensions guide is specifically designed to address all of your questions, whether you're a newbie wondering where to begin with your eyelash extensions or even an experienced individual attempting to experiment with various extension methods. We even compare hybrid lashes with classic, volume lashes to explain how they differ and the ebenfits you can expect after getting them. Additionally, we cover hybrid lashes meaning, pros, cons, cost and FAQs to answer all your queries. Lets begin!




What are hybrid eyelash extensions?

To give out the exact hybrid lashes description, one can define it as a mixture of classes and volume lashes which are split 70–30 to create hybrid lashes.The finest of both worlds is yours when you choose hybrid eyelash extensions. Given that the Kardashians made volume lashes popular, you can try them for the first time and achieve the stunning Kardashian style. Hollywood has since adopted this aesthetic. It creates a natural, wispy lash line with a little of drama, which stars like. By precisely positioning both volume and classic lashes to frame the eyes, the desired effect is created. This hybrid lashes description perfectly defines the true meaning of hybrid eyelash extensions.


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Hybrid Lash Extensions - Pros


1) They expedite the application of makeup

If you are going all out with falsies and have to stick, curl, and apply mascara, taking care of your lashes might take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. You can avoid making this daily commitment and greatly accelerate your makeup routine by using these hybrid eyelash extensions.


2) They can replace other eye makeup

Hybrid eyelash extensions can be worn by itself since they make a statement. They can have a "awakening" effect on your eye and draw attention away from things like under-eye bags and dark circles. This is why a lot of ladies obtain extensions so they may completely skip the step of removing their eye makeup before bed.


3) They can be customized

Regular false teeth have a standard design and a "one size fits all" philosophy. You can have your eyelash extensions customized to the length, volume, fullness, or simply to something that highlights and draws attention to the shape of your eyes. They are better suited to your particular facial features as a result.


4) They avoid mascara mishaps

One of the most frequent mistakes made when doing makeup is using mascara. It's possible that removing smudges, clumps, and flakes will 'dirty up' the makeup you applied around your eyes. Getting eyelash extensions entirely avoids this problem!


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Hybrid Lash Extensions - Cons

Here are some of the biggest drawbacks of eyelash extensions, besides the obvious risks associated with the chemicals in bonding solutions and the sharp tools used in the procedure:

1) They are expensive

Hybrid lashes extensions cost a lot of money, in contrast to other permanent makeup procedures. Depending on the type of extensions you select and the technician's professional skill, starter sets can range in price from 8K to 15K. Additionally, you must have touch-ups performed every two to three weeks. They can shed very readily because they are glued onto your natural lashes, and decent replacements can cost up to $7,000.


2) Your natural lashes may be impacted

Even though the technique is generally secure on its own, a few mistakes can harm your natural lashes. For instance, establishments that offer 'cheaper' extensions typically glue a cluster of pre-glued lashes onto your natural lash line. Your natural lashes may be completely destroyed by this.


3)  They could bring on eye infections

No matter the reputation of the salon you visit, instruments and bonding substances are used to apply lash extensions quite close to your eyes. As a result, any accidents could result in rashes around the eyes from glue or even illnesses like conjunctivitis.


4) They sometimes cause great discomfort

Despite the fact that lash extensions are meant to be lightweight, they can be difficult to get used to. After all, you wear them everywhere—to bed, the shower, and everywhere else. This is especially true for people who are new to the lash game and don't have much makeup experience. It also applies if your eyes are dry, extremely sensitive, or if you experience irritation more frequently than usual.


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Hybrid Lash Extensions : Styles 

There are numerous sorts of hybrid lashes styles, each with a unique length and form. This is important to take into account because it has an effect on how your overall appearance is shaped. 

Cat Eye Extension: Hybrid lashes for cat eye are similar to that well-known eyeliner style in that they begin by being shorter in the inner corners and then become longer toward the outside corners. Even while it might not be the most popular look, this one undoubtedly has an angular and dramatic appearance.

Open eye extensions: In this look, the lashes are longest in the middle of the lash line. The longer lashes in the middle elevate the eye, giving it a more open and round appearance.

Natural Eyelash: This look adds to the length and natural pattern of your own eyelashes. This is supposed to offer a soft, unobtrusive boost.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash extensions with a staggered appearance are popular on social media. This fashionable technique alternates between longer and shorter extensions to give your lashes a spiked appearance.

Doll Style Lash Extensions - As adorable as the name suggests, this style gives an open eyed look that’s neither too dramatic nor too subtle. The lashes are usually the longest right at the centre of the lash line, above the iris. They’re shortest at the inner corner and about medium at the outer corner.


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Difference Between Hybrid Lashes, Classic Lashes And Volume Lashes

If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions, knowing the difference between classic lashes, volume lashes and hybrid lashes is key to understanding the service you are receiving and making an informed decision on what you will choose for your upcoming appointment.



Hybrid Lashes vs Classic Lashes

When defining Hybrid Lashes vs Classic Lashes, Hybrid lash application is quite simple, but what's the difference between traditional and hybrid lash extensions? ''Regular extensions are done separately to each natural eyelash,'' says Richardson. These lashes are typically between.15 and.20 mm wide. Each natural lash receives several extensions that range in width from.03 to.07 mm when hybrid volume lashes are applied. To create volume, three to six strands are often put to each natural lash.

Hybrid lashes require more time to apply than traditional extensions since numerous extensions must be placed on each natural lash. This extra time might range from 30 to an hour. The application procedure, preparation, and follow-up care, however, are all the same.




Hybrid Lashes vs Volume

The primary distinction between volume and hybrid lashes is that hybrid lashes combine both classic and volume lashes, whereas volume lashes are composed of several, thinner lash strands attached to each natural lash.

Volume eyelash extensions can create a variety of looks, from a natural appearance that adds some length and volume to a very dramatic and full appearance. The lashes range in density from 2D to 6D, and anything higher than a 4D would make your client's lashes look more artificial than they would if they were wearing traditional or hybrid extensions whereas Hybrid extensions offer a variety of texture and more volume, but without the sometimes-unnatural look of volume lashes. 
This would be an apt definition while putting out Hybrid Lashes vs Volume.


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Application Process-

Make sure you see a recognized and skilled lash artist before the application. Typically, the procedure takes 1.5 to 2 hours, and you will be lying down with your eyes closed throughout that time. An idea of what to expect during the application is provided below:

Consultation: To guarantee they create the look you want while protecting the health of your natural lashes, your technician will talk with you about the desired style, length, and thickness.

Preparation: Your bottom lashes will be coated in preparation to prevent any unintentional sticking. The technician will clean your lashes to get rid of any oils or residue that can prevent the glue from sticking properly.

Isolation: The technician will isolate one natural lash using specialized tweezers and affix an extension to it.

Applying the Extensions: The technician will carefully glue the extension to the isolated natural lash by dipping it in adhesive. Each lash goes through this procedure again until it has the appropriate appearance.



Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Aftercare-

People should educate themselves on how to take care of their hybrid lashes appropriately. In order to maximize lash retention, artists might urge their clients to follow aftercare guidelines. The following are some of the best aftercare advice for hybrid lashes.

  • Customers should avoid getting their hybrid lashes wet for the first 48 hours as the adhesive needs time to cure.
  • Every day, customers should clean their lashes with an eyelash cleanser.
  • After cleaning, gently pat them dry and give them a quick lash brush.
  • Customers should only use modest pressure when rinsing their lashes, it's crucial to note.
  • To prevent unneeded breakage and premature shedding, people should refrain from rubbing or picking at them.

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How to clean Hybrid Eyelash Extensions?

Here are some guidelines for cleaning hybrid lashes correctly:

  • Use micellar water or another cleaning solution made especially for eyelash extensions.
  • Make use of a fresh makeup brush.
  • Cleanse the lashes by dipping the brush into the cleaner.
  • Gently apply them to the lashes after dipping the brush in water.
  • Blot the lashes dry and get rid of all the extra moisture by using a tissue.


Hybrid Lashes Cost

The hybrid lashes price will vary greatly based on the - 

1. Location of your lash artist
2. The artists' experience level
3. The style of eyelash extensions 

A full set of hybrid lashes price can start at roughly $200, depending on where you get your procedure. According to how many natural lashes you have and how well you have taken care of your extensions, maintenance refill appointments can cost anywhere between $50 and $90. Since everyone sheds at a different rate, your lash technician can estimate how frequently you'll need to schedule fill appointments. Once you keep note of how long each fill appointment lasts you, you may establish a routine. This hybrid lashes cost can varu from place to place based on the above given pointers.

Hybrid Lashes Extensions - Before and After

When comparing the Hybrid lashes extensions before and after pictures, one can see enormous change in the eyelashes.

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1) Can I wear makeup with hybrid eyelash extensions?

Hybrid eyelash extensions can be worn with makeup, however it's better to stay away from oil-based products and use a mild makeup remover. Do not use cotton wool pads or any makeup remover near your eyelash extensions.

2) How often do I need to get touch-ups?

To keep your hybrid eyelash extensions looking and feeling good, make touch-up appointments every two to three weeks.

3) Can I swim or shower with hybrid eyelash extensions?

The first 24 hours after application, you should avoid getting your eyelashes wet; however, after that, you can swim and take showers as usual. Always remember to quickly pat dry your eyelashes after getting them moist.

4) Are hybrid eyelash extensions only for special occasions?

While hybrid lash extensions are a great choice for special occasions, they are also perfect for daily wear. Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions last for weeks. 

5) How long does hybrid eyelash extensions last?

Regular lash extensions should last around 4-6 weeks with proper care. This is different from how often you need to get them refilled, which is generally every 2-3 weeks.