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Jenna Ortega 25 Hot Photos: See Her Bold Looks


Updated At  16 Feb 24

Actress Jenna Ortega, a 21-year-old California native, is the latest style icon in the fashion industry. Her most recent part is in Wednesday, but you may recognize her from her work in Jane The Virgin and the hit Disney Channel comedy Stuck in the Middle. Her style started to incorporate a lot of lace, platform heels, and black—above all—as a result of these edgy adult roles. The recent Wednesday-core trend was started by Ortega alone thanks to her new appearance, encouraging followers worldwide to wear all-black clothing year after year. Here are some of Jenna Ortega's hot photos which make her popular among her fans.


25 Hottest Jenna Ortega Photos




1) Black Ruffle

Jenna Ortega has a great fashion sense and always keeps up with her gothic style which she picked up from her super hit series Wednesday on netflix. She wore this absolutely beautiful mini black dress which makes her look adorable. 

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2) Gothic Dress

Her unique garment, which was loyal to its manufacturer yet paid respect to Lagerfeld's period at Chanel, was covered with bows, laced in pearl-studded chains, and showed off a glimpse of a frilled pannier hoop skirt. Above all, though, it felt just right.




3) Jenna Ortega In Bikini

Seen in a white bikini in this amazing beach wear, Jenna looks gorgeous without makeup. Jenna seems to be enjoying her natural look with bun hairstyle in this no makeup selfie.




4) Photoshoot

Jenna posed in this hot outfit which looks sizzling and bold. Jenna Ortega nails the fashion world with her hot looks and fashion sense.




5) Corset Gown

For the Emmy Awards, Ortega opted for a Christian Dior corseted Haute Couture gown. When looking for Jenna Ortega hot looks, this picture of her is one of the most liked photo.




6) White Minimal 

Jenna Ortega, along with the rest of the ensemble, looked stylish and understated in a white Valentino minidress for the Miller's Girl premiere. The actress accessorized her all-white ensemble with Christian Louboutin heels, enormous flower straps, and a satin choker necklace. Looking for more inspiration? Do check out Alexandra's alluring photo in white gown as she looks stunning in the designer dress paired with various accessories. 



7) Metallic Gown

Not all that was shared by Ortega's SAG Awards ensemble and her Scream VI premiere ensemble was the gloomy atmosphere. The A-lister wore the same outrageous Jimmy Choo sandals to both parties. Eight years before Ortega's birth, in 1994, the garment created a splash when it appeared in the brand's Fall collection. The extra height on the vintage Versace gown allowed the gunmetal metallic train to fall properly, complementing the sculptural draping.




8) Peachy Nude Gown

Instead of wearing her now-signature color at the 80th annual Golden Globe Awards, Ortega opted for a peachy nude hue. Featured the pleating, draping, and movement that Ortega loved long before she enrolled in Nevermore Academy, the dress, which was taken from Gucci's Spring collection, fit her like a glove. Embracing the opulent aspect of the ensemble, Ortega added layers of diamond necklaces from Tiffany & Co. 




9) Pretty In Pink

Hot Valentino pink, the color that had everyone's attention that year, was Ortega's choice for her first-ever Met Gala ensemble. Her custom dress's extremely short hemline was softened by matching tights, which gave the micro-mini dress a hint of a tunic vibe. The satin Le Silla heels that Ortega wore also symbolized the celebrity's introduction to what would eventually become her go-to kind of footwear: extremely high platforms. Along with Jenna, do make sure to check Rihanna's hot looks in various Met Gala events.




10) Wednesday Look

For the Wednesday premiere which was a hit on netflix, Jenna went full goth bride, dressing in a black Versace gown with matching black tulle veil.




11) Iconic Black Suit

On the red carpet of the SCAD Film Festival, Ortega dazzled in a monochromatic, striking RVN costume that paid homage to her Wednesday Addams persona with an oversized white collar.




12) Sheer Black Dress

Although Ortega has always worn layers of sheer material on the red carpet, she has just lately switched from her long-sleeved sheer dresses with tulle overlays to the entirely sheer looks that are so popular among celebrities. Ortega wore a single opera-length glove in similar mesh to go with a see-through Saint Laurent outfit at the Critics Choice Association's Celebration of Latino Cinema & Television.




13) Satin Brown Suit

When Ortega changed into this chocolate Marco Bologna suit and skimpy black bra to win the Most Frightened Performance award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, it wasn't simply a simple case of swapping styles. The Scream actor completely changed how he felt. With yellow gold items from the same brand replacing her white gold Tiffany jewelry and bronze Stuart Weitzman sandals, Ortega's second look of the evening exuded a certain big boss vibe. 




14) Yellow Glam

Jenna left the house wearing a different Valentino mini dress. She broke free from her black spell for an evening out by dressing in sunshine yellow and accessorizing with a hot pink handbag. Despite this, she did resort to her go-to Valentino bespoke platform shoes, which gave Jenna Ortega's height of 5'1" an inch.




15) Collars, Cuffs And Ties

Jenna performed on the Fallon Tonight chat show in the United States, capping off an incredible year while wearing Dolce & Gabbana outfit. The sheer fabric and tightening metal belt allude to a more mature style that is not yet apparent, while the contrast collar, cuffs, and tie come straight out of Wednesday Addams. This extremely hot look of hers toped up with spot on makeup, made her look extremely pretty.




16) Lace Coat

At the movie premiere, Ortega embraced two of the major trends : sheer fabric and balletcore. She looked stunning in a lace blazer dress from Adeam. Her silver choker and her tall platform heels were the ideal finishing touches. This is one of the most loved outfit when people search for Jenna Ortega hot looks.




17) Glittering Maxi Dress

The actress called to wear more sheer material for the Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards. Ortega wore a shimmering mesh maxi dress outfit and an elaborate Dior jacket when she attended the yearly event. This sexy look of her was liked by her followers alot.




18) Hooded Dress

At the menswear show for the company, Ortega truly embraced her dark, seductive side in a hooded dress by Saint Laurent for spring. She has been extremely inspired by her Wednesday Addams look which was a blockbuster on Netflix, and whenever one searches for Jenna ortega sexy looks, her gothic  looks are always on the top.




19) Golden Glow

Although Jenna has admitted to drawing inspiration from her Wednesday persona, it appears that her go-to style has always been to take a concept and run with it. The logical choice for a Golden Globes afterparty was this sheer lace dress from the Italian brand Gretel Z. Jenna Ortega's hot look features her absolutely stunning fashion style with her spot on makeup.




20) Blue Midi Co-ord

At the Miss Bala film premiere, the actress donned a blue midi skirt and a long-sleeved crop top that matched. 




21) Denim Outfit

Ortega shows up at New York Comic Con in New York City sporting a denim Gucci outfit complete with a revealing lace bra, mesh tights, and Tiffany & Co. jewelry. If you check Billie Eilish's hot photos, she gives ample inspiration for Denim outfits. Do check out her outfit for Coachella performance wherein she wore a custom denim jacket and pants.




22) Striped Suit

Jenna Ortega wore this short striped suit for the TV Academy Awards and looked absolutely gorgeous in it.  




23) Black And Red Corsage

Over the weekend, the Wednesday star made her hosting debut on "Saturday Night Live," and her ensemble monologue was everything and more. Despite having a crimson crop top corsage, Ortega, ever the goth girl, chose to wear all black. She accessorized her tuxedo blazer, short shorts, sheer tights, and Valentino platform shoes with a sheer and polkadot top.




24) Khaki Fit

The secret to Jenna Ortega's endlessly stylish appearance is her stylist, Enrique Melendez, who recently shared one of our favorite looks from the Wednesday star. Ortega wore an amazing head-to-toe khaki costume by Dion Lee, complete with a corseted crop top and matching jeans, silver platforms, and jewelry by Eéra and Yvonne Leon, to do promotion for her forthcoming film Scream VI.




25) Signature Black Dress

Jenna Ortega attended the MTV Movie & TV Awards in her now-famous all-black ensemble, complete with a Tiffany & Co. diamond tennis necklace as an accessory. She wore a mini LBD dress and platform shoes by Valentino.




26) Beauty In Red

Jenna posted these hot look pictures on her social media account which left her followers in awe.